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419: cenomar

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I sent away for another copy of my birth certificate last week. When I was submitting my request on the Philippine Census web site, I looked over the list of documents you can request: certificates of birth, death, marriage, and no marriage. The last one threw me: a “CENOMAR” certifies that the person for whom it is issued is not married. According to WeddingsAtWork.com:

A CENOMAR is not a requirement for marriage. It is only essential if you want to be certain that the civil status of the person you are marrying is still single and that he or she is unattached. This may be important since any marriage contracted while another one is still subsisting is considered as null and void under Article 35 (4) of the Family Code of the Philippines for being bigamous.”

I hear that. Nobody wants to hear that their mail-order bride already has a family at home. Though seriously, when I was growing up there were a couple of folks on the block who didn’t let the fact that they had spouses and children back in the PI prevent them from hooking up (even marrying) somebody (usually an American) once they got to the States. Continue reading


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