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we ate this: The Southern

The Southern: Augusta Palmer

Where: The Southern, 1840 W. North Avenue, Chicago

When: Wednesday night

Who: Me, Danita, Chico

Why: I am a fool in general, but for fried chicken especially. Does that make sense? I have always loved it. I could eat it every day. I know that I should not, but it’s true that I love it very much. The Southern serves fried chicken that is quite delectable. Not pictured are the sides we ordered — collard greens, cheese grits, and french fries. All terrific.

Evan, the general manager, came over to say hello. We sampled a delicious whiskey with him, and it was he who suggested the wonderful dessert (which was on the house — thanks again!)

Pictures after the jump!

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Delicious things i’ve eaten since discarding my Lenten vow to eat no meat

  • Mini-burgers with fries at Poag Mahone’s: Two co-workers were leaving, so my dept took them out for one last lunch. I love burgers any old way, but in miniature? Delicious and adorable.
  • Grilled lamb at Cafe Iberico: Adrienne ordered this. Actually, maybe I didn’t have any, but I was sorely tempted.
  • seafood feast at Joe’s Stone Crab : Yeah.
  • filet mignon at Maria and Clancy’s wedding reception: It was served with a lobster tail, too.
  • semolina fritters at Thai Urban Kitchen: I don’t know what these were stuffed with, but whatever it was was AWESOME. Shrimp? Maybe pork? The fritters were crispy and crunchy and gave way to a savory, chewy filling that didn’t feel heavy or gross.
  • crepes at Khloe & Jeff’s: vegetable curry crepes, wheat crepes with boeuf bourguignon, and a galette.
  • today, fried chicken wings and french fries at Crisp: The wings were coated in Seoul Sassy sauce, “[a] subtly sweet sauce prepared with ginger, soy, garlic and other select spices.” Seriously delicious.

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