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in long respect and affection

Untitled (for you, Leo, in long respect and affection) 3, Dan Flavin

How I know I am getting old:

  1. Sometimes I forget words. I like to think that my brain is just tossing old information for all the new information I’m gathering all the time but I think we know better. Although I remember that I forgot the word “dumpster” quite a few years ago so maybe it’s not aging and just my brain thinking “You know what’s an unattractive word? Dumpster. Jasmine, let’s come up with something prettier than that.” Continue reading


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lazy linkage listicle

DISGRASIAN™ couldn’t settle on one DISGRASIAN™ OF THE WEAK so they picked ten. [DISGRASIAN™]

This week’s featured wedding for the Vows column of the Times Weddings/Celebrations section is, well… Let me know what you think. [New York Times]

“If you’re not originally from Chicago, what was it that made you move here?” I think what’ I’d like to see as a follow-up is “What was it that compelled you to stay?” [Gapers Block – Fuel]

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Paris leftovers

beautiful pastries at Aux Désirs de Manon

I promise this is my last blog post about Paris. Well, last one for today. Which seems strange to say in the morning but there you go. This is really just a lazy list of random thoughts/feelings/suggestions inspired by my trip. Actually inspired by the question I seem to be getting the most about my trip, which is “What did you like best?” Where do I begin to answer that question? Continue reading


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recent events in pictures

9/7/09 – Lincoln Park Zoo:

  • I rarely if ever take pictures of myself.
  • The weather was perfect.
  • The penguin house was really crowded and unpleasant and smelly. I’m talking about the people, of course. I wish the birds had a bigger, better place to live.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

9/12/09 – Bruce’s Memorial Service & After-Party

  • Bruce was a pagan, so the service was a celebration of his faith.
  • This celebration included puppets. Alas, my pictures didn’t come out. Stupid iPhone.
  • The puppet that represented Bruce was a butterfly wearing a tiny black fedora like the one he wore in life.
  • Afterwards, there really was no where else to go buy Jimmy’s.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

9/18/09 – Pizza Night

  • I love pizza night.
  • I love Khloé, Jeff, and Coco.
  • We talked about our upcoming trip to Paris.
  • Khloé suggested a day trip to Brussels
  • Khloé always has good ideas.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Summer of ’09

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I think at some point I’m going to write a single blog post recapping my entire summer. Maybe I will split it into, like, individual posts. Below is a rough-ass outline. You may have already seen the pictures.

  • Memorial Day Weekend!
    • Kevin and Gabe visit!
    • Kathy has a barbecue
  • U of C reunion weekend!
    • Nick and Nadine take me to Schwa. Holy shit.
  • July 4th/vacation
    • Maria crashes my staycation!
    • My parents visit for a weekend
  • Christine & Marshall’s wedding in Ohio
    • detour to Michigan casino
    • detour to South Bend, IN to see “Touchdown Jesus”
  • BlogHer ’09
    • Liz Henry is a great roommate
    • Poppy Buxom throws a killer party
    • amazing panels!
  • Olivia and Emmanuel’s wedding in Philadelphia
  • The Dunes
  • Bruce’s memorial service

And so on and so forth. So while I prepare and procrastinate, please enjoy this set of pictures.

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the things i would do to get these shoes which i cannot afford

These gorgeous Belle by Sigerson Morrison sandals cost $278.95, according to the friendly people at Zappos.com. That’s money I could spend on, I dunno, bills. A funny thing coming from someone who, oh, keeps a shopping blog, but there you are.

So I came up with a list of ways I could raise the money to buy these gorgeous gold sandals that may as well as “Summer” stamped across their foreheads (if shoes could have foreheads):

  1. Bake sale!
  2. Win lotto.
  3. Sell eggs.
  4. Sell off collection of Hello Kitty handbags.
  5. Get part-time job.
  6. Become a golddigger and get some nice rich man to buy them for meeeee.


