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Where’s Jeff?

Where's Jeff?

One of these things is not like the other.


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mild pug

And the debauchery begins....NOW by jeff.ramone

Jeff‘s birthday was earlier this week. He reserved some tables and got drink specials at Wild Pug last night. The wristbands had cute skull and crossbones. I got one though I did not drink, because I believe in being well accessorized. I should have had some water at least, as it was hot and humid and I was full of Greek food (more on that later).

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feast of the consumption

Friday, June 18: I took the day off to go to the funeral. I attended breakfast with the family, the wake, and then the service itself. Yes, I checked into the church on Foursquare. Cynthia and her daughter Ariel wore purple, while Jerad sported a purple tie and a natty straw fedora. I thought maybe it was because it had been her mother’s favorite color, but she said it was just because her mom was buried wearing a suit with a purple blouse, and she thought it would look nice on the family. She was right.

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“and then there was krumping”

For the first time in a long while, my usual crew of film-going cohorts were all present and accounted for at last night’s screening of Alice in Wonderland in 3-D at the Navy Pier IMAX theater. Alissa and Jon, Nite and Jeff, Elisa and me. We were all lucky to be on the Ain’t It Cool News RSVP list for the screening (thanks, Steve!). Well, us and several hundred other people. Seriously! It was insane!

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countdown to New Year’s Eve

So Khloé and Jeff invited me to join them in Paris for New Year’s Eve. I am going. I just bought my plane ticket, and am going to hand over a check for my share of the lodging (an apartment in Le Marais) shortly.

I’ve been to Paris before, but that was a long time ago. Like, sixteen years ago. I imagine some things have changed since August of 1993. I can’t wait to see it all for myself. I look forward to doing all the stuff I forgot to do the last time I visited, like visit the Eiffel Tower. I may have to stop myself, though, from engaging in twee, adorable activities inspired by Amélie like skipping stones across the Canal Saint-Martin. It’s cute when someone who looks like Audrey Tatou does it in a movie, though.

The map displayed above is a work in progress, a map of attractions, shops, and (most importantly) restaurants and food purveyors that Khloé put together. She’s been a bunch of times. It also helps that she speaks French fluently, so I hope I can count on her to keep me from paying too much if and when I go crazy buying stuff at Longchamp.

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game night @ Nite’s

@jasmined & @alissas go Wii bowling on Twitpic
Jasmine & Alissas go Wii bowling

Nite and Jeff hosted a game night at Nite’s condo. I figured the boys would order pizza (mmm, Domino’s) but as I’m actually trying to manage my diabetes instead of ignoring it (and then wondering why some bruises on my leg never seem to heal), I brought some roast chicken and a salad to eat.

Anyway, Alissa and I bowled against Jon and Tony. We won! Hurray! These are our avatars. Jeff created Alissa’s avatar, pictured right. She wanted the ugliest, craziest avatar he could conjure. I think it’s perfect, and that all of us who saw it tonight will have nightmares. Thanks, Jeff!

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scenes from Windy City Sweets

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicJeff does his best impersonation of Guy Blank

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

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the week that was

Monday, March 2: Free screening of “Last House on The Left”, which was totally fucked up but tense in a good way. Elisa was my guest. I had popcorn for dinner. I need to start packing food for these things. Or at least commit to having a movie hot dog and/or pretzel for supper. Continue reading

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notes on a new year's eve

Update: Here are my pictures from New Year’s Eve. These are Jeff’s.

The bitch is back. Sorta. This isn’t the big 2008 wrap-up I want to write eventually, just some notes on recent revelry. Yes, it’s a listicle, but no “best of” or “worst of”. Onward, bitches. Continue reading

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lazy sunday: muppet edition

Got up at 10:30.

Indolent until 12:30. Showered and dressed. Left 1:00 to get downtown. Arrived Gene Siskel to pick up tickets for “The Muppet Movie” at 2:00. Sold extra ticket to lady behind me on line after trying to give it to her. She insisted on paying me though I insisted I had no change. She gave me $5 and I admitted defeat. Jeff Y. arrived right before movie began. Movie began. Laughed arse off, but most especially at this scene featuring Steve Martin:

Movie ended around 3:40. Walked outside to find it snowing. Hello, winter.

Walked up to Big Bowl for late lunch/early dinner. Bathrooms at restaurant had Dyson Airblades — awesome. Took bus home. Ate strawberry cheesecake ice cream — nom nom nom. Watched Obamas on “60 Minutes”, “The Simpsons”. Shopped on-line for cold weather wardrobe staples — long underwear, SmartWool® socks, boots. Hello, winter.

Sleepy now.

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