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ladies night

In case you were wondering, my week 2 of Couch-to-5K was supposed to start Monday or Tuesday, then possibly end Saturday morning. Sadly, I’ve totally bagged this week for some reason so I’ll probably be restarting week 1 this coming Sunday. Please, no ridicule.

I think I might have been exhausted. Last weekend was crazy busy. So busy that I, um, have been slacking this week like I usually do. A run-down is below, so you can judge for yourself as to whether or not this week of sloth was, in fact, justified. I know the answer is probably no but hear me out!

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off to Schwa I go

hello sailor

Nick & Nadine arrive today to celebrate Nadine’s birthday and participate in some alumni weekend activity. Actually, I’m not even sure about the reunion weekend stuff, but for sure they got to use the alumni weekend rate at their hotel downtown.

Nadine called yesterday to invite me to dinner at Schwa tonight. She had just only found out for sure that their reservation was accepted. Naturally I got to thinking about the most important question of all: what to wear. I actually Googled the question “how dressed up do I get for dinner at Schwa” which yielded some helpful results from Chowhound and LTHForum. I need to check these sites more often, for sure — clear, helpful advice and anecdotes from friendly people.

On an unrelated note, I saw “Away We Go” last night with Nite & Elisa. I found it charming, though some folks might think it too twee or too much like “Juno” to bother with. It reminded me that I’ve been meaning to check out Dave Eggers‘s post-Heartbreaking Work for quite some time now. Also that I’m always hungry after a movie, even if I’ve eaten popcorn and drank a large diet soda. It just can’t be avoided. I’m looking for late-night options near AMC River East and the AMC Loews 600 North Michigan. Please leave recommendations in the comments section.

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423: putting the 'ho' in 'Horcrux'

list of ‘Harry Potter’-related items to get out of my system (you non-HP fans can skip ahead if you like)

  1. I cried a bit while reading HP7. Not as much as I did when HP5 came out, but… a bit. Okay, a lot.
  2. I think Nadine and I are going to work on writing something related to HP7. I’ll keep you posted once this project gets going.
  3. Is it just me, or does the costume designer for the HP movies have an obsessino with horizontal stripes? Seriously, if they’re not wearing a solid top, any of the young cast are wearing horizontally striped sweaters, polo neck knit shirts, tees, sweaters, etc. I mean, I know it’s a good trick for girls who are not so busty but come on!
  4. If you can, go see the IMAX version of HP5. The last 20 minutes are in 3D — so yeah, that’s the thestral flight into London, the Hall of Prophecy, the Death Chamber, and the Atrium fight. If you live in Chicago and want to see it at Navy Pier, I will totally go with you.
  5. The Harry Potter theme park in Orlando opens in 2009.

the shore

I visited Nadine this weekend. I found this consoling after a somewhat trying week at work. And I wanted to talk HP with her, so it was perfect that I was coming in the night the last book was coming out. I got in at 9:00 or so, enough time to go home and have a quick snack and drop off my suitcase before driving to the Borders where we’d ordered our books. A line wound around the corner, and who knows how long the line was inside the store. Nadine and I did the line for a bit, cracking up at some teenage girls behind us who were talking about the Sorting Hat (“I got sorted into Slytherin.” “Ew! I’m not standing next to no Slytherin bitches!”) and random geeks who excitedly did interviews with a radio reporter on the corner. When a chubby boy said a Borders Express in a nearby mall was open and had no line, we bust a move and got our books in a matter of minutes. Nadine bought a box of Bertie Bott Every Flavour Beans — which had vomit flavor, ew! — to eat on the walk back to the car.

