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ten for tuesday: instagram edition

it's a pulled pork pie with a pastry pig

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Look at this pulled pork pot pie. It has wee pastry pig on top of it. It was delicious!

Patrick and @carly_l_o

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This is Patrick and Carly. We hung out at a live lit/storytelling event last week.


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This is my friend Sam. Her eyeglasses game is strong.


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This is my friend Lisa. She threw a super fun 10th anniversary party for Chicagoist, the blog of which is she Associate Editor. Lisa has amazing hair and is an incredible person.

mwahahaha #meowypoppins #catcircle

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I looked after the cats of some friends last week. On our last night together, I made cat circles. I think the circles were just a little too big. The cats were indifferent.

The pep band plays a song near and dear to my heart #uchicagohc

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This is the U of C pep band playing “Livin’ on A Prayer” at Homecoming last weekend. There were corn dogs and temporary tattoos and walking tacos and grilled meat and a football game and lots of beer. It was super fun.

the audience of #20x2Chi

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These are the insanely attractive people who showed up for 20×2 Chicago at Schubas.

longganisa and bangus and everything in between #unclemikesplace #filipinofood #zomato

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Carly and I went to Uncle Mike’s Place for Filipino breakfast on Sunday. It’s one of our things. We’re trying to get a lot of things in before she moves to Algonquin and our new thing becomes going to Culver’s (OMG I hope this happens).

favorite place to be alone in Chicago?

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One of the places I go to be alone in Chicago (if only for a few minutes) is a car on the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier.

Not sure why but I thought this would be a scrim that appealed to @commanderrobot #lyricopera

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I saw Il Trovatore at the Lyrica Opera last night. This is the crazy-looking scrim.


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cat and @lisawhite1213 are friends

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I stocked the freezer with wings and tater tots, but I forgot to get more stuff to drink. I made spinach balls Friday night, two cookie sheets worth that went into the fridge to set. I made sure my bathing suit was dry, and asked the lovely doorman to send up my trio of guests when they arrived.

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poolside with Lisa and Jasmine

I’m cat-sitting in Streeterville until early next week. The cats live in a high-rise near Navy Pier, a high-rise that has a pool. A POOL, Y’ALL.

I put off using the pool until last night, when Lisa came over for swimming, burgers, and fireworks. Lisa can actually swim, unlike me, who half-assed my way through the swim test at my alma mater (PS they got rid of it lat year). Lisa tried to show me how to do my legs correctly. But every time I tried to corkscrew my legs in a similar fashion, my old ass would cramp and I’d go back to bobbing about.

We caught up on her job search, her recent visit home to look after an ailing parent. I regaled her with stories from high school. Which I seem to be doing a lot of lately. Which tells me I need to do more interesting shit, or I am truly turning into an old lady who can’t remember her PIN sometimes but remembers overnight choir trips from over 20 years ago.

I guess this is me returning to regular blogging about my life. Remember when I used to do that? I was reading old blog posts earlier, and I was immediately struck by a few things:

  1. How poorly written they were. I mean REALLY.
  2. They’re still pretty funny when I actually tell the story, instead of trying to use dumb jokes to make them seem wackier.
  3. I could not be bothered to come up with pseudonyms for anybody.
  4. I think I miss smoking.
  5. I totally miss karaoke. I need to get back to doing that.

My brother blogs everyday, usually about when he woke up, what he ate, when he poops, and what he watched on television. He’s one of the most consistent bloggers I know. Sometimes he is downright inspired, especially when he writes trip reports or, on more sober occasions, about the passing of family members. If I can get him to write a guest post, I will make sure he makes it funny or gross or (hopefully) both.

Note: I’m doing this because Luvvie told me to. Well, not me, explicitly, but I’m answering the #31WriteNow call.

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pigs, printers, and pudus

Thursday, July 29

I put on a sundress and went to the Art Institute after work for a Gapers Block/Explore Chicago meetup. Admission to the museum is free Thursday evenings, from 5:30 until closing time at 8:00. If I’d known members could just cruise in and bypass the line, I would have done so. But the guards managing the line looked so stern. I didn’t want to bother them.

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Saturday happened

Reynolds & Rock – the view from Westgrand Studios

I didn’t leave myself time to blog for #NaBloPoMo yesterday, and so I woke up this morning feeling all contrite. Also slightly dazed and feeling hungover after Eddie and Lisa’s wedding last night.

My bedside lamp was still on this morning. I didn’t wash off all my makeup. I was able to remove my contacts but that was all I could manage before visions of white gowns and twinkly lights (the loft where the wedding and reception took place was decorated in just white candles and lights and it was GORGEOUS) danced in my head. Keep in mind, I didn’t drink but one glass of white wine. But I had quite a bit of regular Coke to drink instead of diet, and a piece of wedding cake. I bet my pancreas just loved that.

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