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The Boobchelorette

On Tuesday night, I saw The Education of Dee Dee Ricks. The documentary follows Dee Dee Ricks through as she is diagnosed and is then treated for breast cancer. She has a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, and endures chemotherapy. She was lucky in that her cancer was diagnosed early, and she had the money to pay her medical bills when insurance coverage fell short. The story really got going when she began to consider the hardships for other women with breast cancer who don’t have her resources, and realized she could help them.

I cried and I laughed and then I cried again. At some point I leaned over and whispered to Jessi (or was it the other way around?) that we should get mammograms. Neither of us are 40 yet, the age at which it is recommended that women start getting annual mammograms. But is it ever too early to start?

Jessi thought we should make a party of it, to make it less scary. Get some girlfriends, rent a limo, go to Northwestern or another hospital or clinic, get our boobs smushed, then treat ourselves to a nice boozy lunch afterwards. I think I’m gonna call it our “boob-chelorette party”.

The Education of Dee Dee Ricks airs tonight (Thursday, October 27) on HBO at 8:30pm (Eastern).


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By The People

I just finished watching By The People: The Election of Barack Obama on HBO. It was pretty good. It reminded me of how much I lived and died by this past campaign. I did a lot of it in private, though, because while I think of myself as passionate about the electoral process I am pretty uninformed about politics. And I didn’t want to get too much into discourse even with my friends who are of the same political stripe, lest I degrade the conversation. Nobody wants to be the annoying newbie asking all the questions they should have asked during AP US history in high school. PS: I got a 3 on that particular AP test. See? I’m a lightweight.

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Business Time

No reason for posting, except that I really should do some work.

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30 seconds on "Recount"

  1. Thanks to Adrienne for getting me tickets to tonight’s special screening of “Recount”.
  2. Thanks to Sam for being my +1!
  3. Managed to shove some appetizers in my mouth before the screening began, thank goodness. Two words: free shrimp.
  4. Movie was hilarious, with some (perhaps unintentionally) music choices that made me and Sam think of “Law & Order”.
  5. Celebs in the house! Bob Balaban, who played Ben Ginsberg, and Danny Strong, who wrote the movie, were at the screening. Bob had bleached hair and was wearing a hoodie. Danny looked sharp in a nice suit.
  6. Waited for a bit after the movie to see if either I or Sam could screw up the courage and get our pictures taken with Danny. We didn’t, so we went for pancakes instead.
  7. Mmm, pancakes.
  8. Laura Dern was fantastic as Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris. Simply fantastic.
  9. Recount airs Memorial Day weekend on HBO. SEE IT.

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