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Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

heart-shaped (7/9/2010) by jasmined

Things, people, places, and ideas that are currently taking up valuable space in my head that might otherwise be devoted to more important pursuits like cleaning my apartment, doing my laundry and, I dunno, achieving world peace. Continue reading


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lazy linkage listicle

DISGRASIAN™ couldn’t settle on one DISGRASIAN™ OF THE WEAK so they picked ten. [DISGRASIAN™]

This week’s featured wedding for the Vows column of the Times Weddings/Celebrations section is, well… Let me know what you think. [New York Times]

“If you’re not originally from Chicago, what was it that made you move here?” I think what’ I’d like to see as a follow-up is “What was it that compelled you to stay?” [Gapers Block – Fuel]

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A. O. Scott knows my life

I was read A. O. Scott’s review of Hot Tub Time Machine earlier. He named Hot Tub Time Machine a Critic’s Pick. Ha!

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Sunday Routine

scrapple at The Publican

I’m feeling inspired by the “Sunday Routine” column in The New York Times (click here for Google results – I’m not sure why this column doesn’t have its own page but whatever).

Okay, not inspired so much as envious of the people usually featured: accomplished, interesting, worldly, or merely rich. So because I’m some kind of weird undercover spinster striver (seriously — you should see me Saturday night, perpetually refreshing the Times wedding section until it updates), here is my Sunday routine. Continue reading

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  • What’s on your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa shopping list this year? [Gapers Block]
  • The Gift Is in the Mail, and on the Web [NYT]
  • Holidy Gift Guide 2007 [NYM]

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OMG you guys

  • New York magazine is right — this Samsung printer is gorgeous. I bet you could trick it out with some blue lights and make it look like the movie Tron! [nymag.com]
  • The Times takes a look at the swag offered by the 2008 presidential candidates. They’ve got Obama and Giuliani in the lead with to win voters over with “fashion-conscious and youthful gear”. [NYT]
  • I’m working on something for Time Out Chicago. Yes, I’m excited about it, too. I’ll let you all know when it runs. Yay me! [Time Out Chicago]

PS: Is it a sign that I’m a bad writer that I’ve forgotten if magazine names and newspapers should be italicized when writing about them? Oh gosh I hope not.

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Colma: The Musical

Colma: The Musical got a lovely review in the Friday Times. New Yorkers (and other folks in the tri-state area), go see it and tell me what you think! I’m dying to see it, but the web site doesn’t list a Chicago opening — boo!

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