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stuff I learned this weekend

pumpkin Boba Fett #huffencooper #halloween

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When your lovely pals invite you to join them for post trick-or-treating snacks “any time after 5pm” that means you should probably try to get there not at 7:30pm.

The Halloween you swear you will address any small child dressed as Elsa from Frozen, sporting long white blond hair and a light blue gown, as Daenerys Stormborn or Khaleesi or Mother of Dragons is the day you will see no children wearing that costume.

Chicken chili and a baked potato with butter and sour cream make for the perfect meal on a wet and blustery Halloween tonight.

Taking the Clark bus through Wrigleyville on Halloween night makes for good entertainment.

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Cutest card ever, or cutest card ever?


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license to kim jong-il

Dear Leader

License to Kim Jong-il

The Kim Jong-il costume was a success, I think. I pinned closed my Old Navy trench at the neck to get the look of the Leader’s usual collared jacket. I braved the Trixie hordes (who were all buying Lady Gaga wigs) at Beatnix to buy an Elvis wig. Tucking in the sideburns turned Elvis into Kim. I found his glasses, a pair of imitation Gazelles (like the ones Run-DMC used to wear) in the basement section of Ragstock. It didn’t take much to complete my transformation.

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October round-up

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happy halloween!

The Maddest Hatter of them all

The Maddest Hatter of them all

People at work seem to be way into dressing up this year. There’s a costume contest at work, where first prize is a $100 American Express gift card. Oh boy!

Or maybe we’re just high on sugar? There are bowls of fun-sized candy all over the office, and the building management gave out taffy apples until 1:30.

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this week in Asian: "You dont' have to be Asian to call!"

  • Haragossip Girl Watch: The ladies strike again with a brief (though no less deadly) dissection of this week’s episode of “Gossip Girl”. [Disgrasian™]
  • A Case for Hipsters (of color?): Special correspondentWendi Muse muses (heh) on hipsterdom (and how it ain’t just for white folks anymore). [Racialicious]
  • Be Asian for Halloween: Dude, if only being Asian could be so easy as putting on long red nails, waving a fan through the air, and pimping myself out with all manner of “Asian accents. Oh wait, when I said “Asian”, I meant “crude racist sexist Asian stereotype”. Sorry! [Angry Asian Man]

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