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august flowers

I don’t think I mind this rainy, fall-like weather we’ve been having. I love rain, drizzle, thunderstorms, and most forms of precipitation. Except for hail, because that kinda hurts when it falls on you. Or, worse, kills you.

I’m sorry I haven’t written much in the last few days. Not that I’ve been without things to say. I just haven’t been able to type them up yet. Oh, but there is nothing like a rainy day to get me back in the mood for writing.

This is the dress I wore to Christine & Marshall’s wedding in Ohio last month. I wish I’d had these wedges to wear then. Not that I don’t love the Louboutin flats I ended up wearing then, but I like the extra height these wedges afford. Also, they are comfortable as, well, anything. I thought the floral pattern of the cardigan would clash with the dress but this morning, to my eyes, anyway, they are getting along nicely. I just wish the flourescent lighting here at the office was more flattering.


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did Mike send you?

bathroom shark

bathroom shark
Originally uploaded by jasmined

One of the first things I check in the morning after turning off my alarm and checking to see if I’ve magically lost any weight is Google Reader. Okay, actually, Twitter first, but then Google Reader. I ignore my News and Politics folders and go straight to People, which is where I’ve sorted the RSS feeds from blogs of people I know or people I wish I knew or people I have crushes on (sorry, John Cabrera, but it’s true).

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stuff i love: mobile edition

WebClipr: This keen app let me make an iPhone icon for the mobile version of this blog.

Wirenode: Used this to make the mobile version of this blog.

Jott: I love the NYT technology section for hipping me to new toys that take the time I would ordinarily devote to work and/or sleep. I can call a number and send updates to Twitter, update this blog, or e-mail or call my friends. Yes, that means you.

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countdown to whistler: the consulate

I turned in my passport application today at the Philippine Consulate here in Chicago. Assuming verification with the New York office checks out, I should have my passport in 3 to 4 weeks. Just in the nick of time for Maria and Clancy’s wedding.

Yeah, I like cutting things close. Now while I wait, I need to look into finding plus-size ski wear. For one, possibly two days of tubing. Also book my Vancouver hotel room. Find something to wear to the wedding. Maybe lose weight? Argh!

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425: hello, it's me


I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but the flip front is back. Sorta. I think that 7.5 years of blogging endlessly about lipstick, cheeseburgers, my secret celebrity boyfriend club, and more cheeseburgers entitled me and you to a much needed break.

Like when sports teams say they are in a rebuilding year. Or when celebrities are hospitalized for “exhaustion” when you know it’s booze, pills, or both. But I don’t play sports, and I’m not addicted to anything but food, gossip, and Scrabulous (OMG). Oh, and television.

Which is what I’m getting to. Some of you know by now that I’m trying to finish a couple of spec scripts, while simultaneously preparing to move to Los Angeles (where most of this country’s television is made — also it’s porn). As most of you may already suspect, this is going a lot slower than hoped for. The only thing I accomplished on my 2007 hecklist was getting my green card replaced and while I don’t want to undermine the importance of documenting one’s alien residency, I need to have done more stuff. Like lost weight. Learned to drive. Moved into an apartment that doesn’t remind me quite so much of my college dorm room.

Oh, but yeah! There’s something else — I got something published in Time Out Chicago. Something I could not have done with Nadine and Ruth – fruit baskets should be forthcoming. And I performed community service for Chicago Cares. Did 2k and 5k walks for a bunch of non-profits. Entertained out-of-town guests in my tiny-ass studio. Attended a wedding (reception). Went to a funeral. Went to Baltimore. Saw “Xanadu” on Broadway.

But back to the flip front and 2008. The flip front will be back, both in your mailboxes and on the web, all in good (tropical) time. Of course, if you want to opt out of the e-mail version, just let me know.

Oh, alright, some talking points for the next flip front:

  • 2008 checklist
  • weddings
  • babies
  • how I’ll never take Gerard Butler for granted
  • The Class of ’98
  • “Barack Steady”

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