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merrily we move along

After the great pumpkin caper that was Sunday at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm, I tried to convince Joe to just drop me off at the Green line or the Harlem bus stop so I could get myself home. But neither he nor Jacinda were trying to hear it, so they drove me home anyway.

We ended up having dinner together at the Melrose Diner, where Little H amused herself by finding all the corn kernels from the corn box that found their way into her jacket, pouring them onto a bread plate, and then occasionally pouring a few into her mother’s hand before insisting Jacinda drop them back onto the plate.

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last Friday night: Cole’s

"tamale guy for alderman"

I think this is a campaign everyone can get behind.

I spotted this graffiti in the ladies room at Cole’s. Cole’s is a bar in Logan Square that has cheap beer, a pool table, and a back room for bands to play in.

Officially, I was at Cole’s to see a band featuring a college pal of mine, Jacinda, and Joe’s. Unofficially, I was there to gossip with Jacinda on a rare night out for the both of us together. I figured if she and Joe could find a sitter (read: grandma, who lives two blocks away from Cole’s) then the least I could is put on some pants and meet them for a drink. Continue reading

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big wheel, big star

I <3 Chicago.

I ♥ Chicago.

I took the bus to Lincoln Park. I thought about going to the zoo, but it was positively overrun by school groups and families on spring break trips. I opted for a quick walk around the Nature Boardwalk instead.

After cruising around the boardwalk, I hopped on another bus and headed downtown. Continue reading

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jacinda and cynthia have a birthday*

jacinda & cynthia

Birthday girls? Birthday ladies!

The part that sucks most about no longer working where I used to work is that I no longer get to work with my friend Cynthia. She was my guru of all things QA when I first joined her group, and has always been a good friend. An amazing friend, really. I’m so lucky to know her, and her amazing family. Which reminds me: her daughter Ariel celebrates her birthday as well. I think it’s so sweet they share a birthday.

Of course, you all know how I feel about Jacinda. I’ve known this girl for over fifteen years. So many cigarettes and pints of ice cream and liters of Coca-Cola have marked the progression of our friendship. We don’t smoke anymore, and we haven’t lived together in years, but at least we still have junk food to cement our relationship as we meander into our mid-thirties.

Cynthia and Jacinda, I love you very much. And because I love you so much I’m going to post these very silly pictures of us now.


"I VISITED THE OINK BOOTH" (Minnesota State Fair, 2004)

Yes, we visited the oink booth. We were in the Twin Cities for Andrew and Rozi’s wedding. The Friday before the ceremony, we hit the Fair with the bride, the bridesmaids, and other lady pals for a bachelorette party.



There was this big red ball making the rounds of different landmarks in Chicago. It would be inflated to fit into or alongside various things like the Calder sculpture in Federal Plaza. Cynthia and I pretended like we were in an awesome monster movie, sacrificing ourselves so that the city might be protected from the horrors of the big red ball. Or something like that.

* Try reading that post title five times fast. Seriously.

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a child’s Christmas in Forest Park

tiny paparazza

The thing I like about spending Christmas with Joe and Jacinda and Jacinda’s family is that I feel like family, too. I’d always feel guilty about wanting to spend Christmas with them, but who wouldn’t? They’re funny and only slightly nuts like all good families are and at Christmas dinner you can have as much shrimp cocktail as you want. I think I needed all of that, this year especially, what with the not having a job and all.

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fun house

Andrew will thumb wrestle you to the ground.

Andrew will thumb wrestle you to the ground.

Yesterday was my friend Andrew’s birthday. Rozi invited me over for dinner to surprise him. She invited Joe, Jacinda, and Hyacinth as well, so it would be a little party for the birthday boy.

I took the Metra with Rozi up to their house in Evanston, stopping at Tag’s Bakery to pick up a mini birthday cake and two cupcakes for dessert.

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hang with me

Can we just take a minute to watch this video and marvel at how wonderful this song is?

Okay, take another minute. It’s so worth it.

I think by now you’re probably wondering what I did this weekend, so let’s begin.

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Call me Countess

I spent the day running errands — mailing a package to Amanda from the post office in Uptown, checking out the Lincoln Square Block Party in (duh) Lincoln Square, buying a pair of Wörishofer sandals after I read about them in Blackbook. I feel like I should be ashamed to buy a pair of sandals just because Blackbook liked them, but I am totally not. I found them at Salamander, where they were comfortable and adorable and, most importantly, on sale.

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girls day out

Crossing the bridge

Sliding the slide


hanging in there

Little girl, big drink.


stroller derby

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ladies night

In case you were wondering, my week 2 of Couch-to-5K was supposed to start Monday or Tuesday, then possibly end Saturday morning. Sadly, I’ve totally bagged this week for some reason so I’ll probably be restarting week 1 this coming Sunday. Please, no ridicule.

I think I might have been exhausted. Last weekend was crazy busy. So busy that I, um, have been slacking this week like I usually do. A run-down is below, so you can judge for yourself as to whether or not this week of sloth was, in fact, justified. I know the answer is probably no but hear me out!

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