We spent Saturday at the Jersey shore, reading HP7 and trying not to burn. Nadine’s friend Sylvie picked us up for the drive, which went pretty quickly until we got to the main road to Long Beach Island. At which point, it was all stop and go, though the conversation in the car (about boys, mainly — what else is there?) kept going. Having never been to the shore, I thought it was going to be all guidos and Iroc-Z’s but it was all families and old couples. Everybody was reading HP7. We paid the beach tax, ate our lunch, read, went in the water, ate, and read some more. I brought my iPod, and made an impromptu beach mix. I should have thrown on some Frank Sinatra and some Springsteen, but I think I was too baked from the sun to remember that I was in New Jersey and not somewhere on Long Island:

jasmine’s mix for the jersey shore

    Faces, “On the Beach”
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, “Summertime”
    The Ramones, “Rockaway Beach”
    The Ramones, “Surfing Bird”
    Ghostface Killah, “The Sun” (feat. Raekwon, Slick Rick, & Rza)

Yeah, not a long mix, but I spent a lot of time just listening to the ocean, kids playing, the lifeguard whistle, the not-so-far away sound of cars zooming down Long Beach Boulevard.

The weekend wasn’t all beaches, though. Sunday, we went to the IMAX in King of Prussia, PA to see HP5 in 3D. We had to see a 9:30AM showing, as the 12:00 and 3:30 shows had been sold out for a few days. It was kinda nice to get out of the movies at 11:30 and have a free afternoon, but all we ended up doing was going home, eating lunch, and then I took a four hour nap. It was kinda awesome but I felt bad because I wanted to spend more time with Nick and Nadine awake before they had to go back to work on Monday and I had the house to myself. I could have gone out, finally seen the Liberty Bell or eaten delicious Amish meats and cheeses at Reading Terminal Market, but I decided to watch the movies of HP2 and HP3 while eating cereal.

On the flight back, I sat near a few boys from this group of Chinese kids who were part of this group from an English language camp. He spent most of his time talking to the lady on his right, but I managed to overhear that the camp consisted of the group spending a few weeks in different cities. They were on their way to Des Moines. He oohed at my iPod, and practiced his English with the other lady. I think I’d feel conspicous travelling with a big group of Asian people, but then again the Asian people I usually travel with are my family, and they are often loud and New Yorkers. These kids were a bit quiet, but I could see them horsing around at the gates before and after the flight. Also, they had these awesome orange flashlights (put to use when the temple of this kid’s glasses became detached and lost) that I seriously coveted. Not enough to swap my iPod for, but if I’d had a cool watch I would havetraded for sure.


The Lemonheads – Into Your Arms; Clem Snide – Find Love; Olivia Newton-John & Cliff Richard – Suddenlylinks

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what i bought today

Not a lot today, but one big-ish ticket item…

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Is Harry Potter a rice king?

Okay, I know he’s probably not, but how else was I going to draw your attention to this hilarious post from the ladies of Disgrasian™ entitled Harry Potter and the Order of the Tongue Slip?

Also, I’m flying to Philadelphia next weekend to visit the fabulous Nadine and read HP7 at the Jersey Shore. It’s going to be super fun, bitches!

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334: the soundtrack of our lives

Jeremy and Nick
Originally uploaded by jasmined.

I want to catch you up on the party and on Nick and Nadine’s visit, but I also want to be the very embodiment of brevity. The longer I wait to recap in the flip front, the more likely I am to forget important details, like the fact that I spent last Friday afternoon watching a television program about imploding hotels in Las Vegas. You know, fun shit.

Anyway, I woke up Saturday to remember that I had forgotten to buy a coffee pot to replace the one I broke last summer. So Nick was forced to tromp out into the cold to fetch coffee from the shop a few blocks away while Nadine and I puttered around. After Nick returned, and they departed to have brunch with her brother, I hung around the apartment, made lists, waited for Kevin to call me so we could do party prep, watched cable. Kevin had to clean his apartment, and it wasn’t until the late afternoon, after Nick and Nadine returned, did I make it over to find the apartment pretty spotless. I would have loved to join Nick and Nadine for dinner at Iberico that night, but Kevin and I had ten pounds of lumpia to get, and a boyfriend (his, not mine) to pick up. Dropped the kids off, then up Lake Shore Drive (still one of my favorite ride ever) up to Uni-Mart for my confrontation with the teetotalling lumpia-rolling caterers.

Ten pounds of lumpia looks like a lot of food, even when it’s split into two five pound trays. I asked Kevin to look for San Miguel while I paid for the food. Alas, no beer, off we were to get Gabe. On the way back to the apartment, we had to have several pieces, just to make sure the lumpia came out okay. They were delicious, little fried bits of porky goodness. Stopped at Danny’s for beer (Pacifica, Corona, Negro Model), salsa, and delicious guacamole. I lit some candles, set up some chairs in the living room, and waited for guests to arrive.

