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this week in asian: Disgaysian?

So when I’m not plotting how best to blog about the last six months of my life, I’m e-mailing the ladies at Disgrasian™ little comments and whatnot. Because they’re hilarious and spot-on and, most importantly, they think I’m funny. Anyway, after this week’s episode of “Project Runway” — you know, the one that most of y’all might refer to as the one with Tiki Barber where Carmen got cut — I had to e-mail Jen Disgrasian about contestant Christian’s reaction to Ginny Barber, Tiki’s wife, who stopped by the workroom to give the designers feedback on their creations:

In came this faaaaabulous asian woman. Who is so tan and gorgeous. I love Asians. Asians are fierce.

And my initial reaction was:

I was all “Dude, YES.”

There was another reader who responded thusly:

“There was a DISGRASIAN moment last night when Ginny arrived for some nonsense in the studio, prompting the twerpy Christian (who looks like Road Runner on PCP) to say something mindless like ‘I love Asians!’…the whole notion of fierceness as applied to anything other than giant cats in the wild seems thoroughly bankrupt.”

To which I respond: “Dude, YES.” I’m so conflicted! Continue reading


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this week in Asian: they're MODELS!

Gawker got to the bottom of the HaraGossip Girl mystery — turns out they’re models. An anonymous Jezebel reader, who had (unsuccessfully) auditioned for the show had this to report:

They were actually the funniest part of the show – they had these totally bizarre three line conversations at the end of each scene. Unfortunately, for those of us who went in 19 times for every part on the show and ended up coming down to the very end for those roles, the network decided that they had to go “ethnic,” and they claimed couldn’t find any black or Asian girls who were funny, so they, at the last minute, cast models and decided to just make them sight gags. No joke.

‘Gossip Girl’ Insider Clears Up The Mystery of Black Girl And Asian Girl [Gawker]

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