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thursday and friday

Whenever Jen or Diana e-mail me to tell me that a particular “Intern Jasmine’s Links of the Daysian” post is a good one, I get all warm and fuzzy. So read this week’s post and leave a comment already!

I have an interview on Monday. An actual in person group interview the idea of which makes me nervous. Nervous! Also I don’t own a suit. I need to buy a suit, and I’ve not been having much luck finding one.

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Job search-wise, today was not great. Food-wise, it was awesome.

I went to Isla Pilipina for lunch, ordering the chicken adobo lunch special. It was $5.99! For all this food! I win at lunch, if not at jobs (for now).


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I like to watch: “The Green Hornet”

I saw The Green Hornet tonight. I thought that a movie directed by Michel Gondry would have more whimsical visual effects, but it was a lot of speeding cars and explosions. The cars — okay, just one car, Kato’s Black Beauty — was hot. Jay Chou as Kato? Hotter.

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Nite at the Museum

Behind you!

I signed up with some temp agencies this morning. I probably should have done this sooner, but there you are. I e-mailed a recruiter I’ve been working with, and wrote an e-mail to an HR director for a firm I’m very interested in.

Then I looked up 2011 museum free days (thanks, Explore Chicago!) and decided to go to The Field Museum. I called Nite and got him to go with me. Score! A pal to join me on my adventure. Now I had a reason to shower.

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Sunday kind of Jasmine

At Cloud Gate (The Bean)

I went for a walk today.

That’s sort of true. First I took the bus to the Macy’s on State Street, where I discovered that Marc Burger, along with the other counters on the seventh floor, was closed. Closed! I was forced to eat a cheeseburger from the food court in the basement.

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Where’s Jeff?

Where's Jeff?

One of these things is not like the other.

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Instead of making my own resolutions for 2011, I’ve decided to have Chloë Sevigny make them for me:

Happy New Year!

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