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weird and/or totally cool shite y'all should go out and buy for me me me

  • Bubbies: I was buying organic eggs and whole wheat pasta at Whole Paycheck when I saw Bubbies Mochi in the ice cream case. Did I buy some? No. Why not? ‘Cos I’m a sucker. I mean, I *love* me some mochi but I eschewed it because I thought I should behave myself. Whatevs — behaving is for suckers.
  • Custom dinnerware from Pfz: I have to confess that I saw this in the September issue of Glamour. It’s still rad. I want to get myself monogrammed plates that say RAD or ASS on them. Because I’m totally fourteen years old.
  • Cool or unusual Beatles covers: A quick composer search for “Lennon” or “McCartney” or “George Harrison” yields not one but FIVE Beatles and John Lennon covers by Barbra Streisand. Joe Cocker’s soulful take on “With A Little Help From My Friends”. My recommendation for something weird would be to get her vaudeville-tastic version of “Honey Pie” for when you’re in a mood. Of course, nothing could ever beat William Shatner’s “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” — classic. But I think, though, that the best one by far is Earth Wind & Fire’s “Got to Get You into My Life” — superior to the original Beatles version, and on daily rotation on my iPod.
  • Sweet Action: When I was having dinner at Andreas’s house last week in Philadelphia, Nadine, Olivia, and I got to talking about things you shouldn’t do past a certain age. Like dating guys who are 20 when you’re on the cusp of 30. Shopping at Urban Outfitters. Drink any Coke product that isn’t sweetened with Splenda. I’m cool with boycotting Urban, and letting sugar substitutes dictate what I put in my mouth, but I don’t know about not messing with those younger men. Olivia didn’t think it would work. Whatever. I think that as we age there is inifinitely more shit that we can get away with than not, and hot sex with younger men will always be at the top of that list. But for those of us unwilling to take the plunge (but still perfectly willing to read all about it), there is Sweet Action. Was there ever a better name for anything, let alone a magazine full of pictures of cute naked guys? If you can’t find it at the comic book or underwear store near you (or can’t bear to be seen buying it, you pussy), buy it on-line at Quimby’s.
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    news from the flip front 278: one-night stand

    Jasmine’s list of right-ons 2003

    1. travel-size candles from redflowerworld.com (french lavender and japanese peony are my personal favorites)

    2. unexpected phone calls from friends and family, usually when I can’t talk but I do anyway (dad, seema, andrew)

    3. unexpected but thoroughly appreciated letters and cards – I love getting proper mail

    4. naps – I’ve said time and time again that I hate naps because I hate waking up afterwards and feeling as though I’ve missed out on something. well, i’m being converted – for example, i had the afternoon off on friday and so i slipped home and dozed in front of Lifetime television’s marathon of some of my favorite movies (Co-Ed Callgirl, Death of A Cheerleader, She Woke Up Pregnant) and woke up refreshed (though a bit dazed)

    5. L.T.D.’s most perfect song “(Everytime I Turn Around) Back in Love Again”

    6. something my mom used to say when I would misbehave: “you make the
    baby jesus cry!”

    7. mystery presents – one of my favorite game shows as a kid was “Let’s Make A Deal”, because I loved seeing what was lurking behind door number three

    8. the theme to “The Benny Hill Show”

    9. rediscovering The Cure – as South Park’s Kyle yells to Robert Smith after Mr. Smith has saved the world from Mega-Streisand, “‘Disintegration’ is the best album ever!” Okay, maybe the best Cure album — I can’t make up my mind about the best album ever, because everytime I settle down and say “Okay, for real you guys, this time it’s ‘I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You'” I then change my mind and say it’s actually . . .

    10. The Smiths’ “The Queen Is Dead” – wow. This record always blows me away. Everytime I put it on, I go a bit cross-eyed in a really good way.

    11. Etiquette – my flatulent co-worker has been especially so lately. Whatever. The smell usually dissipates. I just wish she’d acknowledge with a quick “Excuse me” instead of letting the smell sit in silent but deadly acridity in the vicinity of my cubicle.

    12. baby ducks – I know it was on the last list, and it’s on this list, too, because baby ducks are awesome

    13. superstition

    14. California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas – cheap and delicious (much like me, mwa ha ha ha ha)

    15. Kir Royale

    16. Twee song lyrics – example? “I Know It’s Over” by The Smiths (‘loud loutish lover, treat her kindly, for she needs you more than she loves you’) or The Cure’s “10:15 Saturday Night” (‘And I’m crying for yesterday and the tap drips drip drip’). Nothing like a sickly British pop singer to make me feel better about myself.

