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i like to eat: longanisa and guisada

I didn’t accomplish much this weekend except eat and watch tv.

On Saturday, I met Carly and Elisa at Uncle Mike’s Place for Filipino breakfast and some girl talk. Elisa got the tocino while Carly and I had longanisa. Filipino breakfast comes with eggs, champurrado, garlic fried rice, and kamatis (tomatoes). It looks like this:


Filipino breakfast @ Uncle Mike's Place

After Carly left for next adventure, Elisa and I hung out long enough that the owner gave us a couple of treats to snack on — bowls of white rice with pork sinigang, and then a cold ginataan with corn. Delicious.


Bixby lounges

On Sunday, Elisa invited me over to try her carne guisada. It was yummy. I did not take pictures. Boo! And then we watched Infernal Affairs, which was fantastic. And then we ate ice cream and watched Flower Boy Ramen Shop which may be my new favorite tv show based on the title alone. I’ve never really watched Korean soap operas before but Hulu appears to have tons of them and as I’m all caught up on Downton Abbey, Absolutely Fabulous, and Sherlock, I need some new shit to watch.


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long weekend

Nite presents... "Asian Shoulders"






Andrea and the woman descending a staircase

Kelly and Elisa

getting ready to leave the Hopleaf

what's in my bag for america's birthday

what was in my bag


menfolk at Big Chicks

my man

my man


Alyssa is a hot dog

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feast of the consumption

Friday, June 18: I took the day off to go to the funeral. I attended breakfast with the family, the wake, and then the service itself. Yes, I checked into the church on Foursquare. Cynthia and her daughter Ariel wore purple, while Jerad sported a purple tie and a natty straw fedora. I thought maybe it was because it had been her mother’s favorite color, but she said it was just because her mom was buried wearing a suit with a purple blouse, and she thought it would look nice on the family. She was right.

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spring fling

Now where was I? Oh yes. Hello everybody!

Jasmine and Kelly at the Art Institute

“I know it’s been a long time since I’ve rapped at ya” but I have been soooo busy. Okay, maybe not soooo busy. Maybe like busy alternating with bouts of sloth. You know, the usual. Let’s see what I’ve been up to these last two weeks.

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i like to eat: burger #14 at DMK Burger Bar

Tart & tangy.

Elisa won some sort of Twitter contest wherein she got to try the new burger at DMK Burger Bar for free. She invited me to tag along.

We consumed the following:

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“this week, on coldwater creek…”

I woke up at 9:26 on Sunday morning. I was to meet Elisa and Kelly for brunch at Café 28 at 9:30.


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time for tacos

I was the first to arrive. The line to get into Big Star was about three parties deep. I got lucky when a large group of people decided to get off the line and go up the street for food. I sent Elisa a text to let her know I had arrived and was on line. I got up to the front of the line and met Lonno. He wore glasses and a leather jacket.

“Hello. How are you doing? I’m waiting for three more, so we’ll be four.” Elisa had told me the minimum for a table was four. All others had to hope for a spot at the bar to get food and drink.

“Are they almost here? On their way?” Lonno looked concerned. “I’m Lonno, by the way. Just call ’em, tell them to ask for me and then they should tell me they’re with you.”

“Great, I’m Jasmine.”

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pump up the jasmine

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. It didn’t go very well, diabetes-wise. I have to see a liver specialist. I asked for a referral for a nutritionist. I wish I could blame this all on my liver but really it’s all my fault, innit?

In addition to all of this, I have to start exercising. I’ve gained 18 pounds since last July. Eighteen pounds! Granted, the weight loss that preceded that gain was due to my diabetes, but that’s not the point. I liked to pretend the extra weight  wasn’t there but doctor’s appointment weigh-ins have confirmed the gain as it happened. Blech.

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Ham Saturday: “The Silence of The Ham” starring St. John the Baaaa-ptist

The meaning of the acronym LATFH has been changed from “Look at this fucking hipster” to “Look at this fucking HAM”. Seriously, just look at it.

Look at this fucking ham.

Isn’t it beautiful? Okay, maybe not to you vegetarians and/or people who don’t dig on pork, so later for you. This is nine pounds of honey baked ham power, and it only cost me $30. Best. Impulse purchase. Ever.

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tuesday night dinner club

Elisa and I had dinner at Revolution Brewing Company on Tuesday night. I had the Flemish beef stew. I don’t know what made this beef stew Flemish but it must have made it delicious as well. Dig this picture.

Flemish beef stew at Revolution Brewing Company

Not pictured: me cackling with glee and unfolding my napkin like a fool.

Oh, and I had dessert, too.

White Ale Float (it's the business)


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