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another good day: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10:00 am: Orthodontist appointment. Only, I haven’t been wearing my Invisalign trays like I promised so Dr. P can’t affix a rubber band to tooth number 7 to pull it down in alignment with the rest of my teeth. Not a huge deal, just as long as we don’t delay so long that the Invisalign people start charging me extra. I feel bad for coming in and wasting everybody’s time but they’re really nice to me and have been very understanding about my employment/money situation. Best dental practice ever.

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soft in the middle

I have important ideas sometimes.

I’m excited that there is a new Target in Uptown, but I guess I’m boycotting it or something until they stop acting like jerkfaces or something. Until then, I’m going to weave my own toilet paper and brew my own cleaning supplies.

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hang with me

Can we just take a minute to watch this video and marvel at how wonderful this song is?

Okay, take another minute. It’s so worth it.

I think by now you’re probably wondering what I did this weekend, so let’s begin.

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at this very moment

One co-worker is talking about trying to return an item that somehow fell into her shopping bag at the grocery store.

Another co-worker is trying to make plans to see Avatar with some friends? family? not sure but she’s been having this conversation almost every Friday night for the last four weeks.

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preview: music for the misses

  1. Can I pull off:
  2. Tonight on television should I watch:
  3. what i should write about next
    • what i’ve been listening to lately (inspired by WWdN: In Exile)
    • what i thought about ‘Twilight’
    • where i’m going for Thanksgiving

Stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy these e-cards from Sephora:

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bags i have bought that i love

Sigh. Every time I get rid of stuff, I get more stuff. My apartment is officially a storage space for my shoes and handbags.

This must be why I am incapable of hating on Rachel Zoe like some folks seem to be doing. I see her studio where she works with her clients, and her own personal wardrobe, and I sigh, partly in recognition of a fellow hoarder (albeit a very organized one with more resources than I) but mostly out of jealousy. All those vintage gowns, yes, but the accessories? Holy balls, that’s some good stuff.

  • Le Pliage tote: Bought at Nordstrom last week. The tag identified the shade as Duck Blue, which seems to match ‘Bleuet’ on the web site.
  • Botkier for Target® Hobo Bag in Gold: Haven’t received this yet. My chief concern is that the gold will flake all over my wardrobe. Which shouldn’t be much of an issue as my wardrobe is mainly Old Navy but still.
  • Shiny Pack Cloth Duffel Bag from American Apparel in Smoke/Black: Bought this while my parents and Patrick were in town. Great overnight bag.
  • Mossimo® Pocket Tote in Ivory: Another bag from Target, specifically Mossimo®. It doesn’t look like leather in the slightest, but I love the soft structure. Though in the first couple of days of carrying this on my shoulder, I thought there was a loose grommet or an errant pin as it felt like it was sticking my shirt. Never found anything, and it feels okay now.

What cracks me up are the pictures of starlets that show up in tabloids, typically in a “stars are just like humans” feature, where the lady in question will be carrying a large bag in the crook of one arm. All the better to show it off, though I suspect also because she may be too weak to hoist it all the way to her shoulder. Oh, and the Blackberry carried in the palm of their scrawny hand, carried face up so they can see straightaway when they’ve gotten a text or an e-mail telling them what to do or where to go next.

But I’m getting away from bags. I think my next bag purchase will be to replace my Manhattan Portage bags (two DJ bags, gray) with one Danish Souperbag (as they’re known in the US), which I’ve been coveting since my days as a Beaver and I couldn’t convince my parents to indulge my desire to fit in with my fancy classmates. So lame, I know, but I still want a bag. I don’t know if I can trust that I’ll get a bag safely by sending in a check to Mr. John Reynolds (though his web site would seem to indicate that he’s dorky enough about the product to be relied upon) so I may just order from Blue Tree instead. No chance of ordering via the Danish manufacturer’s web site, either.

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Remember that cute-ass bag I got at Target the other day? I went to another Target and got another in the tan/neutral print. Love it.

Update: A picture of my new bag is in my Flickr stream.

Speaking of bags, New York gives the rundown on the must-have bags from Paris. My favorite? The tiny Chanel hard bag that looks like an eggplant (second row from top, middle). Seriously.

Christian Siriano is the winner of season 4 of “Project Runway”. No big surprise there, though I was touched to see him tearing up before Heidi told him he’d won. Also, loved that Victoria Beckham was a guest judge — and she wore head-to-toe bright orange. “Major” is the new “fierce”.

And guess who’s not re-stocking their supply of Hillary Clinton tees?

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Target haul

My new bag
Originally uploaded by jasmined

Got this bag for a measley $16.99 at Target. Also got 3 bottles of Method Hand Wash for $8.00, a Target-brand power toothbrush, and some cute Hanes hi-cut underwear.

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"Not going to Paris today" Day

I’ve been hiding inside all day, eating too many pizza rolls and reading Steve Agee’s blog on MySpace. I should go outside and maybe do something before it gets dark. Or just wait until dark and go to Zoo Lights. Speaking of which, I need a thermos for my hot chocolate, and long underwear or leggings to wear under my jeans. Off to Target I go!

I know — none of this is as exciting as getting on a plane and waking up in the “City of Lights” a mere eight hours later, but fuck it. I make my own fun.

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Jasmine for Jargon Chicago: Summer on Wacker Drive

Go read this piece I wrote about bad summer footwear at the office for JargonChicago.com, then e-mail the editor about how much you loved the piece, the site, and me, most importantly.

I like the sound of “Jasmine for Jargon Chicago” — has a ring not entirely dissimilar from “Isaac Mizrahi for Target” or “Kate Moss for Topshop”.

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