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Sally’s Shower

onesies galore
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Sally’s baby shower! It was so fun. Lunch for 20 ladies (and one baby) at Il Mulino, a sweet Italian restaurant in the Gold Coast.

Sally’s friend Dawn, who organized the shower, sent all the guests plain cotton onesies to decorate. We presented them to Sally, who loved the surprise. Here they are all laid out for everybody to enjoy. I won’t tell you which one is mine, though I will say I wished mine had come out better than it did. I advised Sally that she shouldn’t be surprised if a makeup onesie turns up on her desk at work some time soon. Continue reading


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BlogHer '09 recap coming soon

@cinnachick, @PoppyBuxom, & @ChronicBabe are awesome
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This is the post in which I meant to post gorgeous pictures, witty recaps, and even more gorgeous pictures! Alas, most of my pictures were silly (see above) and I am running low on wit. While I deal with these self-induced blows to my ego, please set yourself to looking forward to my eventual BlogHer ’09 recap, where I will:

Any questions?

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notes on a new year's eve

Update: Here are my pictures from New Year’s Eve. These are Jeff’s.

The bitch is back. Sorta. This isn’t the big 2008 wrap-up I want to write eventually, just some notes on recent revelry. Yes, it’s a listicle, but no “best of” or “worst of”. Onward, bitches. Continue reading

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labor day

What did I do this week?

  • Donated $10 to the Obama campaign (wish it was more, but I bought a birthday present with my dad and I haven’t been reimbursed yet)
  • Sat glued to TV set for DNC. Am prepared to do same for RNC in the name of fairness but I can’t say I expect to enjoy any of it.

What I am doing this weekend?

  • Gapers Block get-together tonight! Though I must confess I am feeling anti-social (and also broke!) and may bag to go home, watch whatever rerun of “Doctor Who” I have on my DVR and drink a bottle of lambic.
  • work: start work on freelance piece for TOC, write more for book proposal, recap episode 2 of “The Cho Show”
  • Ikea with Nite & Jeff! I was thinking of scamming the clearance section for cheap curtains, and at the very least get me some balls. Swedish meatballs, that is.
  • Thom’s birthday party
  • goodbye drinks for Stef?
  • grilling at Kathy’s?

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OMFG: drunky bridesmaid


Originally uploaded by Nadine K.

1. Tan line!
2. Shiny complexion.
3. Obviously drawn-on eyebrows.
4. What am I chewing?

(taken at Joe & Jacinda’s wedding reception, August 2004)

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Advent day 13: party shoes

The office holiday party was last week, and I wore silver metallic flats embellished with heavy rhinestones on the toe. They were cute, but I should have worn heels. No particular reason except I enjoy being 2″ to 3″ taller, and everybody knows wearing heels makes your ass look fantastic.

If I had money to spare, I would have loved to pick up any of the following:

  • Manolo Blahnik Napa Mid-Heel Halter in Metallic Gold: The gold and pointed toe gets major flirt points, while the sensible heel height keeps you from teetering like a little girl wearing her mother’s shoes. [Neiman Marcus]
  • Christian Louboutin Anemone: They’re satin, the heels are 4″ high, and there’s a gigantic bow on the heel — three things that ordinarily send me screaming in the other, more sensible direction. But are they or are they not the definition of hot sex? Exactly. Also, I wouldn’t rule the Decoltissimo heels out if your thing is toe cleavage. [Barneys]
  • Kate Spade ‘Genevieve’ sandal: I have some Nina sandals that are quite similar, but I love the caging of these heels. [Nordstrom]
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘683957’ Sandal: I love how these are clearly fun party shoes with the metallic and the t-strap but that heel looks sturdy enough for dancing all night long. [Nordstrom]


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334: the soundtrack of our lives

Jeremy and Nick
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I want to catch you up on the party and on Nick and Nadine’s visit, but I also want to be the very embodiment of brevity. The longer I wait to recap in the flip front, the more likely I am to forget important details, like the fact that I spent last Friday afternoon watching a television program about imploding hotels in Las Vegas. You know, fun shit.

Anyway, I woke up Saturday to remember that I had forgotten to buy a coffee pot to replace the one I broke last summer. So Nick was forced to tromp out into the cold to fetch coffee from the shop a few blocks away while Nadine and I puttered around. After Nick returned, and they departed to have brunch with her brother, I hung around the apartment, made lists, waited for Kevin to call me so we could do party prep, watched cable. Kevin had to clean his apartment, and it wasn’t until the late afternoon, after Nick and Nadine returned, did I make it over to find the apartment pretty spotless. I would have loved to join Nick and Nadine for dinner at Iberico that night, but Kevin and I had ten pounds of lumpia to get, and a boyfriend (his, not mine) to pick up. Dropped the kids off, then up Lake Shore Drive (still one of my favorite ride ever) up to Uni-Mart for my confrontation with the teetotalling lumpia-rolling caterers.

