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outfit: Ash Wednesday

It feels weird to say “Happy Ash Wedneday!” because it is not a happy occasion. It’s the start of Lent, ranking somewhere between Good Friday and Easter on the Catholic party scale.

Maybe it would be better to ask if people are recovering from their Mardi Gras hangovers or in need of some Pepto Bismol after stuffing themselves with pancakes for Pancake Tuesday. Yes, I know they are the same holiday, but I like that you can celebrate the same day in very different ways. Or combine the two, even. Hurricanes and pancakes? Sign me up.

I ended up doing neither, as I got a last minute invitation to join Elisa and Maurel at the preview of Primebar Chicago. Free food, and the restaurant is 2.5 blocks from the office. It was a done deal. More on the meal in a bit.


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