    17. the awesome turn-of-the-century chandeliers at Maria’s friend’s Aaron’s apartment – I’ll try to take pictures if I visit his place again. They were very groovy – wired for electricity, and decorated with bronze leaves and vines and flowers.

    18. “Degrassi: The Next Generation” – Maria thinks I’m evil for getting Kevin hooked on this Canadian teenage melodrama, but I do not care. For those of you who do not live in Canada or Australia, or don’t have access to The N (the pre-teen version of the Noggin channel), show info and such can be found on-line at http://www.the-n.com/ntv/degrassi/ and http://www.degrassi.tv.

    19. the video for Alicia Keys “You Don’t Know My Name”

    20. List-making – I actually own multiple pads of paper that are long and skinny, perfect for making lists like:

    a. groceries
    b. CDs to buy
    c. movies to see
    d. boys to ogle
    e. cakes to bake
    f. people to whom I still owe brownies for helping me move
    g. places to visit:
    i. ANWAR
    ii. Legoland in San Diego
    iii. Canary Islands
    iv. Reykjavik

    21. jazz drummers – who’s cooler than them?

    22. Polaroid cameras – not just for Andre 3000 anymore

    23. Christmas decorations on the bus

    24. complicated dances from the 60s like the Madison

    25. the Jimmy Choo “Lolly” evening sandal

    26. porterhouse steaks

    27. good posture

    28. my personality as captured in inanimate objects, such as this ashtray (which I actually do own): http://www.orangeskin.com/product.php?pid=161&key=ashtray

    29. this t-shirt: http://www.simplyvintage.com/graphics/10004.jpg

    30. chocolate-banana milkshakes – each flavor by itself is alright, but together? yummy.

    31. t-shirts with elbow-length sleeves – I always push up full-length sleeves, and lately my short-sleeved t-shirts are too drafty

    32. Indian summer – warm weather, but with that autumnal crispness that makes me want to put on my old school uniform and go jumping into piles of leaves

    33. early spring (which never happens in Chicago, so go figure)

    34. Harold’s chicken – Kathy’s right about the chicken tasting better at older franchises where the grease is older, but any Harold’s is better than no Harold’s at all

    35. butterfly kicks – I saw Hal Sparks of “Queer As Folk” do one on Craig Kilborn last week, which almost made me forgive all the ridicule he heaped upon The Smiths

    36. coconut fried shrimp – *drool*

    37. shrimp, in general – see above

    38. treehouses – never had one. In the Philippines, there are a lot of trees on my paternal grandparents’ property, but I wasn’t allowed to climb up. My dad says that growing up, he and his friends would climb on the roof and pick kalamansi off the nearby trees . . . to throw at people in the street. Ooh, my dad was a delinquent. But back to the treehouse – I would love to have one now, built a little built smaller than life-size, with a ladder, a trapdoor, and a lookout spot for intruders.

    39. paillettes

    40. New Year’s Eve – a great holiday, though I always feel like I can’t enjoy it properly as I’ve never been one for letting go of the past. I like to brood, dammit.

    The Black Eyed Peas – Shut Up; The Hives – Die All Right!; Hall & Oates – Maneater


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    news from the flip front 183: teflon dawn

    What’s Good (not to be confused with my Right-On’s, which needs to be updated anyway)

    1. A Seabreeze made with tequila instead of vodka
    2. The “Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 2” DVD, which came out today (I don’t have it yet, as Maria is ordering it for me from CostCo).
    3. Boys who wear glasses
    4. Pedicures Continue reading

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    53: Jasmine’s Right-On Guide to Life

    Note: Psst.This is Jasmine from the future (present?) posting old flip fronts. Okay, bye! Originally sent as an e-mail to my friends/subscribers on February 9, 2001, I’m actually posting this on April 9, 2010.

    It’s not like it’s been the worst week of my life, but nothing really exciting has happened to me in a long time. My life is fairly even right now. Neither here nor there, I’ve been coasting along waiting for the next best thing. Celi got asked to dance at a club last weekend by a really hot half Ecuadoran, half Guatemalan guy. And by the time you read this, Kevin will be in South Africa visiting Michael. There is Amy, who quit her job and moved to London to live with her man. And enough due cannot be given Jacinda and Andrea, who both quit their shitty jobs in the last two weeks.

    Continue reading

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