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Michael Palin’s Diarist Dos and Don’ts

“A Dogged Diarist’s Dos and Don’ts of Diary Writing” by Michael Palin is going to become essential reading for me. It’s funny, it’s true, and, most importantly, it’s short!

Write every day. Diaries are all about habit. They should become a regular part of your day, like cleaning your teeth or going to the lavatory. And, if possible, just as interesting.



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tweet of the day

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from the "PNB New York Branch Survival Guide: Part 4

I stumbled across the guide while researching some stuff on documentation, etc. Lots of the information is useful as well as entertaining. Below is a list of things Filipinos should have in negotiating New York City. Read the rest of Part 4 here.

  • a keen sense of the absurd; a high sense of humor; resilience, spontaneity, stamina; a healthy suspicion of all developmental activity, combined with a commitment to preserving the best of the past without jeopardizing the future; discretion and good manners; a network of caring friends and compatriots; a friendly doorman, mailman, banker; a loyal, responsible contractor, eye doctor, hairdresser, seamstress; an answering machine that takes messages but does not dish out sermons or whimsical entertainment; at least three favorite bookshops; someone to watch over you.
  • the ability to appear to do several things at the same time, forgive but not forget, read everything you can, believe that you can plan your happiness.
  • a love of true grit-the sounds, smells, sensuality of the streets.

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