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Vancouver/Whistler > day 1 >braindump

islands in the stream?

The picture above is of some islands I spotted while the plane was coming in to land.

  • Biz Markie was totally on my flight. What is the Biz doing up in Canada?
  • The really nice lady sitting behind me on the flight was on her way to Vancouver Island to visit her daughter who just had a baby. Congratulations!
  • When you de-plane at the international terminal, you have to go for a bit of a windy walk until you get to Immigration. That walk goes through a hall with canoes and groovy art, and the escalator into the great hall with immigration is bordered by a waterfall. Awesome.
  • Canadians are super nice.
  • Also, their money is pretty.
  • The guy who drove the bus from the airport to Whistler kinda drove crazy but fast. I still didn’t get here until 10:00 pm local time.

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holiday inn hotel & suites vancouver downtown

I used Priceline to book a room at the Holiday Inn Vancouver Downtown. My room is costing $50 plus tax. I wanted to stay at a sleek boutique hotel but alas, not really in the budget. Must save money for tubing, eating Canadian cuisine (poutine? maple syrup?), and possibly getting my makeup done so I don’t look a twat in Maria and Clancy’s wedding pics.

So any suggestions on things to do in Vancouver? Comments, please.

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countdown to whistler: the consulate

I turned in my passport application today at the Philippine Consulate here in Chicago. Assuming verification with the New York office checks out, I should have my passport in 3 to 4 weeks. Just in the nick of time for Maria and Clancy’s wedding.

Yeah, I like cutting things close. Now while I wait, I need to look into finding plus-size ski wear. For one, possibly two days of tubing. Also book my Vancouver hotel room. Find something to wear to the wedding. Maybe lose weight? Argh!

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