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I’m gonna call him Huck.

Let’s not even start with the shenanigans I tried to pull before attending a baby shower for M & C this past Sunday. I thought I’d be slick and surprise them after saying I wouldn’t be able to come. But it’s pretty dickish to mess with the emotions of a pregnant lady, especially one who has had my back for nearly twenty years and is seriously tied with JB and N for the very best person that I know.

And I’ve been pretty “Brooklyn sucks gentrification blah blah blah white people ruin everything” for the last few years but it took no more than a few hours of seeing people on the subway looking all happy with their babies and their produce and their interesting shoes to convince me that if this is where little baby Huck (M & C have been calling him “Figaro” but I KNOW BEST) is going to be born and raised, I’d better get on board the B (for Brooklyn! for baby!) train before I get left behind.

So this is the story of how I spent a little over 12 hours in New York City on Sunday. Continue reading


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Good Friday

In case you were wondering why I wasn’t on-line. Thoughts on the service to come later.

9:00 AM: Breakfast at The Bongo Room with Kathy.

10:15 AM: Pick up Adrienne.

10:30 AM: Pick up Kathy’s mom.

11:15 AM: Arrive at Trinity United Church of Christ for Seven Last Words service.

11:45 AM: Praise & worship begin, followed by opening hymn, call to worship, and invocation by Pastor Moss.

12:00 PM: The Seven Last Words

  1. “Father, Forgive Them” (Luke 23:24)
    Rev. Dr. Eugene Gibson, Olivet Fellowship Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee
  2. “Verily… Thou Shalt Be With Me” (Luke: 23:43)
    Rev. Dr. Lance Watson, St. Paul’s Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia
  3. “Woman, Behold Thy Son” (John 19:26-27)
    Bishop Vashti McKenzie, Presiding Prelate, 13th Episcopal District, AME Church
  4. “My God, Why Hast Thou Forsake Me?” (Mark 15:34)
    Father Michael Pfleger, Faith Communit of St. Sabina, Chicago, Illinois
  5. “I Thirst” (John 19:28)
    Rev. Lester A. McCorn, Faith AME Zion Church, Atlanta, Georgia
  6. “It Is Finished” (John 19:30)
    Rev. Dr. E. Dewey Smith, The Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia
  7. “Father Into Thy Hands” (Luke 23:46)
    Rev. Dr. Rudolph W. McKissick Jr., Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, Jacksonville, Florida

4:15 PM: Service ends. We get in Jermaine (Kathy’s car) and, after dropping off Kathy’s mom at home, go for food.

5:00 PM: Dinner at Calypso Café. I have conch and shrimp fritters, and jerk chicken wings. It’s been an excellent day.

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the blushing bride-to-be

the blushing bride-to-be
Originally uploaded by jasmined

I spent the weekend — not even the whole weekend, just about 24 hours — in New York for Maria’s bachelorette party. Which was awesome. People came out for dinner, drag queens, and dancing.

Also, balloon art. As you can see here on Miss Maria’s head.

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222: blah blah cakes

1. big ups

Yay! My sister got into the post-bacc pre-med program at Columbia University. I think. I know she got into something. She is just that much closer to becoming a nurse. So yeah, eventually, she’ll be living the stereotype, but if it keeps me in sample-size bottles of Eucerin moisturizer, bring it!

2. Taboo

I made it to Kathy’s birthday brunch on time. Saturday the 30th was a cold-ass day and I, like a fool, took the advice of the CTA web site which had me standing on the corner of 63rd and Wentworth in a skirt in the freezing wind waiting for the 63rd Street bus. While it is true that the CTA did not tell me to wear a skirt on such a cold day, it could have picked a faster route that didn’t involve standing at a bus stop that had no shelter to protect me from the cold.

After much sniffling and feeling pathetic, the bus came. A few minutes,
I was sitting on Kathy’s toasty radiator-cover/bench and eating my first of many slices of delicious homemade quiche. Drinking mimosas and (because it was a special occasion) coffee. Kathy and I had to team up to pop the cork out of the Champagne bottle. When it finally emerged with a satisfying ‘pop’, it bounced off the ceiling, then bounced off my head before catapulting itself into the living room. It was pretty amusing – if you werne’t me.

The supas piled in, adding more food and drink to the feast. Kevin brought bagels, cream cheese, Nova, and sable. Tony and Tasneem brought three dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Michael brought booze. Chris brought two of his rum cakes. We ate and played Taboo. The trick to Taboo is to use words and phrases that are specific to your teammates. So if you say something like ‘Kevin imbibes a lot of this’, your teammates should know that you’re talking about ‘diet soda’. Of course, it helps if you don’t say any of the forbidden words. Anyway, my team got housed.

