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pressing the mind grapes: Texas belt buckle

Designer Alexander Wang thought the movie White Girls was “genius”. [Teen Vogue]

These raw-cut rings kind of gross me out. They remind me of when you squeeze a really gross spot on your face. Not that I ever do such a thing. Anymore. [Best Bets]

I love the I Love Maker [ILoveMaker.com]

Not sure I’d stay in a hostel when travelling (I like to spoil myself when possible) but Gadling has some tips on what to look for in an excellent hostel. I would guess that any hostel advertising itself as inspiring to or inspired by those Hostel movies would not be on the list.[Gadling]

I wish I’d gone to BlogHer ’10 this year. Hoping to read more about Flat Jasmine‘s antics from Rachel soon. In the meantime, there are some Twitpics! [Twitpic/talesofrachel]

“I’ve got a big Texas belt buckle! Yee haw!” Oh Lane Pryce, when I didn’t think I could love you more. [S4E3 – Mad Men – “The Good News” – The A.V. Club recap]

So, is a “Texas belt buckle” a thing? EW! [Urban Dictionary]


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Before I met Elisa and Kelly for brunch at The Southern yesterday, I stopped J. Crew and bought my birthday present. My birthday isn’t until the end of the month, but I also wanted something cute to wear to Nite’s Oscars party that evening.

I bought this:

J. Crew crystal web necklace

I think the present to myself part about this purchase was not the piece itself so much as that I didn’t use a coupon (I didn’t have any anyway) or try to get somebody to buy it for me. Yes, folks, my gift to myself is buying something at full retail price. Continue reading

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i likey: Kate Spade “I Dare You” Bracelet

I saw this bracelet over at That Black Girl Site and was immediately charmed. I agree with TBG when she says “[t]his delicate, gold-plated number is a reminder that we need to be bold.”

It could also come in pretty handy when playing Truth Or Dare. Which is a game I still play in my thirties, of course.

I think it is girlish but not especially twee, which is what I prefer when it comes to, well, just about anything. It is also adorable, relatively inexpensive ($65), and a great gift for someone like, say, me. Just saying.

Kate Spade “I Dare You” Bracelet [KateSpade.com]

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summer into fall: the perfect pair

Aren’t these earrings the best? They’re feather light but significant — real grown-up jewelry (with the price tag to prove it, alas) that isn’t fussy, heavy, or elaborate. I wonder if Claire’s makes a more reasonably-priced copy version?

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cross my heart, hope to…?

The carcass of Christmas ’05 is barely in the ground, and the folks at my local Target have already moved on to Valentine’s Day. Behind the rows of deeply discounted Christmas wrapping paper, synthetic wreaths, and advent calendars lay pink heart-shaped pillows made of fake fur. And that was the classy shit.

I’ve never had a boyfriend, let alone a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. This isn’t my least favorite holiday, but I don’t look forward to it particularly, either. I usually spend the day with my similarly single pals, proclaiming our independence with delicious food and wine. But I’m not ashamed to say that for once I would like to celebrate the holiday with some degree of non-ironic sentiment. I’d like to get a Valentine’s Day card who is actually interested in getting in my pants, sob.

But before I take myself too seriously, let’s take a look at this lovely locket. Brought to us by the always tasteful Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Red Heart Locket was designed after “an engraved niello ornament that appears in a Renaissance book in the Museum’s collection.” The Niello technique and look was popular not only during the Dutch Renaissance, but also in the Victorian era. A history which, I think, speaks as a testament to this lockets classic, romantic style.

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no place like rome

My lovely pal Adrienne took me to a screening of HBO’s new series Rome. Holy shit. The show is awesome. I haven’t seen this much gore, political intrigue, and rough sex since Oz left the air in 2003. This could be the second coming of Dynasty but even better as it services the secret ancient civ geek that resides deep within the heart of me.

These Roman Filigree Wire Earrings, another gorgeous yet reasonably priced offering from the paradigm of museum shops that is the Met Museum Store, should satisfy that desire to wear my hair in ringlets and swish about town in an elaborate toga and the flattest sandals I can find. Much better for my fallen arches, too.

So as long as I’m getting these earrings, how easy do you think it would be for me to find some gorgeous youth to feed me grapes as I watch my new favorite show?

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Paris, City of . . . Tweenage Costume Jewelry?

[picture from amazon.com]An heiress, then a model then an actress (and accidental porn starlet). With her memoir out and an album on the way, what else can Paris Hilton turn her attention to? Jewelry, apparently, and ugly overpriced jewelry at that!

I would have thought that given the millions she is supposedly heir to that Miss Hilton wouldn’t waste her time wearing beaded jewelry. And yet here she is modelling star-shaped hoop earrings, and a sterling silver multi-cross necklace, all of which you can find at Claire’s Accessories at a much better price (though without the possibility that you might contract a social disease after a few wearings.

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