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tim gunn & me


Tim looks awesome. I look terrible.

I won’t be home to watch the season 8 premiere of Project Runway (boo!) because I’ll be partying at the Art Institute with my fellow Gapers Block people (yay!).

So please enjoy this picture taken of me with Tim Gunn when he appeared at BlogHer ’09.

We can talk about my shiny-ass forehead and white t-shirt that makes me look like a balloon at a later time, okay?



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home again home again

Eric J. brought these into work. Delicious.

I should be staying close to home for some time. Though I did get Sarah and Greg‘s cowboy themed “save the date” card in the mail, so the end of July may find me in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Sadly, the emphasis in that last sentence is on may, not cowboy themed, as flights to Jackson are, um, not exactly cheap.

Amtrak, you and I may meet again very very soon. We had such a good time when I went to New York last April. Note to readers: don’t bother checking the archives for a trip report. I still haven’t written one for that adventure, which is a shame, because I totally went to my 15-year high school reunion, rode the Staten Island Ferry for the first time ever, and saw celebrities. Actual celebrities with perfect skin and awesome hair and adorable dogs. Continue reading

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questions I am having

  1. What’s the difference between typing ‘@username’ and ‘.@username’ when updating Twitter? What does a period do when added to the beginning of a Twitter username?
  2. Mike of Chicago Carless sent me an invite to Google Wave today. First of all, thank you! Second of all, what do I do with it now?
  3. Why am I still watching season 6 of Project Runway? It’s crap, isn’t it?. It makes me miss Leanne Marshall, aka “Judy Noodles”.
  4. What did you think of this week’s episode of Glee? Were you offended? Were you delighted? Did you just want to see Artie and Tina make out a whole bunch more?
  5. I am taking a vacation day tomorrow (Friday the 13th!). I plan to take my voice class at 11:30, so I have Saturday morning to go to parade school (yes, parade school, but more about that Saturday). But what should I do tomorrow afternoon? I could probably do anything. I’ve been craving waffles, though, so I think that’s what I’ll be having for brunch.

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thursday, schmursday

  • Forget Joe the Plumber, here’s Cho the Plumber [angry asian man]
  • Also, the United Association already endorsed Obama back in January. I dig how this memo starts out “Dear Brothers and Sisters”. [UA]
  • So can I start a Facebook group called “Messy Folks for Obama”? [slashdot, via]
  • Congratulations, Leanne! [Project Rungay]

Saw Death Note 2 last night. Not as fun as the first movie, but I still have love for L and the duelling shinigami.

On the way home, caught up on debate- and election-related tweets. Twitterrific is my new commuting pal. Though I wish there was an easier way to retweet. Don’t suppose there’s a Tweetdeck for Iphones yet?

New purse. Love it. But then, don’t I always have a new purse that I rhapsodize about? Anyway, I’ll be making a rather large clothing and accessory donation to the Brown Elephant soon.

Fun folks to follow on Twitter (besides me): @moryan (Maureen Ryan, aka “The Watcher”), @sheldoncooper (character from CBS tv series The Big Bang Theory) and @jpgardner (editor, Donklephant).

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announcement: no live-blog for PR5 finale

For the folks who have been reading my Project Runway live-blogs, I have some bad news. I’m actually going to see Death Note 2 tonight instead of watching PR, so no live-blog. I’ll probably write something when I get home tonight to watch to re-broadcast. So no spoilers!

Maybe I can convince my brother to live-blog and you can check that out instead? I’ll let you know.

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PR live-blog 5.13: "Finale Part 1"

I thought Leanne would live in a treehouse.

Jerell’s mother and sister are stunning. His collection looks pretty unfinished. Uh oh. Continue reading

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PR live-blog 5.12: "Nature Calls"

Times are central because, well, if you don’t know by now, then when will you?

8:06: Thoughts so far:

  • Kenley and Leanne are not talking. Oh tragedy.
  • I loved the Botanic Gardens as a kid.
  • Collier Strong has a wonderfully growly yet comforting voice. Woof.
  • Kenley appears to be drawn to boring flowers. Continue reading

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PR live-blog 5.11: "Rock n' Runway"

As ever, times are Central because I totally am.

8:02: Five designers! Eight models! The designers get to pick new models. Leanne steals Tia from Suede – burn! – and Korto keeps Katerina. Kenley picked Joe’s old model Topacio. I’m thinking of changing my name to something exotic like Propeesha.

8:04: Designers head to the workroom, where Tim explains the challenge: they will be designing for each other. Suede has Jerell, Kenley will design for Leanne, Korto gets Suede, Jerell pulls Kenley, which leaves Leanne designing for Korto. They must each create a look inspired by a specific musical genre. Patrick IM’s that if this is not the best challenge of the season, and I finish with “it will be a waste”. Continue reading

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PR live-blog 5.10: "Transformation"

All times CT.

8:00: What’s up? I still think Kenley’s super annoying! How about you?

8:01: Suede’s gotta prove himself. Kenley doesn’t get why she was in the bottom in the last challenge. She’s gonna stick to her strategy, which is to stay true to herself and ignore the judges’ criticism. Read: keep turning out her tired 50’s-esque costumery.

8:02: Runway! The models, who are some regular-looking ladies, come out on the runway. They may be somebody’s mothers, but not the designers’. So who are they? Not the clients, but the mothers of their clients, twenty-something White girl recent college graduates, brought in by their moms for makeovers into grown-up working ladies.

8:04: Patrick is upset that they are not hot. The designers get randomly matched to models by the Bag o’ Buttons, and then proceed to the workroom to get details from Tim.

8:05: Uncle Tim! He sends the clients in with their models, warning that the mothers are sure to have strong opinions. So really, they have two clients, 30 minutes to consult, and $100 to spend at Mood. Joe is concerned about the mother-daughter dynamic where if mom likes, daughter won’t.

8:06: Anna sucks up to Kenley, and the feeling is mutual. They’re mutually cute and annoying. This is going to be awesome. Anna’s mom thinks they’re both adorable. Continue reading

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PR live-blog 5.9: "What's Your Sign"

8:00: There’s nothing that gets my tv-watching motor running like a team challenge based on team member astrological signs. NOTHING.

8:01: Terri is crabby (what’s her sing-song “Ding dong the witch is dead” thing about? when did she have beef with Stella?) while Kenley is, surprise surprise, confident that she will win. Continue reading


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