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pressing the mind grapes: back in the office

"it's a small christina" and "it's a small jasmine"

ears ears ears

Yes, folks, I am back from vacation. It must have been good because I forgot my password to log onto the network at work. AWESOME. Personal blogging, including trip reports, should resume momentarily. In the meantime, check out my photos. [Flickr]

Jeers to TBS for burning off the last two episodes of their comedy My Boys (which I have grown to love over the years) opposite the VMA’s and Sunday Night Football. TBS, are you even trying to give this show a shot? [TV Guide]

This dude got to learn how to drive in a Corvette. At race car driving school. How butch. [Esquire]

50’s style inspired by the films of John Waters. [Who What Wear]


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Last Words, cont.

Remember that Esquire interview with Roger Ebert I posted about the other day? Roger shares some thoughts on his blog.

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reading Roger

An interview with Roger Ebert for Esquire magazine was posted on-line yesterday. It is ravishing. Read it here. Everybody sent the link around to each other, shared it on Twitter and Facebook. Everybody loves Roger Ebert very much.

That piece and Roger was on my mind while I thought about what to read for Read To Me Tuesday. It’s not a meme so much as a cool Tumblr blog where people are invited to submit audio clips of themselves pretty much anything they like. You can always submit a link to your own recording at http://rtmt.tumblr.com/submit.

I decided to read “Nil By Mouth”, a blog post Ebert made earlier this year, where he talks about memory, food (he can’t eat or drink anymore), and what he’s lost in the last few years since he became ill.

I don’t think I got too melodramatic but I loved the words he wrote, even though they were probably really tough (for him) to write and tough for me to read. Listen to me here.

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