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august flowers

I don’t think I mind this rainy, fall-like weather we’ve been having. I love rain, drizzle, thunderstorms, and most forms of precipitation. Except for hail, because that kinda hurts when it falls on you. Or, worse, kills you.

I’m sorry I haven’t written much in the last few days. Not that I’ve been without things to say. I just haven’t been able to type them up yet. Oh, but there is nothing like a rainy day to get me back in the mood for writing.

This is the dress I wore to Christine & Marshall’s wedding in Ohio last month. I wish I’d had these wedges to wear then. Not that I don’t love the Louboutin flats I ended up wearing then, but I like the extra height these wedges afford. Also, they are comfortable as, well, anything. I thought the floral pattern of the cardigan would clash with the dress but this morning, to my eyes, anyway, they are getting along nicely. I just wish the flourescent lighting here at the office was more flattering.


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the wedding guest: 71809 (Christine & Marshall)

It was an amazing weekend, but not because I decided to wear this lovely floral watercolor print dress from Liz Claiborne, or because my lipstick (Tarte 24-7 Lip Sheer with SPF 15 in Saturday) looked so pretty.

It was an amazing weekend because I got to celebrate the wedding of two wonderful people, enjoy the quiet of a lovely, small town, and road trip with some hilarious people. Seriously — Laura, Kemper, and Thor, if you want to road trip to Seattle for Marshall & Christine’s first anniversary next year, count me in.

Don’t worry — a full recap of the wedding, as well as other things I’m behind on (Maria’s visit, my trip home to NYC in April, etc.) — is coming soon! How can I celebrate my ninth year of blogging when I haven’t written in so very long? Is it at all ironic that BlogHer ’09 is this very weekend? Sigh. But I can’t let you all go away with nothing. Click here to see my photos from this weekend.

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the wedding guest: more dresses (Christine & Marshall)

I didn’t mention these Liz Claiborne dresses, which I ordered over the weekend, in my previous post on the subject of what I was going to wear to Christine & Marshall’s wedding because:

  1. I didn’t think they’d arrive in time for me to consider them as viable options for the wedding
  2. The Old Navy dresses are just do damn cute.

But UPS and Liz Claiborne’s speedy shipping (which was free!) endeavored to give me more options, this time with fuller skirts that conceal hidden pockets! These dresses are also a little roomier on top, but they looked good when I modeled them in a lunchtime fashion show in the ladies room at work. What to do! Bring them all and I’ll figure it out Saturday morning in my hotel room? Or pull the trigger tonight while I’m packing (and wondering why mousse doesn’t come in travel size cans).

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