3. “Every time that they’re near me, I just can’t get enough”

Jorge drove me and Sebastian downtown afterwards, where we all had a nice chat about what kind of boys we like. We ended up talking about White boys because well, what little I’ve kicked, it’s been with White boys. And it used to piss me off when I was a kid and some girl in my class would say “Hey, you and Toanh should totally get married!” because we were, hello, both Asian. Or, when I got older: “Hey, the Asian guy on ’21 Jump Street’ is hot! But not as hot as Johnny Depp.” So that song ‘White Boys’ from Hair (the musical) was in my head as Sebastian and I got onto the red line to our respective abodes:

White boys are so lovely
Beautiful as girls
I love to run my fingers
And toes through all their curls

And then the lyrics to ‘Black Boys’:

Black boys are delicious
Chocolate flavored love
Licorice lips like candy
Keep my cocoa handy

All I wanna know is, where is the song about ‘Yellow Boys’? Or ‘Brown Boys’? Where is my place in pop culture fetishism?

We’ll have to continue this conversation later, as I have to get through the rest of the weekend.

4. It’s Glogg Time

So I tried, but I couldn’t get Jacinda out to Simon’s with me to meet Stef and the gang. Stef was in town for Thanksgiving, and Jen Adams was visiting Kevin. Jacinda and I watched ‘Legally Blonde’ while applying copious amounts of mascara. I actually wore bright blue eyeliner and got away with it.

At the bar, I perched on a stool between Sebastian and Michael, watching in horror as a proceeded to knead the jeans-clad ass of the woman sitting next to him. At first, I thought his hand was stuck but it looked like he was putting the moves on her. And they seemed to be working – why else would she let it stay there. I had to take a picture. We all got tuckered out in one form or another so I went to Dan’s party.

Dan. Had. Scallops. Wrapped in bacon. Yippee! I headed for them first, grunting at Dan’s friends as I came through the door. Jacinda and I plopped onto the couch and watched the DVD of “Henry V” that Dan popped in as background noise. Curled up under his duvet, on the world’s most comfortable couch, Jacinda and I proceeded to talk shit about the movie while Dan’s remaining guests tried to watch it in peace. We tried to stop, we did. We tried to behave, but could not. Eventually we fell asleep. Jacinda overheard one of the guests say “Oh you turned the sound up? So that’s how you get them to quiet down!” I think he may have been referring to us.

The next time I opened my eyes, it was 1:30 Sunday afternoon and I had an impression of my bracelet in my right cheek. Jacinda was still asleep, and Dan was awake. I sat up, partially, and was rewarded with a cup of ice cold milk and a plate of funnel cakes. A perfect way to end a great weekend.

5. ‘As Seen On TV’

  1. ‘The Sopranos’ – my friend Matt says Paulie and Johnny Sack will get whacked at the same time
  2. No new episodes of ‘Angel’ until January!
  3. Did anyone see Whitney Houston with Diane Sawyer last night? I was disappointed that she did not play her imaginary keyboard throughout.

Weezer – Smile; Garbage – #1 Crush


12/04/02 (Wednesday): Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1
12/05/02 (Thursday): Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita (light, creamy pink –
basically, it’s a slightly pinker version of my natural lip color)

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167: the barbra of seville

I was updating my datebook this morning, writing in my grandfather’s birthday and Amy’s wedding, when I flipped back through the last few weeks. Jacinda was reading Time magazine, and we were in a cab ‘cos we were both running late for work. From my notes, I gathered something that you all may have already figured out: I hang out with couples. A lot. People tend to visit me with their significant others. When I hang out with certain people, the first thing I usually ask is where is their significant other/spouse/love monkey. I suppose that, as I get older, this is usual. People are pairing up and settling down. I’m not opposed to this, but I’m kind of not getting it right now. Probably because I am, in ways of the heart, a sixteen year old girl.

