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i win: mimobot core series 2 > fairybit mimobot®

Another win, this time care of a drawing sponsored by Giant Robot on the occasion of their fiftieth issue. I could have gotten a video game, but as I own no gaming systems, I asked to get the mimobot® instead, and I got it! I came home to find the fairybit mimobot® in my mailbox, and it is as cute as it is functional. Also, it comes with its own hoodie that you can clip onto a keychain or bag.

In other news, I bought some awesome books from Unabridged Books, Roast Chicken and Other Stories and The Geography of Bliss. And the latest issue of Time Out Chicago has my latest piece, “Domestic Blast”. Check it out.


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linkage: i should really be doing work now

And if you want more on racist cartoons — and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t — read up on the Censored Eleven. There will be a quiz next week.

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i want: Giant Robot Panda t-shirt

Do you see this t-shirt from Giant Robot? Do you understand that because it has a panda sitting on a couch typing away on a laptop that it must be mine? It must, and yet it might not because the only size available is a girl’s small and while I am a girl I am most definitely not a small. Boo!

Image via Giantrobot.com.

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