Joe and Jacinda came with paper plates, napkins, and cups. Nick and Nadine arrived, with Sean and Michelle and their friend Jeremy. Michelle started making this cocktail with mango nectar and mango rum while more people arrived. Andrew, Kathy, Thom, Sean, Ryan, Dan, Erin, Sarah, Maria, Khloe and Jeff, Jeremy and Helen. People drank beers and ate lumpia, occasionally nipping out to the ice cold porch to smoke cigarettes.

People got drunk, including me. If it wasn’t the beers, it was the mango drink. Or if it wasn’t the mango stuff, it was the really great bottle of Champagne that Jeremy brought to toast Nick and Nadine’s engagement. People who had the mango stuff seemed to get really fucked up, myself included. I was all flushed and red. I was hopped up and talking animatedly and dancing around and having fun talking to people who got drunker than me. People gathered around the lumpia, or the beer, laughing and yelling and grabbing me to say hi or grab my ass. I’m friends with a lot of ass-grabbers, which is one of the many pleasant surprises of being friends with the people I know.

At some point, Nick tried to convince me that what I need to be wearing with my big rhinestone brooch was a cape. But alas, no. I impressed Gabe with the party playlists on my iPod — L’Trimm. Lisa Lisa. LL Cool J. When Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” came on, everybody got up to dance in their socks. And then a mere few hours later, everybody was gone and I was home in my bed with Nick and Nadine snoring gently on the air mattress in the living room.

I woke up invigorated, but Nick and Nadine did not. They were severely hungover, and did not make it to Kevin’s to hang out until 4 in the afternoon. While they spent the morning and the better part of the afternoon vomiting in my toilet and lying on the cool linoleum of my bathroom floor, I cleaned Kevin’s apartment, took a shower, had breakfast and a spot of lunch, and took a brief nap. We spent their last night in town watching Iron Chef America (which fucking ruled, though I did miss “Desperate Housewives”) and eating Giordano’s.

The next day we got up for one last meal with Jeremy and their friend Cian. Jeremy talked animatedly about high threadcounts and flat-screen TVs over tacos at Arturo’s. I said goodbye to Nick and Nadine on the corner of Armitage of Western, then stumbled home to loaf around the apartment until Michelle and Sean picked me up for dinner at Lou Malnati’s. It was ass-cold, so I was grateful to Michelle’s mother for picking me up for the drive to Lincoln Park. Sean and Michelle spent the afternoon looking at Bond Chapel and the Atwood Cafe in the Hotel Burnham, talking about rental fees and catering menus. I won’t make an announcement, as it’s not mine to make anyway, but I expect to be getting a happy card in the mail from them very very soon.


“If I ever get off this couch, I’ll be unstoppable.” (Roseanne)

The Doobie Brothers – What A Fool Believes; The Smiths – Reel Around The Fountain (for Michael Jackson, natch); Bell Rays – Get On Thru; Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song; The Beatles – You Never Give Me Your Money


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196: return of my jedi

I was going through old e-mail and I found this plum:

Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 01:17:54 -0500 (CDT)
From: Nick G.

ok. everybody has nothing to do at 2:30 am on monday, june 8, so we’re going to build stonehenge out of the benches on the quads from 2:30-3:00.

I saw Dennis K. on television Friday night. I was at Kevin’s with Nick and Nadine, sitting around and talking shit when Dennis rocked the mic on the HBO Def Poetry Jam. He was easily the best performer on the program, and probably the best-looking, too. Dennis used to live downstairs from me when I lived at 55th & Kimbark, blasting hip-hop and reggae until my futon would begin to vibrate.

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skirt, aka news from the flip front 83

Note: I didn’t know how to start this flip front, so I’m cheating and replying to Nadine’s e-mail about her birthday instead.

