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merrily we move along

After the great pumpkin caper that was Sunday at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm, I tried to convince Joe to just drop me off at the Green line or the Harlem bus stop so I could get myself home. But neither he nor Jacinda were trying to hear it, so they drove me home anyway.

We ended up having dinner together at the Melrose Diner, where Little H amused herself by finding all the corn kernels from the corn box that found their way into her jacket, pouring them onto a bread plate, and then occasionally pouring a few into her mother’s hand before insisting Jacinda drop them back onto the plate.

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last Friday night: Cole’s

"tamale guy for alderman"

I think this is a campaign everyone can get behind.

I spotted this graffiti in the ladies room at Cole’s. Cole’s is a bar in Logan Square that has cheap beer, a pool table, and a back room for bands to play in.

Officially, I was at Cole’s to see a band featuring a college pal of mine, Jacinda, and Joe’s. Unofficially, I was there to gossip with Jacinda on a rare night out for the both of us together. I figured if she and Joe could find a sitter (read: grandma, who lives two blocks away from Cole’s) then the least I could is put on some pants and meet them for a drink. Continue reading

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a child’s Christmas in Forest Park

tiny paparazza

The thing I like about spending Christmas with Joe and Jacinda and Jacinda’s family is that I feel like family, too. I’d always feel guilty about wanting to spend Christmas with them, but who wouldn’t? They’re funny and only slightly nuts like all good families are and at Christmas dinner you can have as much shrimp cocktail as you want. I think I needed all of that, this year especially, what with the not having a job and all.

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fun house

Andrew will thumb wrestle you to the ground.

Andrew will thumb wrestle you to the ground.

Yesterday was my friend Andrew’s birthday. Rozi invited me over for dinner to surprise him. She invited Joe, Jacinda, and Hyacinth as well, so it would be a little party for the birthday boy.

I took the Metra with Rozi up to their house in Evanston, stopping at Tag’s Bakery to pick up a mini birthday cake and two cupcakes for dessert.

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hang with me

Can we just take a minute to watch this video and marvel at how wonderful this song is?

Okay, take another minute. It’s so worth it.

I think by now you’re probably wondering what I did this weekend, so let’s begin.

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girls day out

Crossing the bridge

Sliding the slide


hanging in there

Little girl, big drink.


stroller derby

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happy birthday, Coco!

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spring lambs

I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

I spent Easter Sunday morning in near indolence. I think I did eventually shower, and put on a clean dress. It was a nice day, but not nearly as gorgeous weather-wise as the Thursday and Friday before it. I meandered around Millennium Park with Khloé and Jeff and their baby, and Joe and Jacinda and their baby. Mainly we strolled while talking about grown-up topics like real estate and schools until it started raining, storming in fact, and we ended up at The Gage for a snack.

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5 years: Jacinda & Joe

Still writing
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Happy anniversary to Jacinda & Joe! 5 years of marriage, almost 10 years as a couple.

Um, I totally didn’t get you anything. But you know I love you guys, right? You do. Before you get all weepy, let’s get all reminiscent:

Jacinda’s mom had booked appointments for us at the Aveda Institute in Lincoln Park, where a stylist put up most of my hair, leaving some of it down. She curled it all, pinning loops and ringlets above my neck. For a few minutes, before she pulled back some tendrils, I looked like I was about to dance the night away at somebody’s junior prom. It wasn’t good, but then it was good, and I felt kinda like a slutty Imelda Marcos, or that I had just finished performing in “South Pacific”. When I got back to the hotel and put on my outfit, I noticed how my tan lines just looked like I was wearing an undershirt, but it was too late to do anything. Jacinda thought I looked hot, which is really what counted. Oh, and she looked pretty good herself. Um, yeah — gorgeous, huh? She stopped everybody in the lobby, she was so beautiful.

The drive down to Bond Chapel was uneventful. Once we got there, Jacinda didn’t want anybody to see her before she had to sign the ketubah. So we hung out in the doorway of Swift Hall while we watched people walk up: Joe and Seema; Andrew, Rozi, and Foster; Bruce and Joan. Nora parked the car, and Jacinda, her mother, and I walked around to a side door where Jacinda asked us to adjust the flowerpots that held the chuppah aloft. Then there was some confusion and some stuff and I hung out at the main entrance of the church, smelled my flowers, and waited. My feet were killing me, but my shoes were fierce. We bridesmaids and groomsmen cracked jokes while Joe and Jacinda signed, then their parents and witnesses. And then they were outside with us, we formed our lines, and then Joe’s bandmates began to play ‘Jacinda’s Wedding Sonata’. As the Uhlmann boys started down the aisle, then Claire and Frank, and then me and Kissel. And then down the aisle we went.

Kissel and I made it up to the altar without me falling off my shoes and knocking him into the Uhlmanns. I clasped my flowers in my hands, turned to face the aisle as Joe’s parents walked him down the aisle. Then everybody stood, and Jacinda floated in on the arms of her mother and her grandmother. We all faced the couple, and the officiant began. The readings were from Corinthians and from the Song of Solomon. Joe and Jacinda recited their vows, drank some wine from the ceremonial glass. I looked at Claire, who looked lost in thought, and at Frank who looked satisfied in a daffy sort of way. The officiant read from their ketubah, pronounced them man and wife. Becky handed me her bouquet so she could wrap a glass in a cloth, and then place it on the ground for Joe to step on. Smash, and the ceremony was over. Joe and Jacinda kissed, and we marched back down the aisle. Jacinda and her mother and sister immediately began to cry as they hugged each other. At least, that’s how I remembered it. Or maybe the tears started once Jacinda’s mother stepped outside and I just about caught her in my arms.

Guests streamed outside, blowing bubbles and fanning themselves as Jacinda and Joe posed for a few pictures. I found my cheering section, who all seemed to agree that with the fabric flower in my hair I could be starring in a revial of ‘South Pacific’. As guests started walking towards Ida Noyes Hall for the reception, the wedding party wandered up to the Botany Pond for pictures. The Botany Pond was, of course, covered in plastic mesh and wooden frames as it was being rebuilt. So off to some nice trees and ivy behind Kent Hall, then back to Ida for the reception, where we followed the sound of the guests as they guzzled wine and beer and Champagne and snacked on cheese.

Ran into more people, like Jacinda’s boss, whose name I could not remember, and who is dating my college BA reader. Also, everybody from the rehearsal dinner, and Dan Meltz’s parents, and co-workers, and my date Thom, who relieved me of my three gazillion purses and kept them with him as the reception began and I socialized while I waited for the buffet line to get shorter. It was a bit warm, hot even, but the reception space had two balconies, where I’d nip out for a quick cigarette and a chat. Drank a great deal of Champagne, then it was time for cake and kisses and toasts. I don’t remember what I said, but the gist of it was that I’m the person people would say is responsible for Joe and Jacinda meeting and getting together. And I’m glad to assume that blame, excuse me, that honor. So my toast said something to that effect. And maybe I hammed it up a smidge, but I’ve always found the spotlight just a bit alluring. A DJ had been playing music all evening, but the dancing didn’t get going until 10 or so, when Joe and Jacinda danced to a recording of Joe singing Big Star’s “Watch The Sunrise”. And then everybody danced when Jacinda motioned for us to join them. A few more dances, and when the strains of “Hava Nagila” filled the air, we began to circle around, put Jacinda and Joe in chairs and lifted them over our shoulders as we danced below and held them closer to the light.

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The B-G’s at work

The Bauman-Goldbergs at work
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Jacinda and Hyacinth stopped by the office today. Too freakin’ cute.

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