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tees, please

DespairWear™ ironic t-shirts: I’ve recently become enamored of the CBS series The Big Bang Theory. When they return this fall for a much-deserved second season, I’d love to see Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, or Rajesh rocking one of these geekily cute tees.

“Carrie” tee from Neighborhoodies: I haven’t seen my own nameplate necklace for months, though I don’t think I’ll be wearing this tee shirt as a substitute. But don’t let me stop you from getting this shirt, which may seem like the perfect thing to wear to the movies to see “SaTC: The Movie”. But, do you really want to be “that guy”?


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Uncle Joey would approve

I watch a lot of bad television. My friends know this, and have license to mock my non-ironic fandom of such ’80s classics as Saved By The Bell and The New Monkees.

It’s not often, though, that I feel I can express my love for Perfect Strangers in the presence of, well, perfect strangers. I don’t always feel like I need to discuss reports of Full House‘s Jodie Sweetin’s addiction to crystal meth, but I am happy to talk about the height of Candace Cameron’s bangs when she was on the show.

Or I could just tell y’all to buy this shirt. By itself, the phrase “Cut it out.” isn’t much more than mild chastisement from a friend, your teacher, or mom. But when pronounced “Cut. It. Out.” with the accompanying hand gestures, it acquires the iconic status of Fonzie’s “Heyyy!” or Homer Simpson’s “D’oh!”.

Dave “Uncle Joey” Coulier, father of the “Cut. It. Out.” phenomenon, wherever you are, I salute you.

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Ewe's Not Heavy

This shirt is soooooooooooooooo cute.

Okay. That’s it.


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bwa ha ha ha ha ha

It’s not often that an article of clothing renders me speechless. But when one comes along and does just that all I can do is just sit back and laaaaaaaaaaugh.

Like this t-shirt. One of my favorite bloggers, the CTA Tattler, spotted a young man wearing it on the el. He got the shirt’s backstory, namely that it’s from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and can be bought on-line here.

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the greatest t-shirt you shall ever own

The only thing that could make this better was if every t-shirt came with a free “Joey Jeremiah”-style felt fedorah. Or a Stephanie Kaye-endorsed tube top. OR a piece of ugly Goth jewelry in the style worn by Ashley on D:TNG after she did Ecstasy by accident and called Paige a total hag. Hee!

Given that this t-shirt is in the TWoP section of Glarkware, does that mean we can expect Degrassi coverage to finally appear on the best television recap site to hit the interweb? I’m gonna go with yes, people. So don’t be a broomhead — order yourself a t-shirt posthaste!

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good tee/bad tee

This t-shirt rules, especially when you consider this other one that is totally bullshit.

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interesting tees for joanna (and one skirt)

Note: This post comes from an e-mail to my friend Joanna, to answer her question about where to find cute tees that don’t look silly on a grown-ass woman.

Because it is sometimes necessary in life to spend $30 for a t-shirt. As we should all be out of that part of our lives where we no longer wear oversized concert tees, we need to satisfy that "I want a nice t-shirt I can wear to the party where that guy from order entry that I want to make out with will be" urge.

Please don’t say it’s just me who gets that urge from time to time.

Also, let me re-emphasize that it’s oversized concert tees that I have issues with. Jacalyn’s Jane’s Addiction baseball jersey from today was fantastic, and a perfect example of what grown ladies should wear when it comes to band swag.

And now on to the list. Feel free to pass on to whoever you feel could use this advice. Like I really know anything. I mean, I wore a lurid orange t-shirt which bore the legend I Hate What You’re Wearing on it. People either looked annoyed (just about everybody) or loved it (you lot, Jon A.).

Scoop (overrated, but there might be some good deals in the sale section)

Anthropologie (a bit precious at times, and the construction can be a bit skeevy, but so pretty)

Kitson (if you’ve always wanted to shop straight out of US Weekly, be my guest, but know that any store that doesn’t have the sense to not carry products designed by Paris or Nicky Hilton will never see my money)

Brass Plum (yeah, I know the models look cheesy, but look at the cute tops!)

Now I know we said American Apparel was plain, but I like the look and fit of the following (also, the color range is amazing):

If nothing else, love the selection of bold tees from Giant Robot (especially the ones from Geoff McFetridge and Yoshimoto Nara, both in the Clothing/2K section)

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support your local pinoy

You don’t have to be Pinoy to celebrate Filipino Independence Day (which was just this past weekend — d’oh!) nor do you have to be Pinoy to wear this fly-ass t-shirt. Feel free to rock it any time, anywhere, anyplace — at church, the karaoke bar, or dinner at your nanay’s.

And if you are so inclined (and of legal drinking age), get yourself some tasty San Miguel to wash down the lumpia you will most likely crave once you wear this shirt. Though if you’re like me, you crave lumpia all the time, t-shirt or not.

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like a virgin?

{image urbanoutfitters.com}
I saw this at my local Urban Outfitters, where they had it in pink, along with the beige shown in this photo. The guy’s really cute, so I find it hard to believe that he has never known the touch of a similarly adorable person.

Both Nadine and Jacinda didn’t think I should buy it — Nadine because it would get me all sorts of unwanted attention, Jacinda because she thought it would be funnier if I just made a t-shirt that says “Trust me, I masturbate”.

But I don’t think I’d want to advertise that, either. Who do I look like, Joycelyn Elders? And another thing, why isn’t this being hocked at Virgin too?


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