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431: never was a cloudy day

I started Labor Day weekend by staying home the Friday night before the holiday. Instead of mixing and mingling with my fellow Gapers Block contributors, or saying goodbye to Stef with a girls’ night in sleepover, I stayed home. I watched bad television. I went to sleep early. Which is a good thing, as I went to Ikea the next day.

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Advent day 12: lap of luxury

I live in a studio, as you already know, and so I don’t have an office for my writing/blogging/reading needs. I don’t even have a living room, just a single room with a wee kitchen off to the side and a separate bathroom. Instead of a couch, I sit cross-legged on a corner of my bed or in an armchair from Ikea that I bought secondhand this summer for $60. Either way, I have to prop my MacBook on my lap, where it burns (how it burns) when it starts working hard to keep up with my genius.

So I need a desk-like contraption that can sit on or just above my lap so I can type away without singing my expanding thighs while I expound on whatever it is I like to write about. I’d love to make my own, as described by Ikea Hacker, but I tend to get nervous around saws and big knives. This aluminum laptop desk from ThinkGeek is adjustible, but lacks style. Instead, this CB2 bed tray may just do the trick: it’s heat-proof, it’s inexpensive, and it’s sleek without looking insignificant.

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289: fade to gray

I was at Ikea last Saturday morning, standing behind a woman who ordered a coke and a hot dog for breakfast. I couldn’t see how a woman could have a hot dog for breakfast, and didn’t see how it could be hypocritical of me to frown at her meal when I had eaten Swedish meatballs for breakfast earlier that morning myself. I’d been up since 8:30, so Maria and I could get an early start and get to Ikea long before the marauding hordes of Trixies and nuclear families showed up around lunch time to paw the curtains and fight over the last $100 futon chair with detachable snack tray.

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