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jive turkeys

First plate

The buffet at the Mity Nice Grill was delicious. I should have taken pictures of the whole spread, including the dessert table covered in chocolate covered marshmallows, but I think this picture of my first place (there were three in all, though plates two and three were nowhere near this full) should suffice.

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pilgrims in Queens

la famille

Christmas 2004

I don’t remember how we spent our first Thanksgiving in New York, but I’m pretty sure our family gathered at the home of my great-aunt Mercedes (“Ched”) and great-uncle Gerhard. That first Thanksgiving surely must have involved a turkey, though I cannot be sure. I know that later holiday meals were less traditional, but no less delicious. I don’t think Ched cared much for turkey. Continue reading

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countdown to Thanksgiving: “A Turkey Named Brotherhood”

Posts from now until Thanksgiving are going to be speculations on family, food, fat, feasting, famine, and fortune. The usual shit, but with a melancholy Thanksgiving twist. Awesome!

When I was a sophomore in high school, I spent most of the year living away from home. Along with my older sister, I lived first with a foster mother in Washington Heights, and then in Forest Hills Gardens with my best friend father and stepmother. I don’t remember the period preceding this year as being especially dark, but these events have lived in (and sometimes even clouded) my memories of my adolescence ever since.

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my favorite things: recipes

Halloween 2005 spread featuring Peggy Boren’s Famous Spinach Balls

I like recipes. I am trying to get back into the habit of cooking, and I like reading recipes to prepare. Of course, reading recipes keeps me from cleaning my kitchen and doing the dishes that have crowded my sink for the last few months weeks. Such is life, and such is sloth.

But I feel that I have motivation and inspiration to cook. Cooking is fun, and it’s cheaper than dining out or ordering in. Also, I have a deadline. I’m having Thanksgiving dinner with Nite and Jeff this year at Nite’s place. While they’re providing the bulk of the meal (you can order a complete Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods, which they did two years ago), their guests — me, Jon, Alissa, Elisa, and another friend of Jeff’s whose name escapes me — have been asked to provide a side, dessert, or a beverage.

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happy thanksgiving from the west wing

Happy Thanksgiving from the laptop of Jasmine, aka ‘Aunt Glady’. While I lie around the house, procrastinating on getting dressed for Thanksgiving dinner at Michelle’s mom’s house tonight, please enjoy this clip from “Shibboleth”, the Thanksgiving episode from season 2 of The West Wing.

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preview: music for the misses

  1. Can I pull off:
  2. Tonight on television should I watch:
  3. what i should write about next
    • what i’ve been listening to lately (inspired by WWdN: In Exile)
    • what i thought about ‘Twilight’
    • where i’m going for Thanksgiving

Stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy these e-cards from Sephora:

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Patrick ♥ Papa John's

Via IM, as per usual:

Patrick: i have a papa johns coupon i have to use
Patrick: free medium pizza with online order of a pizza
Jasmine: nice
Jasmine: thanksgiving dinner?
Patrick: i would actually prefer that i think
Patrick: thanksgiving pizza is up there with birthday nachos or a bar mitzvah pulled pork sandwich

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uno singular sensation

The Queen of Uno
Originally uploaded by R.A.M.O.N.E..

Jeff and Nite had me over for Thanksgiving dinner, which was awesome. We ate, talked smack, played Uno, talked more smack, watched the Tab™ episode of “The Sarah Silverman Program”, talked even more smack, and then saw “The Mist”. Which I enjoyed, but still only gets a B from me.

What am I thankful for? That I was able to spend the day with two great guys. Also, that my piece is in Time Out Chicago as of yesterday. Hurray!

  • Homeless for the Holidays [I, Ramone]
  • two guys, a girl, and a turkey [flickr™ – Jasmine]
  • Thanksgiving 2007 [flickr™ – Jeff]
  • The mostest for the hostess [TOC]
  • “The Mist” [IMDb]
  • “The Sarah Silverman Program”: Muffin’ Man [IMDb]

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clip show: a flip front thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to the tens of you who read this blog.

And if you’re reading now, feel free to read recollections of Thanksgivings past. They’re the posts with the “Thanksgiving” tag. I like this excerpt from 378, “why can’t i touch it?” (Thanksgiving 2005):

There should have been more stuffing. But who knew that the humble stuffing, existing to stuff the 19 pound turkey and nothing else, could become downright ravishing after Jeremy finished tarting it up with oysters? I ate Mike’s portion right off his plate as I am shameless and no man shall ever get between me and good stuffing.

In the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson: “Good drink, good meat, good God, let’s eat!”

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things to be thankful for

  1. Career advancement [TOC]
  2. That I can get into my apartment (the door knob lock on the door to my apartment broke, and I had to call the building engineer to break it so I could get in).
  3. That I am not a turkey.
  4. That I am not homeless.
  5. That I am going to spend the holiday with Nite and Jeff.

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