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Pressing The Mind Grapes: light years

Image credit: via Nick Verreos

Nick Verreos previews national costumes to be worn by competitors in the Miss Universe 2010 pageant. My favorites are Japan and Korea. Thailand’s costume is meant to resemble an elephant. WTF. [Nick Verreos]

Kanye West eating Korean barbecue in Korea. [MTV Iggy]

New York‘s Vulture wonders which Mad Men character will drop acid first. My money’s on Glen Bishop, but he’s not even on their list! [NY Mag]

Gapers Block found a useful guide for attending (or avoiding) this weekend’s Air & Water Show. [Gapers Block]


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hang with me

Can we just take a minute to watch this video and marvel at how wonderful this song is?

Okay, take another minute. It’s so worth it.

I think by now you’re probably wondering what I did this weekend, so let’s begin.

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October round-up

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431: never was a cloudy day

I started Labor Day weekend by staying home the Friday night before the holiday. Instead of mixing and mingling with my fellow Gapers Block contributors, or saying goodbye to Stef with a girls’ night in sleepover, I stayed home. I watched bad television. I went to sleep early. Which is a good thing, as I went to Ikea the next day.

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an IM exchange about pete & peggy


they deserve each other

not as punishment so much as they’re both immature but in different ways

they need to grow up

though i suspect peggy is already on her way


no i dont think so

I don’t think they’re immature

they realize of what they need to become

and ignore it

well actually that is immaturity


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431: teaser

News from the Flip Front expects to make its triumphant return this week. But in case you’ve been wondering:

  1. I’m good.
  2. Work is pretty quiet.
  3. Yes, I saw ‘The Dark Knight’ and I loved it.
  4. The “Watchmen” trailer melted my brain into a puddle of fangirl mush. Meaning, it was incredible, and you should see it, too.
  5. Oh yeah, I love Mad Men, too.
  6. No, nothing in Time Out since spring.
  7. No, but I’m working on a book with Nick. And I’m almost done with the outline for “Bamboo”, my Asian remake of Diana Ross vehicle “Mahogany”.
  8. Yes, they loved their visit to Chicago. And no, they didn’t completely drive me crazy.
  9. Oh yeah, she had the baby. The baby looks like Joe, but has Jacinda’s eyes and chin. And her hair, too.
  10. Still can’t vote. Or drive. Or ride a bicycle. Yes, I’ll be applying for citizenship some time this year.
  11. Really? You should have come over and said hi.
  12. I always look grumpy. I do that to keep the douches away.
  13. Update! I got a producer credit in the latest video from Internets Celebrities. Check it out!

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Yes, I think so.

Yes, I think so.

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Is it just me, or have my last three twe …

Is it just me, or have my last three tweets been about watching ‘Mad Men’?

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Watching 'Mad Men'. Catching up before …

Watching ‘Mad Men’. Catching up before season 2 premiere on Sunday.

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