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War Buddies

I considered not going out last night.

I’d already gone to Walgreen’s to buy food, and to the library to borrow some Paula Danziger books I loved. I wrote blog posts for DISGRASIAN and for Gapers Block, and had a phone interview for a contract position that didn’t sound like a good fit.

This is all part of me moving on, finding a new job and restarting my life in a way. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to have drinks with old co-workers at a nice bar/restaurant one block away from the old office.

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pigs, printers, and pudus

Thursday, July 29

I put on a sundress and went to the Art Institute after work for a Gapers Block/Explore Chicago meetup. Admission to the museum is free Thursday evenings, from 5:30 until closing time at 8:00. If I’d known members could just cruise in and bypass the line, I would have done so. But the guards managing the line looked so stern. I didn’t want to bother them.

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tim gunn & me


Tim looks awesome. I look terrible.

I won’t be home to watch the season 8 premiere of Project Runway (boo!) because I’ll be partying at the Art Institute with my fellow Gapers Block people (yay!).

So please enjoy this picture taken of me with Tim Gunn when he appeared at BlogHer ’09.

We can talk about my shiny-ass forehead and white t-shirt that makes me look like a balloon at a later time, okay?


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put me on

I felt cute last Friday. Maybe it was the fact that my eyeliner went on with little fuss or smudging (amazing considering that I apply it on the bus — true story!), or that my hair wasn’t as frizzy as it is usually. Was it the pair of insane wedges I wore around the office that day? My favorite yellow stone necklace paired so fetchingly with a lavender t-shirt and bootcut jeans? In any case, I felt cute. Did I look cute? Maybe.

The important thing is that I felt it, and then it felt like it was true.

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in a thoughtful spot

Does having a “ghetto pass” an experience or a privilege not unlike being in fight club?

Update: I forgot to mention previously that this idea/question is all Kathy. We had a long talk about this Sunday afternoon during lunch at BJ’s Market, and then after when we went to Oak Brook for a little shopping. A long talk. I’m going to ask her to write another guest post about this.

“If you started your own political party, what would it be called?” [Gapers Block]

Was your childhood Easter itinerary nearly as long and involved as the Woodlawn Wonder’s? [I Hate My Developer]

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lazy linkage listicle

DISGRASIAN™ couldn’t settle on one DISGRASIAN™ OF THE WEAK so they picked ten. [DISGRASIAN™]

This week’s featured wedding for the Vows column of the Times Weddings/Celebrations section is, well… Let me know what you think. [New York Times]

“If you’re not originally from Chicago, what was it that made you move here?” I think what’ I’d like to see as a follow-up is “What was it that compelled you to stay?” [Gapers Block – Fuel]

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The monthly Gapers Block meetup was Friday night. It was at Risqué Café. I wore an oversized gray cardigan that probably could have been more flattering. But whatever, I was there for the $1 PBR tallboy special.

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humpday: Urkel, Summerdance, mustache

  • “The House That Urkel Built” [Gapers Block]: Take a trip to the house occupied by the Winslows on “Family Matters”, my favorite Chicago sit-com after, yes, “Perfect Strangers”.
  • 13th Annual Chicago Summerdance kicks off tomorrow, June 11 [Expore Chicago]: Hasn’t been as much fun for me since they killed off the Wednesday night electronic series. My favorite memory is the night Frankie Knuckles played, on the very day that Mayor Daley declared “Frankie Knuckles Day”. A pic of Joe and Jacinda dancing that night is here.
  • “Read John Oates’ mustache musings” [Pop Candy]

PC’s Whitney Matheson’s author photo has got me thinking. Is it just me or does Whitney Matheson’s pic look like she doesn’t want to be picked for dodgeball in gym class? Girl, why are you looking all meek and stuff? You’re hilarious.

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the week that was

Monday, March 2: Free screening of “Last House on The Left”, which was totally fucked up but tense in a good way. Elisa was my guest. I had popcorn for dinner. I need to start packing food for these things. Or at least commit to having a movie hot dog and/or pretzel for supper. Continue reading

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