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wake up, Justin

brothers in the park

The brother have been here since Wednesday night, hence no blogging.

Right now, Patrick and I are showered and dressed. We’re watching The Joy Luck Club and waiting for Justin to wake up, shower, and dress so we can make our reservation at The Publican.

Since they’ve been here, we have walked around quite a bit and eaten a lot of food. Oh, the food. And still so much left to eat.

Wake up, Justin. Wake up!


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The B-G’s at work

The Bauman-Goldbergs at work
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Jacinda and Hyacinth stopped by the office today. Too freakin’ cute.

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miss them already

on the waterfront
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Patrick and Anna came to visit for a few days. My sister and her boyfriend Phillip visited, too, though they stayed at my uncle’s in Oak Park. It was lovely to have them all in town.

Read all about it at Patrick’s blog: http://commanderrobot.blogspot.com/2007/07/7507-awakened-ones.html.

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