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the ghost of Michael Jackson wants me to go to France

I’m currently reading Rosecrans Baldwin’s Paris, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down. I am really enjoying it, even if it makes me want to get on the blue line, ride all the way to O’Hare, and get the first outbound flight to Charles de Gaulle airport.

I don’t think there’s anything in the universe telling me that I need to return to Paris. I was only there last year, albeit for a day. A day, or a few days, is not enough for most places, especially Paris. Not when there’s so much walking and eating and shopping and more eating and occasionally drinking to do.

This morning, when I was reading the book on the bus, the Spotify app on my smartphone played the French version of “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” by Michael Jackson. In French, the song is called “Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous”. Which sounds to me like “I Do Not Want The End Of Us”. It has the same feeling of longing as the original English title, but with a little more desperation.

If that isn’t the universe but the ghost of a French speaking and singing Michael Jackson telling me to get to France, then I don’t know what.


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Paris leftovers

beautiful pastries at Aux Désirs de Manon

I promise this is my last blog post about Paris. Well, last one for today. Which seems strange to say in the morning but there you go. This is really just a lazy list of random thoughts/feelings/suggestions inspired by my trip. Actually inspired by the question I seem to be getting the most about my trip, which is “What did you like best?” Where do I begin to answer that question? Continue reading


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an american in paris: day 10 – au revoir

After dinner Thursday night, Jeff and Khloe put the baby to bed. Nobody was especially sleepy. So while Jeff and I surfed (yes, the apartment had wi-fi, thank jebus), Khloe flipped idly through various channels, looking for something for all of us to watch. Khloe found The Hole, this totally awful yet creepy thriller starring a post-American Beauty Thora Birch and a pre-Bend It Like Beckham Keira Knightley.

Basically, Thora was an outcast at an English boarding school where Keira, playing her roommate, was less so. Thora got a geeky pal to get them and some fellow students (read: boys) out of a class trip to Wales. Yeah, why go to Wales when you can spend that time stuck in an abandoned bomb shelter? I won’t give away the plot but suffice to say fucked up shit goes down, drugs and violence are involved, and that’s pretty much the last most of us have seen of Thora Birch.

And then there was Poltergay. Continue reading

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an american in paris: day 9 – jeudi

lunch at Korcarz

After the long Three Kings Day, which saw us visit two museums, buy a galette, crown Coco the queen, and me eating two whole marrons from Ladúree, I think Paris the trip (as opposed to Paris the city or Paris the person) finally caught up with me. I was tired at the end of every day, but in a good way, and I woke up every morning (never as early as I liked) energized to do something new (or at least something else). But not Thursday. Thursday, I wanted to sit around and be as lazy as possible. I could do this. I may not be able to make semi-decent coffee or remember basic things like the French word for “spoon”, but I could be lazy. Continue reading

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an american in paris: day 8 – the coronation of coco

doing my best Moan-a LisaWednesday was Three Kings Day, or la fete de Rois here in France. It was also the first day of les soldes, the month-long period where it seems every store is selling their merchandise for profound discounts. I didn’t shop, as we ending up visiting the Louvre (art!), Laduree (marrons!), Musee de Cluny (art of the Middle Ages) and… that’s all. Once again, Sainte-Chapelle was closed. Damn you!

The Louvre: The museum passes we bought Sunday at the Pompidou was a great investment. Not only did it save us money on entrance fees, but time. No waiting on line to buy tickets (in fact the Musee d’Orsay had a shorter line for museum pass holders) so we could proceed to getting our art on. There was also free stroller rental, a relief to Jeff and his aching shoulders. Continue reading

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an american in paris – day 7: duck, pork, pork

jasmine at night aka I think I look goofy in this picture

Jeff and I left Khloe and Coco at the apartment to check out the Musee d’Orsay. At least, we thought we left them at home. The ladies actually made it back to Galleries Lafayette so Khloe could get her tourist tax rebate on a purchase she made yesterday. I’ve previously sworn I would not go back to GL but all the soldes signs in all the store windows have got me reaching for my wallet, ready to cut into my food budget. Continue reading

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an american in paris – day 6: too tired to write

Today we shopped and ate. I’d say more except that Galleries Lafayette sucked all the energy out of me. Also I have to be up early so we can hit the Musee D’Orsay on the early side. So, a few snapshots: Continue reading

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an american in paris: day 5 – the day in pictures


Today we visited the Pompidou. My pictures from the museum are few, as we spent most of our time in two special exhibitions where no photography was permitted. This image is from the Jim Hodges show.

LEAVE US ALONE! Space invader in the Marais

Another space invader! The Marais simply seems to be crawling with them.

sausages and stuff at Breizh

The big meal of the day was at Breizh, a cafe specializing in crepes. This was a starter of different types of sausage. These, the cider we ordered (and drank out of little earthen bowls), and the buckwheat crepes we ate, comprised what has probably been the best meal I’ve eaten so far in this trip. Though I must give a special mention to the frites I ate during Saturday lunch at Versailles – crispy and puffy at the same time.


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an american in paris: day 3 – new year’s day

It was a long day. A long, delicious day. I have to go shower and then to sleep so I’m fresh for Versailles tomorrow. But quickly, a rundown of today’s action:

French toast (pain perdu) at the apartment. Khloe made it with bread from Paul. So good.

Took Metro to Trocadero. Baby Coco is charming to all.

Arrive Trocadero. Posed for pictures with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Lots of young men selling Eiffel Tower charms that light up or clip onto a keychain.

Stand on line for Eiffel Tower for 45 minutes before giving up and looking for food. Continue reading

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an american in paris: day 2 – bonne annee

I look like crap. But don't I look happy?

I’m still not terribly comfortable talking to people here. I only took French in school for two years, seventh and eighth grade. After that I took Spanish. And did I spend the last few months learning some key phrases, working on my comprehension and trying to get some conversation practice? Of course not.

Another lovely, laidback day.

Shopping at Monoprix with Khloe for tomorrow’s New Year’s Day meals, when we anticipate most places being closed.

A visit to Notre Dame with every other person in the city, or so it seemed. Everybody talked and could not be quiet. It wasn’t a cathedral so much as just another stop for open-mouthed gawkers. Still beautiful, though.

We missed getting into Sainte-Chappelle today, but we’ll get it next week. Late lunch/early dinner at Le Flore en L’Ile, which was awfully tasty. My omelette was huge, so I took half of it home so I could have dessert. Dessert was the most perfectest waffle I have ever tasted in my entire life. It had absolutely nothing on it – no syrup, cream, or butter – and it was immaculate. Continue reading

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