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what i bought today: tee-rrific

  • “Keep Calm and Carry On” t-shirt: You can read the why and the wherefore of the phrase here. I know it’s expensive for a t-shirt given the exchange rates, but I like to think of it as my own fashion statement for these troubling times. Also, powder blue and red in combination look really good on me.
  • Levi’s Ergo Pencil Skirt: Thank you, Sears, for hooking a chubby girl up. The plus size selection at the Levi’s Store has only some jeans, a jacket, and some shorts. I thought about getting this jacket, but didn’t want to be running around this fall wearing a Canadian tuxedo.

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aqua is my color

Fall is here, though the thermostat showed a balmy 90F today. I went out and bought this Old Navy skirt as it was a. on sale, and b. super freaking cute. And I will be even more adorable when I wear it to Stef’s birthday dinner with the coordinating long-sleeved v-neck that was a mere $10.

Who cares if it was in my usual size and not the two sizes down that I hoped I was. That’s what cheating on your diet and not working out will yield. Ugh. Must get back on elliptical . . . as soon as I find some shoes to complete the outfit. Mmmm . . . shoes.

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