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feast of the consumption

Friday, June 18: I took the day off to go to the funeral. I attended breakfast with the family, the wake, and then the service itself. Yes, I checked into the church on Foursquare. Cynthia and her daughter Ariel wore purple, while Jerad sported a purple tie and a natty straw fedora. I thought maybe it was because it had been her mother’s favorite color, but she said it was just because her mom was buried wearing a suit with a purple blouse, and she thought it would look nice on the family. She was right.

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pictures of you

Jasmine and Kelly


Miss me?
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jazzie dearest

Friday, May 7

First Friday at the MCA with Jeff — Free food, cash bar, music provided by The Hood Internet (DJ set). We got there at opening, so we got first crack at the buffet (mini burgers, doughnuts with dipping sauces, grilled veggies, and some corn polenta thing) and at the art. Galleries did not permit drinks, so lots of people hovered in the main corridor, which made it kind of difficult to go back for more snacks. The people-watching was pretty decent, but what can you say about a meat market for bros and trixies that hasn’t already been said?

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That 60’s Show

Sunday. Show day! I had to sing! In front of people! On a stage with lights and decorations and microphones catching every deep breath, every wrong word. I decided the only way I could get through the day was with a large breakfast at the Melrose.

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Valleys of the LOLs

I take three four different types of pills every day. Two pills I take once a day, the other two twice a day. One of the twice-a-days is actually three large pills. None of these pills are shiny like the ones in Valley of the Dolls. They’re white or peach in color, and easy to swallow as long as I have some water on hand. It doesn’t say as much on the bottles (at least I don’t think it does) but probably not the best idea to wash them down with booze.

My bedside tray is beginning to look like this one shelf in my parents’ kitchen, where all of their pill bottles are lined up, alongside the cheap reading glasses my dad buys, 3-for-$14.99 at Walgreen’s. I don’t know what to do with the empties — are they recyclable? Should I black out my name and address on the label should an enterprising pill entrepreneur go through my garbage and try to get refills? Good luck with that.

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Things that have been on my mind and I swear on Imelda Marcos’s bouffant I will write about. Here. On this blog. Maybe even today.

The Emmys

Every year, I look forward to the Emmys until I see that the nominated writers are overwhelmingly White and male. I ranted a bit on Twitter about this and then I wondered if I’m jeopardizing my own aspiring tv writer ass by doing so. I then got slightly depressed when I remembered that I’m in my 30’s, in not great health, and also so risk-averse it’s almost paralyzing. Seriously — who’s still an aspiring thing in their 30’s? I feel pathetic and small and petty.

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odds & sods

I’m thinking of things to write bout in my next blog post, and I keep coming back to something I said in my previous entry, a sorta recap of my experiences at BlogHer ’09, in particular the Women of Color and Marketing panel:

Didn’t she see me in all my Asian splendor? I may not speak Tagalog, but I certainly exhibited most (if not all) of the signs of typical Asian-ness: a proclivity for flip-flops, rice at every meal. I rep for Asian, I bleed for Asian, I eat for Asian, because I am Asian.

Because now I want to know: what the fuck do I even mean? I promise, we’ll get into that later, but right now I’m watching “Degrassi Goes Hollywood” and it is AWESOME. You should be able to find my tweets tagged #degrassigoeshollywood here.

Also, I saw Spring Awakening Thursday night (featuring Jake “Craig Manning” Epstein as Melchior!) and it made me all nostalgic for the sexed-up adolescence I never had. Also, I said, out loud, that I missed all the singing I did back in high school. Why did I stop singing when I hit college? I guess I’ll never know but I suspect my jampacked schedule of slacking and chain-smoking in front of Cobb had something to do with it.

But anyway, I miss singing so I finally sucked it up and signed up for a voice class at Old Town. If you sign up by Monday, you get $15 off registration. Yes! Vocal Techniques 1! I am so excited! I get to go buy a binder to keep my handouts in. I love binders! I love singing!

As you can tell, I will be totally insufferable once class begins.

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