Ten pounds of lumpia looks like a lot of food, even when it’s split into two five pound trays. I asked Kevin to look for San Miguel while I paid for the food. Alas, no beer, off we were to get Gabe. On the way back to the apartment, we had to have several pieces, just to make sure the lumpia came out okay. They were delicious, little fried bits of porky goodness. Stopped at Danny’s for beer (Pacifica, Corona, Negro Model), salsa, and delicious guacamole. I lit some candles, set up some chairs in the living room, and waited for guests to arrive.

Joe and Jacinda came with paper plates, napkins, and cups. Nick and Nadine arrived, with Sean and Michelle and their friend Jeremy. Michelle started making this cocktail with mango nectar and mango rum while more people arrived. Andrew, Kathy, Thom, Sean, Ryan, Dan, Erin, Sarah, Maria, Khloe and Jeff, Jeremy and Helen. People drank beers and ate lumpia, occasionally nipping out to the ice cold porch to smoke cigarettes.

People got drunk, including me. If it wasn’t the beers, it was the mango drink. Or if it wasn’t the mango stuff, it was the really great bottle of Champagne that Jeremy brought to toast Nick and Nadine’s engagement. People who had the mango stuff seemed to get really fucked up, myself included. I was all flushed and red. I was hopped up and talking animatedly and dancing around and having fun talking to people who got drunker than me. People gathered around the lumpia, or the beer, laughing and yelling and grabbing me to say hi or grab my ass. I’m friends with a lot of ass-grabbers, which is one of the many pleasant surprises of being friends with the people I know.

At some point, Nick tried to convince me that what I need to be wearing with my big rhinestone brooch was a cape. But alas, no. I impressed Gabe with the party playlists on my iPod — L’Trimm. Lisa Lisa. LL Cool J. When Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” came on, everybody got up to dance in their socks. And then a mere few hours later, everybody was gone and I was home in my bed with Nick and Nadine snoring gently on the air mattress in the living room.

I woke up invigorated, but Nick and Nadine did not. They were severely hungover, and did not make it to Kevin’s to hang out until 4 in the afternoon. While they spent the morning and the better part of the afternoon vomiting in my toilet and lying on the cool linoleum of my bathroom floor, I cleaned Kevin’s apartment, took a shower, had breakfast and a spot of lunch, and took a brief nap. We spent their last night in town watching Iron Chef America (which fucking ruled, though I did miss “Desperate Housewives”) and eating Giordano’s.

The next day we got up for one last meal with Jeremy and their friend Cian. Jeremy talked animatedly about high threadcounts and flat-screen TVs over tacos at Arturo’s. I said goodbye to Nick and Nadine on the corner of Armitage of Western, then stumbled home to loaf around the apartment until Michelle and Sean picked me up for dinner at Lou Malnati’s. It was ass-cold, so I was grateful to Michelle’s mother for picking me up for the drive to Lincoln Park. Sean and Michelle spent the afternoon looking at Bond Chapel and the Atwood Cafe in the Hotel Burnham, talking about rental fees and catering menus. I won’t make an announcement, as it’s not mine to make anyway, but I expect to be getting a happy card in the mail from them very very soon.


“If I ever get off this couch, I’ll be unstoppable.” (Roseanne)

The Doobie Brothers – What A Fool Believes; The Smiths – Reel Around The Fountain (for Michael Jackson, natch); Bell Rays – Get On Thru; Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song; The Beatles – You Never Give Me Your Money


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167: the barbra of seville

I was updating my datebook this morning, writing in my grandfather’s birthday and Amy’s wedding, when I flipped back through the last few weeks. Jacinda was reading Time magazine, and we were in a cab ‘cos we were both running late for work. From my notes, I gathered something that you all may have already figured out: I hang out with couples. A lot. People tend to visit me with their significant others. When I hang out with certain people, the first thing I usually ask is where is their significant other/spouse/love monkey. I suppose that, as I get older, this is usual. People are pairing up and settling down. I’m not opposed to this, but I’m kind of not getting it right now. Probably because I am, in ways of the heart, a sixteen year old girl.

