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separated at birth? Elsa Patton vs. Walter Mercado

Last night, I was watching Elsa Patton on “The Real Housewives of Miami”. Elsa wears fancy caftans, drinks a great deal of wine, and is, in her own words, a witch. Clearly, she is my favorite cast member.

Even so, I couldn’t help but tweet this:

“Elsa is serving some Walter Mercado realness at this dinner party.”

I mean, really.

Elsa Patton (image via starcasm.net)

Walter Mercado. Es un caracter, no? (image via bilerico.com)

I know Walter Mercado and his fabulous predictions have long been absent from my television, so it’s nice that Elsa and her readings, which are of the psychic and drag-queen nature (“emotionally immature!”), are bringing that back.


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