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degrassi meets doppler

Things that I had in mind when I got dressed this morning:

  • The episode of “The Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon dresses up as the Doppler effect for Halloween.
  • Heather Farrell and Erica Farrell from “Degrassi Jr. High” (though they didn’t start with their black-and-white outfits until “Degrassi High”) — wouldn’t that make a great couple costume?

Things that I did not have in mind this morning but probably should have (not like it would have stopped me from putting on this particular outfit):



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rib-eating dress

I don’t wear this dress enough. I love it. And I managed not to bust out of it after eating a huge half-sized pulled pork sandwich.

When we got back to the car, Jacinda realized she forgot her umbrella in the restaurant. I ran back in to get it for her. While I was in there, one of the waitresses complimented me on my outfit. Aw!

Like I said, I don’t wear this dress enough.

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what am i wearing: touch of gray

Today, I feel pretty.

  • I love this cardigan so much I want to take it to Six Flags.
  • The blouse has this eyelet detailing that is sweet.
  • The earrings are from Fred Flare. Enough said, as we all know FF is AWESOME.
  • I have been living in these khaki pants all summer.
  • The Miss Trish of Capri for Target sandals were meant to be worn on the island of Capri. For me, it’s always “island of Capri” or “Isle of Capri”, which sounds way more romantic than plain old Capri.
  • I watched an episode of “What Not To Wear” where Stacy and Clinton made their victim throw out a couple of Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ totes. It made me sick to my stomach to watch. The horror!

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the fatorialist: back from vacation

  1. The dress is too short to wear to work.
  2. The shoes are making my toes sweaty.
  3. I’m reading “My Life in France” instead of “Infinite Jest”, going back on my pledge to the Infinite Summer people. Sorry, dudes.
  4. Did I mention I still have a BlogHer ’09 recap coming? Le sigh.
  5. Back to the dress for a minute. On the plus side — which should be the name for a cheesy plus-size blog, by the way, somebody make that shit happen! — I think the print of the fabric is pretty and doesn’t make me look like I’m big piece of furniture. Don’t you find, fellow fat girls, that some prints make you look not so much dressed as upholstered? That and looking like a toddler in my clothes are my two biggest pet peeves/fears when it comes to dressing myself.

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the wedding guest: 71809 (Christine & Marshall)

It was an amazing weekend, but not because I decided to wear this lovely floral watercolor print dress from Liz Claiborne, or because my lipstick (Tarte 24-7 Lip Sheer with SPF 15 in Saturday) looked so pretty.

It was an amazing weekend because I got to celebrate the wedding of two wonderful people, enjoy the quiet of a lovely, small town, and road trip with some hilarious people. Seriously — Laura, Kemper, and Thor, if you want to road trip to Seattle for Marshall & Christine’s first anniversary next year, count me in.

Don’t worry — a full recap of the wedding, as well as other things I’m behind on (Maria’s visit, my trip home to NYC in April, etc.) — is coming soon! How can I celebrate my ninth year of blogging when I haven’t written in so very long? Is it at all ironic that BlogHer ’09 is this very weekend? Sigh. But I can’t let you all go away with nothing. Click here to see my photos from this weekend.

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the wedding guest: more dresses (Christine & Marshall)

I didn’t mention these Liz Claiborne dresses, which I ordered over the weekend, in my previous post on the subject of what I was going to wear to Christine & Marshall’s wedding because:

  1. I didn’t think they’d arrive in time for me to consider them as viable options for the wedding
  2. The Old Navy dresses are just do damn cute.

But UPS and Liz Claiborne’s speedy shipping (which was free!) endeavored to give me more options, this time with fuller skirts that conceal hidden pockets! These dresses are also a little roomier on top, but they looked good when I modeled them in a lunchtime fashion show in the ladies room at work. What to do! Bring them all and I’ll figure it out Saturday morning in my hotel room? Or pull the trigger tonight while I’m packing (and wondering why mousse doesn’t come in travel size cans).

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crazy for blue

My red Keds arrived today. I love them. That is all.

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the wedding guest (Christine & Marshall)

I wasn’t sure about what to wear to Christine & Marshall’s wedding this weekend. The bridal shower was last weekend and when Christine showed us the bridesmaid dresses,  I panicked because I thought my yellow cotton would be too casual.

I’d already spent the previous evening trying on plus-size party dresses at Nordstrom and that was no fun. I was bloated, sweaty, and in a grump. The Nordstrom dresses tended to be polyester, heavy, and cheap. I felt myself in bind, literally and figuratively. I actually liked this dress, with its rhinestone-bedecked illusion neckline, but it felt heavy. And I looked kind of sad wearing it. I’ve also noticed that some dresses just look plain weird when my hair is short.

I probably should have visited Vive La Femme but I woke up late Sunday and didn’t have time to shop before joining Andrew, Rozi, and little Nathan for dinner. I spent some time Monday browsing for dresses on-line as well as soliciting advice from friends via Facebook.

Amy pointed me towards this blue floral print dress from Old Navy (pictured above, left). Could it work? I got to try it on last night and had success — not only did it fit, but it looked cute. Just the thing for a day wedding. But what about the late afternoon/evening reception? Well, that’s where this navy shift dress (pictured above, right) takes over. By themselves, they’re casual but with the right accessories (and a good ironing) they should be appropriate for a wedding and wedding reception.

But if I’m wrong, I might fold and bring this ($275!) Amanda Uprichard dress as a backup.

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blue & orange

  • Michael Jackson: Still dead
  • Bernie Madoff: Still a crook, and he got sentenced to 150 years in prison!
  • Jasmine: Still awesome.

I’ve changed LoudTwitter settings so that daily posts don’t include every single update from my Twitter stream, just the ones with a #lt tag appended to the end. Now let’s see if I actually remember to do that.

I went to the Taste of Chicago last night with (deep breath) @chicagocarless, @chicagocarless’s friend Matt (who is now my friend), @Eukadanz, @alissas, and @abellwillring. I made everybody try on the RolLens I got at the eye doctor. Pictures are in my Flickr stream — below is a shot of @Eukadanz as The Terminator or Yoko Ono, depending on how you see it:

Terminator Elisa

Is that The Terminator or Yoko Ono?

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purplish reign

I feel pretty, but am I too preppy? Oh who gives a shit. Also it kind of bugs me that the model’s head gets cut off in this pic but I swear that is The Gap web site and not me.

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