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the wedding guest: more dresses (Christine & Marshall)

I didn’t mention these Liz Claiborne dresses, which I ordered over the weekend, in my previous post on the subject of what I was going to wear to Christine & Marshall’s wedding because:

  1. I didn’t think they’d arrive in time for me to consider them as viable options for the wedding
  2. The Old Navy dresses are just do damn cute.

But UPS and Liz Claiborne’s speedy shipping (which was free!) endeavored to give me more options, this time with fuller skirts that conceal hidden pockets! These dresses are also a little roomier on top, but they looked good when I modeled them in a lunchtime fashion show in the ladies room at work. What to do! Bring them all and I’ll figure it out Saturday morning in my hotel room? Or pull the trigger tonight while I’m packing (and wondering why mousse doesn’t come in travel size cans).


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the wedding guest (Christine & Marshall)

I wasn’t sure about what to wear to Christine & Marshall’s wedding this weekend. The bridal shower was last weekend and when Christine showed us the bridesmaid dresses,  I panicked because I thought my yellow cotton would be too casual.

I’d already spent the previous evening trying on plus-size party dresses at Nordstrom and that was no fun. I was bloated, sweaty, and in a grump. The Nordstrom dresses tended to be polyester, heavy, and cheap. I felt myself in bind, literally and figuratively. I actually liked this dress, with its rhinestone-bedecked illusion neckline, but it felt heavy. And I looked kind of sad wearing it. I’ve also noticed that some dresses just look plain weird when my hair is short.

I probably should have visited Vive La Femme but I woke up late Sunday and didn’t have time to shop before joining Andrew, Rozi, and little Nathan for dinner. I spent some time Monday browsing for dresses on-line as well as soliciting advice from friends via Facebook.

Amy pointed me towards this blue floral print dress from Old Navy (pictured above, left). Could it work? I got to try it on last night and had success — not only did it fit, but it looked cute. Just the thing for a day wedding. But what about the late afternoon/evening reception? Well, that’s where this navy shift dress (pictured above, right) takes over. By themselves, they’re casual but with the right accessories (and a good ironing) they should be appropriate for a wedding and wedding reception.

But if I’m wrong, I might fold and bring this ($275!) Amanda Uprichard dress as a backup.

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what are you doing this weekend?

Memorial Day weekend is upon us. I feel I should do something patriotic to mark the occasion, being all recently American and all, and I don’t think hitting the Old Navy $1 flip-flop is going to cut it. At least not all by itself.

So far, I’m going to the movies with Andrew tonight (Tyson at Piper’s Alley), then I’m getting a cheap facial tomorrow morning. Babysitting for Coco Saturday evening, followed by “Dance Flick” with Jeff and Nite. Sunday is potluck no. 1 at Kathy’s, and finally Monday brings potluck no. 2 at Jeff & Khloé’s. And then I will sleep.

So what are you doing this weekend?


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what i wore today

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Old Navy order: 2 wins, 2 losses

It’s true — I shop at Old Navy. Even though they stopped carrying plus-sized women’s clothing in their retail outlets. It’s still on-line and thank jebus returns are free. So I placed an order last week for four pieces, and here are the results of my impromptu fashion show/try-on in the ladies room.

  • Women’s Plus Cap-Sleeve Shirt: It’s so very fine, and well-tailored for an inexpensive mass-produced item. Definitely a keeper.
  • Women’s Plus Tie-Front Nightshirt: Didn’t try this on yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s a keeper. Perfect for scurrying around at home, trying on shoes and playing with makeup instead of doing housework. It stays.
  • Women’s Plus Pintucked V-Neck Top: Dunno. It’s beautiful, but it’s cut way too low in front (or maybe I need to size down?) and I look like I’m about to give birth in it. Not a keeper, which is a shame, as the color I chose, viridian, looked great on me.
  • Women’s Plus Low-Rise Wide-Leg Surplus Pants: Such a shame that these olive pants were so comfortable as I looked like a genie. Not “I Dream of Genie” but an old potbellied genie. Way too much fabric or maybe I needed the next size down. In any case, it’s going back.

I would have taken pictures but there is a limit to the humiliation I will endure for the tens of people who read this blog. Though if it boosted my traffic, I’d totally put on a real genie costume and dance around.

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what i bought yesterday: starting the fall wardrobe

Nina ‘Vikki’ sandal: I don’t understand how this hot little sandal comes in a 9 1/2 Wide, but it does, giving hope to me and other girls out there with Fred Flintstone-like feet.

Old Navy Women’s Plus Cowel-Neck Top in “Basil”: This is a big “we’ll see”. Not because I distrust the quality (of which I don’t expect much) or the price, but because the fit vary depending on the style, cut, and fabrication. I usually stick to the t-shirts but I thought this top was too pretty to pass up. It just sucks, though, that I couldn’t try it on in person as the stores no longer carry women’s plus-size clothing. Jerks. But I still shop there. So maybe I’m the jerk?

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aqua is my color

Fall is here, though the thermostat showed a balmy 90F today. I went out and bought this Old Navy skirt as it was a. on sale, and b. super freaking cute. And I will be even more adorable when I wear it to Stef’s birthday dinner with the coordinating long-sleeved v-neck that was a mere $10.

Who cares if it was in my usual size and not the two sizes down that I hoped I was. That’s what cheating on your diet and not working out will yield. Ugh. Must get back on elliptical . . . as soon as I find some shoes to complete the outfit. Mmmm . . . shoes.

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yeah, baby

{image oldnavy.com}I think The Manolo would love these. True, they’re priced a bit lower than his usual favorites. And yes, they are from Old Navy, that bastion of inexpensive but often unremarkable 4 of July t-shirts, cargo shorts, and candy-colored flip-flops.

But to a chubby girl on a budget, the ON can be a miracle, especially now that they have clothes for the bigger lady. Oh! These shoes! They evoke Jackie O and Marie Antoinette, a wearable, easy everyday luxury that couldn’t be cheaper. I would pair this with white jeans and a rose linen tunic, or last season’s boho-chic peasant blouse and a circle skirt. Given how inexpensive they are, you city gals might want to grab a couple pairs should one pair become smudged with the exhaust, humidity, and restlessness that defines summer in the city.


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