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lechon, Time Out, Obama, and "The Other Obama"

Lechon: It’s What I’m Thankful For: Reading old posts on my newest favorite food blog, I laughed out loud at this: “Don’t you just love the tri-compartment styrofoam plate?  Or as I like to call it, “The Filipino Coat of Arms”. [Burnt Lumpia]

Get your Phil: Yes, I wrote another piece for TOC, this time on Queen-Albert’s, Chicago’s only Filipino bar. [Time Out Chicago]

Barack Obama: He’s Just Like Us!: Hilarious! GOOOOOOOOOBAMA! [US Weekly]

The Other Obama: “Michelle Obama and the politics of candor.” [The New Yorker]


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Lent > Day 2 > back to work

I had a can of clam chowder for dinner last night. Eek. It was kinda gross. I think I need to find a restaurant that serves the good stuff, or at least learn how to make it myself. And how long until Sunday?

Oh, and some links:

  • Wheeling man cited for roasting pigs outside after story on Filipino tradition [Chicago Tribune via Chicagoist]: All I got to say is “No justice! No peace! No pork!”
  • Strange Times, and Pigging Out at the Oinkster [Burnt Lumpia]: Found this guy’s blog via his stream on Biggest Menu — his pictures and posts are fabulously detailed for a food enthusiast like moi.

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