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kick, push

Saturday morning voice class was good. No new songs as the photocopier was busted. Ken, another student in my class, was all “There’s only one copier?” I know, right? So instead we sang a song that Gwen had given out in class previously but we hadn’t yet practiced. Do I remember what that song was now? No.

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Ham Saturday: “The Silence of The Ham” starring St. John the Baaaa-ptist

The meaning of the acronym LATFH has been changed from “Look at this fucking hipster” to “Look at this fucking HAM”. Seriously, just look at it.

Look at this fucking ham.

Isn’t it beautiful? Okay, maybe not to you vegetarians and/or people who don’t dig on pork, so later for you. This is nine pounds of honey baked ham power, and it only cost me $30. Best. Impulse purchase. Ever.

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another Sunday at the Publican

Scrapple & Eggs

Nathan has an R2-D2 tattoo


Andrew, animated

Rozi & Nathan

Jon & Alissa

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“and then there was krumping”

For the first time in a long while, my usual crew of film-going cohorts were all present and accounted for at last night’s screening of Alice in Wonderland in 3-D at the Navy Pier IMAX theater. Alissa and Jon, Nite and Jeff, Elisa and me. We were all lucky to be on the Ain’t It Cool News RSVP list for the screening (thanks, Steve!). Well, us and several hundred other people. Seriously! It was insane!

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popcorn for supper

I attended a screening of Shutter Island last night. Thanks again to Capone of Ain’t It Cool News for adding me to the guest list. The screening was at the ShowPlace ICON, and we (I brought Nite with me) got to sit in the VIP balcony along with the other folks on the AICN list. There were some giveaways, and a lady who found a Shutter Island bumper sticker under her seat won a free night’s stay at The Four Seasons. I would have given up my balcony seat (and access to the bar) for that.

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Jasmine and The Giant Matzoh

Big matzoh ball at The Bagel

I fell asleep at 7pm Saturday night, waking up confused at 7am Sunday morning. I expressed my confusion on Facebook, then spent the morning in total indolence. Surfing the web, channel surfing on my television. The grumble in my stomach reminded me that I hadn’t eaten since the mini mushroom pizza, green grapes, and shortbread served as a snack on the plane the previous day. I had to Go. Get. Food. But it was so cold. So very cold. Sure, it was cold in Paris, but it was colder at home. I made for a table at the Melrose, stopping first at Unabridged to buy some celebrity magazines to ogle over my soup and sandwich. Continue reading


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game night @ Nite’s

@jasmined & @alissas go Wii bowling on Twitpic
Jasmine & Alissas go Wii bowling

Nite and Jeff hosted a game night at Nite’s condo. I figured the boys would order pizza (mmm, Domino’s) but as I’m actually trying to manage my diabetes instead of ignoring it (and then wondering why some bruises on my leg never seem to heal), I brought some roast chicken and a salad to eat.

Anyway, Alissa and I bowled against Jon and Tony. We won! Hurray! These are our avatars. Jeff created Alissa’s avatar, pictured right. She wanted the ugliest, craziest avatar he could conjure. I think it’s perfect, and that all of us who saw it tonight will have nightmares. Thanks, Jeff!

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the week that was

Monday, March 2: Free screening of “Last House on The Left”, which was totally fucked up but tense in a good way. Elisa was my guest. I had popcorn for dinner. I need to start packing food for these things. Or at least commit to having a movie hot dog and/or pretzel for supper. Continue reading

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what i'm wearing: lazy sunday

sunday chicken
sunday chicken – by jasmined on Polyvore.com

Oh my god you guys, I looked cute today. Even when scarfing down a huge chicken sandwich and a big basket of fries at Crisp, where I had lunch with Nite. Afterwards, we ogled Snuggies at Bed Bath & Beyond, looked at pets at PetSmart, wondered about the imported snacks at World Market, and flipped through magazines at Borders. Boring, I know, but I love spending weekend afternoons this way.

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notes on a new year's eve

Update: Here are my pictures from New Year’s Eve. These are Jeff’s.

The bitch is back. Sorta. This isn’t the big 2008 wrap-up I want to write eventually, just some notes on recent revelry. Yes, it’s a listicle, but no “best of” or “worst of”. Onward, bitches. Continue reading

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