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another good day: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10:00 am: Orthodontist appointment. Only, I haven’t been wearing my Invisalign trays like I promised so Dr. P can’t affix a rubber band to tooth number 7 to pull it down in alignment with the rest of my teeth. Not a huge deal, just as long as we don’t delay so long that the Invisalign people start charging me extra. I feel bad for coming in and wasting everybody’s time but they’re really nice to me and have been very understanding about my employment/money situation. Best dental practice ever.

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stray thoughts: “The Beaver”

I went to a screening of The Beaver last night.

This movie is not a comedy. Like Capone said before the screening, and director/star Jodie Foster (yes, she came in for a Q&A!) reiterated after, this is a drama. Yes, funny things happen. Mel Gibson spends most of the movie communicating through a beaver puppet stuck firmly on his left hand! But it is not a comedy.

This is the first movie Foster’s directed since Home For The Holidays, a movie that I absolutely love.

Gibson was good. I mean, probably the best I’ve ever seen him. And I say that as a person who is not a fan of his, um, real life exploits. I’m just judging the performance, and it was fantastic.

During the Q&A, there were a lot of good questions, and one sort of crap question from this dude who was all “how do you, uh, juxtapose” blah blah blah “perpetuate” blah blah blah “parasocial” blah. And Foster was all, “Well, I don’t even know what parasocial means…” and we all just burst into laughter. Then she answered the question sincerely, and we were all “Oh, you’re awesome, lady.”

This movie was almost made as a comedy directed by Jay Roach (the Austin Power movies, Meet The Parents, etc.) starring Steve Carrell. They went on to make Dinner For Schmucks instead. Heh.

Foster described the voice of the beaver (which was different from Gibson’s character’s voice) as “Michael Caine, but a lot faster.”

After the Q&A was over, the security team formed a circle around Foster as she got up, then escorted her very quickly out of the theater. Like, they practically ran out of the place.


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