Speaking of getting older, I’d like to thank y’all who came sent cards, presents, and/or attended my birthday party last weekend. It was truly awesome. Pictures are posted, albeit in a rough, inelegant way, at http://www.whatwouldjasminedo.com. I promise to rearrange them, and put up more pictures once Stef has developed her film. I started celebrating my birthday Friday night. After a long afternoon in Wicker Park, buying CDs and comics, I met Kathy and Kevin for my birthday dinner at Frontera. I am so glad that we convened early (5:30), as we were seated almost right away. The blue agave margaritas flowed, we talked a lot of shit, and I ate a ton of beef. In case you’re wondering, yes it did occur to me that because it was Good Friday, I probably should have been whipping myself with a cat o’ nine tails and eating anchovy paste with a shrimp fork off a roofing tile. But by that point in the day, I had already eaten a few strips of bacon so it was much much too late to go back. Anyway, Kathy offered me a bite of her carne asada (naturally raised Montana ribeye marinated in red chile and then wood-grilled). Kevin had the short ribs, and I had tacos al pastor. Oh, and lest I forget — tangerine-buttermilk ice cream with hot fudge. All served by a very groovy indie rock hipster waiter who shook our margaritas at the table. Da-amn. I went home to bed, stuffed with delicious meat and dreaming of Saturday morning. I like spending the morning of my birthday alone. I don’t answer the phone, I eat a greasy breakfast, and I try to see a movie if I can. I had to run to the post office, so I slapped on my yoga pants and slipped out the door while Charles, Olivia, and Jacinda slept. The air was cold, but the sun was shining bright, and I didn’t know what to do with myself until the post office opened. I went to McDonald’s, read one of my favorite trashy novels (Jilly Cooper’s “Rivals”), and pointedly ignored the smooching couples around me. Stopped at the post office, the grocery store, the internet cafe place to print a sangria recipe from allrecipes.com (33 cents). I came home, read The Enquirer, and saw Olivia and Charles off as they went out for brunch. I considered the sad state of the living room, and sat down to watch some television.

After spending an hour buying groceries and booze, Jacinda and I came home and started cleaning. I tried to help Jacinda clean but pretty much just got in her way as she scoured out the bathtub and mopped the floors. I cooked and worried about what I was going to wear. I think the party went pretty well, though there were certain points in time when I had to stop and think “Exactly how much do I want to do this? How disappointed would people be if I just put up a sign that read ‘Gone fishin’, and then hid at the L & L?” I think Jacinda would have certainly killed me, as she cleaned the entire apartment while I baked brownies, made the sangria, and panicked. I took a shower while the first guests to arrive pondered the curious assortment of snack food and made polite conversation. Jacinda put on a super-short skirt while I applied some shiny red lipstick and grimaced at myself in the bathroom mirror.

Things I would have changed about the party:

  1. Spent more time talking to following people: Damien, Chris, Will, Robyn, Kathy, Michael, John, Jorge, Kevin, Stef, Felix, Theresa, Tasneem — okay, just about everybody.
  2. Bought less sangria ingredients.
  3. Played more upbeat music for people to dance to.

I finally got into bed at 2am — alone, thank you for asking. I spent Sunday convalescing. I should have cleaned — instead, I bagged up the garbage, cleared up the living room. The kitchen still smelled like alcohol though I will say that I didn’t notice the smell until I got home from work Monday night to find that Jacinda cleaned up. I apologized for my laxity, Joe came over, and we ate leftovers from his parents’ Friday night seder. And let me tell you, nothing says loving like a good piece of kugel.

Random phone call no. 1

Older sister called me last Friday to complain about her boyfriend and, more to the point, the evil ways of his ex-girlfriend. The ex is supposed to put together a web site to advertise his skills as a DJ. She feels that, in order to accomplish this, he must travel down to Washington, D.C. to work on this. But isn’t the point of the Internet to make all that sort of dillydicking and fartyfucking a thing of the past? Okay, maybe not, but the girl sounded kind of sketchy to me.

Random phone call no. 2

Father called Saturday morning while I was doing the “few hours alone on birthday” thing. He called to say happy birthday and to complain about how my younger sister, because she has no friends, wants to drop out of school. I tell him to sit down with her and have a serious heart-to-heart, talk to her teachers, speech therapist, etc. He wants to send her off to boot camp. And not that bullshit boot camp for juvenile delinquents — he wants her to join the army. I express my displeasure at his cluelessness, and hang up. I make a mental note to write a letter to my sister before she runs away from home and turns up on the Maury Povich show.

Random phone call no. 3

“Hey Jasmine?””Oh, hi Jacinda.”

‘Dr. Dolittle’ is on ABC Family right now.”

“Which one?”

“The one with Eddie Murphy.”

“So not the one with the creepy giant snail?”


“Cool. Thanks.”

“Happy Easter!”

“Happy Easter!”


Alison Krauss & Dan Tyminski – Blue & Lonesome; St. Etienne – You’re In A Bad Way; Tammy Faye Bakker – The Devil’s After Me; The Slumber Party – I Don’t Mind; Del Shannon – Needles and Pins; The Flashing Lights – Talk to The Hand; Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train; The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed




Stila Salome (glossy red), no liner (today)
Nars Shanghai Empress (Friday, March 29)

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