Speaking of getting older, I’d like to thank y’all who came sent cards, presents, and/or attended my birthday party last weekend. It was truly awesome. Pictures are posted, albeit in a rough, inelegant way, at http://www.whatwouldjasminedo.com. I promise to rearrange them, and put up more pictures once Stef has developed her film. I started celebrating my birthday Friday night. After a long afternoon in Wicker Park, buying CDs and comics, I met Kathy and Kevin for my birthday dinner at Frontera. I am so glad that we convened early (5:30), as we were seated almost right away. The blue agave margaritas flowed, we talked a lot of shit, and I ate a ton of beef. In case you’re wondering, yes it did occur to me that because it was Good Friday, I probably should have been whipping myself with a cat o’ nine tails and eating anchovy paste with a shrimp fork off a roofing tile. But by that point in the day, I had already eaten a few strips of bacon so it was much much too late to go back. Anyway, Kathy offered me a bite of her carne asada (naturally raised Montana ribeye marinated in red chile and then wood-grilled). Kevin had the short ribs, and I had tacos al pastor. Oh, and lest I forget — tangerine-buttermilk ice cream with hot fudge. All served by a very groovy indie rock hipster waiter who shook our margaritas at the table. Da-amn. I went home to bed, stuffed with delicious meat and dreaming of Saturday morning. I like spending the morning of my birthday alone. I don’t answer the phone, I eat a greasy breakfast, and I try to see a movie if I can. I had to run to the post office, so I slapped on my yoga pants and slipped out the door while Charles, Olivia, and Jacinda slept. The air was cold, but the sun was shining bright, and I didn’t know what to do with myself until the post office opened. I went to McDonald’s, read one of my favorite trashy novels (Jilly Cooper’s “Rivals”), and pointedly ignored the smooching couples around me. Stopped at the post office, the grocery store, the internet cafe place to print a sangria recipe from allrecipes.com (33 cents). I came home, read The Enquirer, and saw Olivia and Charles off as they went out for brunch. I considered the sad state of the living room, and sat down to watch some television.

After spending an hour buying groceries and booze, Jacinda and I came home and started cleaning. I tried to help Jacinda clean but pretty much just got in her way as she scoured out the bathtub and mopped the floors. I cooked and worried about what I was going to wear. I think the party went pretty well, though there were certain points in time when I had to stop and think “Exactly how much do I want to do this? How disappointed would people be if I just put up a sign that read ‘Gone fishin’, and then hid at the L & L?” I think Jacinda would have certainly killed me, as she cleaned the entire apartment while I baked brownies, made the sangria, and panicked. I took a shower while the first guests to arrive pondered the curious assortment of snack food and made polite conversation. Jacinda put on a super-short skirt while I applied some shiny red lipstick and grimaced at myself in the bathroom mirror.

Things I would have changed about the party:

  1. Spent more time talking to following people: Damien, Chris, Will, Robyn, Kathy, Michael, John, Jorge, Kevin, Stef, Felix, Theresa, Tasneem — okay, just about everybody.
  2. Bought less sangria ingredients.
  3. Played more upbeat music for people to dance to.

I finally got into bed at 2am — alone, thank you for asking. I spent Sunday convalescing. I should have cleaned — instead, I bagged up the garbage, cleared up the living room. The kitchen still smelled like alcohol though I will say that I didn’t notice the smell until I got home from work Monday night to find that Jacinda cleaned up. I apologized for my laxity, Joe came over, and we ate leftovers from his parents’ Friday night seder. And let me tell you, nothing says loving like a good piece of kugel.

Random phone call no. 1

Older sister called me last Friday to complain about her boyfriend and, more to the point, the evil ways of his ex-girlfriend. The ex is supposed to put together a web site to advertise his skills as a DJ. She feels that, in order to accomplish this, he must travel down to Washington, D.C. to work on this. But isn’t the point of the Internet to make all that sort of dillydicking and fartyfucking a thing of the past? Okay, maybe not, but the girl sounded kind of sketchy to me.

Random phone call no. 2

Father called Saturday morning while I was doing the “few hours alone on birthday” thing. He called to say happy birthday and to complain about how my younger sister, because she has no friends, wants to drop out of school. I tell him to sit down with her and have a serious heart-to-heart, talk to her teachers, speech therapist, etc. He wants to send her off to boot camp. And not that bullshit boot camp for juvenile delinquents — he wants her to join the army. I express my displeasure at his cluelessness, and hang up. I make a mental note to write a letter to my sister before she runs away from home and turns up on the Maury Povich show.

Random phone call no. 3

“Hey Jasmine?””Oh, hi Jacinda.”

‘Dr. Dolittle’ is on ABC Family right now.”

“Which one?”

“The one with Eddie Murphy.”

“So not the one with the creepy giant snail?”


“Cool. Thanks.”

“Happy Easter!”

“Happy Easter!”


Alison Krauss & Dan Tyminski – Blue & Lonesome; St. Etienne – You’re In A Bad Way; Tammy Faye Bakker – The Devil’s After Me; The Slumber Party – I Don’t Mind; Del Shannon – Needles and Pins; The Flashing Lights – Talk to The Hand; Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train; The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed




Stila Salome (glossy red), no liner (today)
Nars Shanghai Empress (Friday, March 29)

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