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seven week itch

Good news! I figured out what caused this awful rash on my stomach.

Bad news! It’s my cholesterol medication, to which I am allergic apparently.


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countdown to Thanksgiving: “A Turkey Named Brotherhood”

Posts from now until Thanksgiving are going to be speculations on family, food, fat, feasting, famine, and fortune. The usual shit, but with a melancholy Thanksgiving twist. Awesome!

When I was a sophomore in high school, I spent most of the year living away from home. Along with my older sister, I lived first with a foster mother in Washington Heights, and then in Forest Hills Gardens with my best friend father and stepmother. I don’t remember the period preceding this year as being especially dark, but these events have lived in (and sometimes even clouded) my memories of my adolescence ever since.

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last minute and late night

Chifrijo from Irazú

  1. Elisa and I had dinner at Irazú tonight. I’d been to the dentist this afternoon so I couldn’t eat much more than chifrijo, chicken soup, and a banana-oatmeal shake. Okay, I guess that’s a lot. And I totally got a steak sandwich to go. Lunch tomorrow, you will be incredible.
  2. I’m watching Nights of Rodanthe instead of sleeping. I think there is a Nicholas Sparks movie for every decade of a woman’s life. A Walk to Remember for your teenage years. The Notebook for your twenties. Message in A Bottle for your thirties, and lastly Nights for your forties. Actually, The Notebook works for any age. As long as you are a total fucking sap like me.
  3. It seems like every day I am spending more and more money on medication. See, this is what happens when you let yourself get obese and diabetic like me. Awesome.
  4. Don’t even get me started on my lady parts.
  5. One good thing — I made the beautiful Wheaties box graphic in this DISGRASIAN™ post about Manny Pacquiao.
  6. I promise I will write about parade school for the “McDonald’s™ Thanksgiving Parade” very soon. One crappy thing about that, though: my check-in time for the parade is 6:30 AM. I need to become a morning person, and soon.
  7. On that note, good night.

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Life, Rent, Felt

I know the last few days have been cheats for National Blog Posting Month. I will post harder, better, faster, stronger for the rest of the month, I swears. But first, a few quick notes:

I am obsessed with HGTV, For Rent in particular. Probably because I am a long-time renter with no real plans for buying a place any time soon. Also I think it’s hilarious that host Jodi Gilmour and her renters never refer to the cities or neighborhoods in which they work by name. It’s always “trendy downtown area” or “safe family-friendly neighborhood”. I can tell by their accents that they are Canadians (thanks, Degrassi!), so what’s the problem with saying “lovely central Toronto”? What’s that all aboot? Just say Vancouver already! Trust me, I don’t think you should worry so much about the possibility of alienating American viewers if you happen to let slip that you’re joining us from sunny Quebec. For crying out loud, rents are quoted in (Canadian, okay) dollars and spaces are measured in square feet! The metric system is nowhere to be found!

Soulbounce.com is doing a “Month of Mary” to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Mary J. Blige’s masterpiece, My Life. Most of the posts have been devoted to each track from the record, talking about production details, why it matters as part of a whole, and marveling at the amount of pain that Mary must have been in during this period in her life. She took her pain and used it to create one of my favorite albums of all time.

I bought this totally gorgeous brooch at the Art Institute gift shop this weekend. It’s a coral colored dahlia made out of felt. You can see it in this picture here. It’s the brighter one in the upper left hand corner. I think it’s fetching.

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As I am currently without a computer, now would probably be a good time to get started on all the housecleaning I’ve been talking about doing for the last 18 weeks months.

I told Patrick about this earlier via IM and he just laughed. I’ll show him! That, or I’ll just watch “Hoarders” on television and wonder when they get around to my house.

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parade school

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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hot doug’s

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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questions I am having

  1. What’s the difference between typing ‘@username’ and ‘.@username’ when updating Twitter? What does a period do when added to the beginning of a Twitter username?
  2. Mike of Chicago Carless sent me an invite to Google Wave today. First of all, thank you! Second of all, what do I do with it now?
  3. Why am I still watching season 6 of Project Runway? It’s crap, isn’t it?. It makes me miss Leanne Marshall, aka “Judy Noodles”.
  4. What did you think of this week’s episode of Glee? Were you offended? Were you delighted? Did you just want to see Artie and Tina make out a whole bunch more?
  5. I am taking a vacation day tomorrow (Friday the 13th!). I plan to take my voice class at 11:30, so I have Saturday morning to go to parade school (yes, parade school, but more about that Saturday). But what should I do tomorrow afternoon? I could probably do anything. I’ve been craving waffles, though, so I think that’s what I’ll be having for brunch.

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Veterans Day

My father and his brother Bob are both veterans of the United States Navy. This may come as a surprise to some of you folks, but the United States military has a long history of Filipinos in its service.

This is a quick post to remember and honor the service of my dad, Uncle Bob, and all the homeboys on Veterans Day. Knowing how much Daddy loves Applebee’s, I hope they got their free Veterans Day meal!

But seriously. To veterans and those in active duty: thank you for your service.

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i think i’m invisible

two mini rants:

  1. I stopped at Noodles & Company (stop making fun of me, I love it) on the way home to get dinner. While waiting for my food, I thought I’d take a seat on the wooden bench set to the side, the bench which exists for this purpose. On this bench was a girl, texting away, also waiting for her food. The seat next to her was taken by her bottle of tea. She did not look up the entire time I stood there, looking at her, wondering if she would notice me looming over her. It was almost kind of fascinating. She only got up from the bench, taking her tea with her, when her food came up.
  2. On the bus home from Noodles & Company, I got up from my seat and made my way to the rear door to get off at my stop. Standing in the way of the rear door was a young woman with a blank expression on her face. She didn’t face or acknowledge me as I stood next to her. Was she going to get off, too? When the bus stopped and the rear door light went on to indicate that it could be opened, she did not move. I had to say “Excuse me” in a really pointed voice, and she still didn’t get out of the way as I pushed off.

What are the lessons here?

  1. If I want something, I have to ask for something. None of this passive-aggressive bullshit.
  2. Still, though. Those girls were kinda fucking assholes.

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