The List

Part bucket list, part to-do list, part shit list? These are the things I need to do, or want to do. In no particular order, for now.

  1. Find a job. Job offered and accepted on 4/28/2011.
  2. Help others find work.
  3. Go to the gym.
  4. Learn how to drive.
  5. Get rid of most of my clothes (I really only wear about 40% of it).
  6. Clean my apartment for real instead of just moving piles of stuff around.
  7. Stop eating like I don’t have type 2 diabetes.
  8. Write a long essay/blog post.
  9. Write a script.
  10. Write a book.
  11. Write letters to Mom.
  12. Write letters to Uncle Gerhard.
  13. Save three six months of expenses in case of an emergency.
  14. Watch “The Wire”.
  15. Watch Pretty Woman (I’m not sure why this is here. Maybe because when I told somebody a few months ago that I had never seen this movie, she actually gasped and looked at me like I was crazy.)
  16. Restart “Take Your Jasmine To Work”.
  17. Volunteer!
  18. Find someone to teach me how to ride a bike.
  19. Ride a bike.
  20. Give serious thought about applying to graduate school. For what? Haven’t figured it out yet.
  21. Figure it out.
  22. Solicit and get guest posts for this blog.
  23. Hug Grandma. This will be a challenge as she lives in the Philippines.
  25. Learn how to play an instrument. I already know how to play handbells, and sorta read music.
  26. Return to voice classes at The Old Town School of Folk Music.
  27. Attend a show or shows during Fashion Week (New York, London, Paris, or Milan, please).
  28. Do a keg stand.
  29. Pull an all-nighter. Because it’s been a while.
  30. Be a better friend.
  31. Moisturize.
  32. Use sunscreen.
  33. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
  34. Visit Prince Edward Island.
  35. Visit Bath in England.
  36. Visit Scotland.
  37. Visit Orlando. Disney! Universal!
  38. Visit San Francisco.
  39. Visit South Africa.
  40. Visit Italy.
  41. Visit India.
  42. Visit Iceland, which wants to be your friend.
  43. Get a tattoo.
  44. See my friend Jennifer (a avant garde musician and composer) perform in Europe, where most of her gigs seem to be lately.

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