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Nadine K. wrote:

so for the birthday dinner nick and i tried to go to
the boat basin cafe, but it turned out to be massively
stocked with yuppies and frat boys chattering loudly,

Ew. I used to enjoy hanging out at yuppie and frat boy haunts, as they’re so easy to ridicule under my breath. But they don’t challenge me like they used to. You can only make so many jokes about them. I much prefer the down-and-out types who take the Ashland bus — today I saw a guy who stood about 4′ tall and had a fresh glass eyeball where his left eye should have been. It was so new that he still had a plastic eye patch taped over it for protection.

and we are officially going to ithaca this weekend.
we have a room at a lovely bed and breakfast on a hill

Oh, how picturesque (I don’t get to use this word often enough). What is there to do in Ithaca? Will there be college students to taunt? Apple-picking?

near cornell, and nick has promised to wine and dine
me.  i am excited by this, because to my knowledge i
have never been wined and dined, though it always

I tried to wine and dine somebody once — but it’s pretty impossible to wine and dine somebody at Big Bowl. Even if you are putting out. And believe me — I was putting out. We sat right next to the grill and my water glass kept dripping all over my shirt. When we got home (remember, this was the guy who lived below me) we made moves to kiss each other — I got a mouthful of his shirt, and he scratched my jaw with his glasses. Not long after that, he started dating somebody else. D’oh, indeed.

*sigh* — maybe it’ll be different for the two of you because you’ve been together for a while? Hmm. And is it possible to be wined and dined in Ithaca? I’m thinking of a Joy Behar joke about Amy Fisher — “‘He wined me and dined me.’ In Massapequa?” Maybe Ithaca is a bit more charming and romantic than Nassau County — you’ll have to fill me in. It all sounds like a lovely passage from a Laurie Colwin novel, like “A Big Storm Knocked It Over” or “Happy All The Time”.

Sean, Michelle, and I tried to see David Sedaris read this weekend, but the bookstore was crowded. There were people out on the sidewalk, noses pressed against the windows, *desperately* trying to get a glimpse. I could understand it — after all, I did go all the way out to Oak Park to see him — but I can’t do that whole groupie thing (remember that flip front about the second-to-last guy I had a crush on, the guy in the band?). I didn’t even have a book for him to sign.

The day wasn’t a total loss, as we found a nice bakery and had some lunch. Being in Oak Park was so peaceful and calm — no nasty shirtless men like on the el. Kathy told me that there were some fine-looking shirtless guys at Blues Fest, which has never been my experience. The last time I went to Blues Fest all I could see were shirtless Indiana suburbanites with mullets and wraparound sunglasses. They chugged lite beer and leered at me as I tried to eat my chocolate-covered banana as discreetly as possible. I don’t think of myself as being particularly sexy or sexual, so it’s hard when what little attention I get from guys is bullshit like that. Consequently, I only use straws in the privacy of my own home. And I avoid lollipops as much as possible.

The zoo, which Jacinda and I visited on Sunday, was a little better. The otters weren’t out (boo!) but the penguins were making all sorts of funny noises (yay!). Jacinda forgot her sunglasses, so we squinted at all the misbehaving small children and swore never to hang out with more than one child at a time. The word of the day was “bitches” and was used freely, directed at the slow-moving folks in stained sweatpants who took flash pictures of all the endangered animals. We used the word even more after the zoo, when we headed down Wells to the Old Town Art Festival. We weren’t feeling the $5, though, so we headed back to my house for cold coca-cola and “Anne of Avonlea”.

Have you ever seen “Anne of Avonlea”? That show, along with “Degrassi Junior High”, “Degrassi High”, and “The Diaries of Adrian Mole”, and “The Young Ones”, was what kept me going during adolescence. I didn’t have cable then so I had to rely on public television and this public access show called “Video Music Box”. VMB was a hip-hop music video show, preceding Yo! MTV Raps by quite a few years. I wonder if they still show it. You should look for it and let me know.

Okay — be a good girl and let me know how this weekend goes, okay? I had a great dinner at the Peruvian place last night — jealous? Okay, maybe not ‘cos you ate yummy Argentinian food last week. And you’re going to Ithaca this weekend for a romantic getaway. And you have the same birthday as Prince while I share mine with Warren Beatty. It’s okay, I ain’t mad at ya.

I miss you a lot. Write soon, and let me know if you need any more tips on eye shadow application.

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