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hung up

Hung up

So what is it? I got this from Adrienne a few weeks ago. It’s branded with the name/logo for the HBO series “Hung”. Though the program is about a man who works as an, um, professional gentleman friend for the ladies in his community, this object is not in any way related to his profession.

Give up? It’s a purse hook. You place the anchor on a tabletop or a bar, turning the hook s that it hangs underneath the edge. You then take your purse and hook the strap or straps over the hook, so that your purse doesn’t have to make contact with a potentially grungy floor.

I haven’t used this purse hook much yet but I plan to as I am trying to go out more. I may take pictures of it in use so you can see it’s genius at work.


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bags i have bought that i love

Sigh. Every time I get rid of stuff, I get more stuff. My apartment is officially a storage space for my shoes and handbags.

This must be why I am incapable of hating on Rachel Zoe like some folks seem to be doing. I see her studio where she works with her clients, and her own personal wardrobe, and I sigh, partly in recognition of a fellow hoarder (albeit a very organized one with more resources than I) but mostly out of jealousy. All those vintage gowns, yes, but the accessories? Holy balls, that’s some good stuff.

  • Le Pliage tote: Bought at Nordstrom last week. The tag identified the shade as Duck Blue, which seems to match ‘Bleuet’ on the web site.
  • Botkier for Target® Hobo Bag in Gold: Haven’t received this yet. My chief concern is that the gold will flake all over my wardrobe. Which shouldn’t be much of an issue as my wardrobe is mainly Old Navy but still.
  • Shiny Pack Cloth Duffel Bag from American Apparel in Smoke/Black: Bought this while my parents and Patrick were in town. Great overnight bag.
  • Mossimo® Pocket Tote in Ivory: Another bag from Target, specifically Mossimo®. It doesn’t look like leather in the slightest, but I love the soft structure. Though in the first couple of days of carrying this on my shoulder, I thought there was a loose grommet or an errant pin as it felt like it was sticking my shirt. Never found anything, and it feels okay now.

What cracks me up are the pictures of starlets that show up in tabloids, typically in a “stars are just like humans” feature, where the lady in question will be carrying a large bag in the crook of one arm. All the better to show it off, though I suspect also because she may be too weak to hoist it all the way to her shoulder. Oh, and the Blackberry carried in the palm of their scrawny hand, carried face up so they can see straightaway when they’ve gotten a text or an e-mail telling them what to do or where to go next.

But I’m getting away from bags. I think my next bag purchase will be to replace my Manhattan Portage bags (two DJ bags, gray) with one Danish Souperbag (as they’re known in the US), which I’ve been coveting since my days as a Beaver and I couldn’t convince my parents to indulge my desire to fit in with my fancy classmates. So lame, I know, but I still want a bag. I don’t know if I can trust that I’ll get a bag safely by sending in a check to Mr. John Reynolds (though his web site would seem to indicate that he’s dorky enough about the product to be relied upon) so I may just order from Blue Tree instead. No chance of ordering via the Danish manufacturer’s web site, either.

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couture meets craft in Hermès

If anyone wants me, I’ll be at my desk, making my own paper Hermès Kelly bags.

Want your own? Visit the Hermès US web site and click the “i want it! i’ll have it!” icon. Or just go straight to the directory of PDF files.

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Target haul

My new bag
Originally uploaded by jasmined

Got this bag for a measley $16.99 at Target. Also got 3 bottles of Method Hand Wash for $8.00, a Target-brand power toothbrush, and some cute Hanes hi-cut underwear.

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Ugly shoes, squirrels, and red ribbons

  • Ugly Shoes: A Brief History — I love the Shopping section of New York’s web site for inspired lists like this. Okay, maybe you don’t think it’s inspired, but I do. Also, while I enjoy this list, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve owned, worn, and (worst of all) enjoyed three of the styles. Can you guess which ones? [NYM]
  • FredFlare.com is featuring oodles of adorable new items. Which is their usual bag, I know, but the newest batch are so cute I could just lie down and die. Check out: a lint brush that looks like a squirrel; lip balm in the shape of petits fours; a tea light holder in the shape of a camp fire. Squee! [FredFlare.com]
  • I was going through old imported links from browsers I used to use, and found a link to Nam Kim’s site. How could I forget about a designer who makes such cute-ass bags? Stupid me. I should rectify this injustice by ordering a bag immediately, maybe the Red Ribbon Bag. [NamKim.com]

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Oh won't you be my bag?

Another candidate in the “Be Jasmine’s Fall ’05 Bag” sweepstakes.

Lovely neutral color. Sweet detailing in the clasp. It’s imported, having been “expertly” tanned in Norway (and lord knows I do love those Norwegians). And what doesn’t look better with a couple of flirty pink tassels? Normally I don’t dig on topstitching, as I think it tends to make things look cheap, but in this case it lends a bit of texture (and is not especially noticeable, besides). Most importantly, it looks like it would be up to the job of carrying my crap:

  • mp3 player
  • digital camera
  • mobile
  • lipstick
  • reading material
  • meds
  • notebook
  • pen

    . . . and who knows what else I may have stashed away to keep me entertained while I travel around the city on transit.

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    spot on

    {image amazon.com}Though it’s still ass-numbingly hot outside, inside my favorite stores autumn is present in new school uniforms for the kiddies and extra-long twin sheet sets for your co-eds. Fall rolls around, and I start sniffing around for a nice leather or suede bag to replace summer’s canvas tote.

    First candidate for my fall ’05 bag is this lovely Isaac Mizrahi bag. The site offers very little information beyond it’s name (Isaac Mizrahi Large Signature Tote) and it’s price (a very reasonable $39.99 plus tax and shipping), but I think that dearth of information gives this bag a little mystery to accompany its thoroughly obvious charm.

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    mama said knock you out

    This is cute, right? But what if you are on the wrong side of 25? I don’t want to say that the older I get (I’ll be 29 next week), the less adventurous I become when it comes to accessorizing, but this bag says Hot Topic more than Scoop. Though this could be just the thing to bring to a matinee of Million Dollar Baby . . .

    Image from fredflare.com.


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    pretty in paisley

    {image from janefox.com}
    So cute! It works for both day and nite, city and country (okay, maybe beach), date and singlehood. I feel it’s got that sort of bobo vibe the Times was yammering about a few weeks ago, but without the grossness. Love it!


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    I Am A Moschino Heart Bag (or, I love useless yet entertaining "personality" quizzes)

    I’m a whimsical, romantic girl with a good dose of funky. I am always in the middle of some adventure, planned or not. Style is something I mastered early on – and I am envied for it. When it comes to me, I’m one of a kind … with many imitators. Take This Quiz.


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