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War Buddies

I considered not going out last night.

I’d already gone to Walgreen’s to buy food, and to the library to borrow some Paula Danziger books I loved. I wrote blog posts for DISGRASIAN and for Gapers Block, and had a phone interview for a contract position that didn’t sound like a good fit.

This is all part of me moving on, finding a new job and restarting my life in a way. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to have drinks with old co-workers at a nice bar/restaurant one block away from the old office.

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thursday and friday

Whenever Jen or Diana e-mail me to tell me that a particular “Intern Jasmine’s Links of the Daysian” post is a good one, I get all warm and fuzzy. So read this week’s post and leave a comment already!

I have an interview on Monday. An actual in person group interview the idea of which makes me nervous. Nervous! Also I don’t own a suit. I need to buy a suit, and I’ve not been having much luck finding one.

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preview: the girls of summer

In case you didn’t know already, I just got back from a much needed vacation wherein I took Amtrak from Chicago to Los Angeles (and back again), saw Nate and Celi get married, hung out with Christina and Marty, went to Disneyland with Christina, and finally met my DISGRASIAN™ overlords bosses, Jen and Diana.

While I probably won’t write a full trip report until this weekend, I thought you might want to know what it was like to meet Jen and Diana after only knowing them on-line for so long. It was something like this:


Good night, everybody.

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the lady & the lightning

Monday, July 19

I think you already know that my big idea of the day was coming up with Flat Jasmine. To give you an update: Rachel is currently prepping FJ for BlogHer ’10:

Getting ready for BlogHer '10!

I’m dying over how great she looks. The ChronicBabe logo is for Jenni, who can’t get to BlogHer this year either. The Buried logo for Kerri‘s husband Chris, who wrote the film. Am I namedropping? Sure, why not, but I believe it’s honorable when done for the sake of your friends.

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pressing the mind grapes: humidity

I believe I am currently wearing the outfit I’ll be wearing to Nate and Celi’s wedding in September. This dress cost $30 at Target. The sandals cost $25, and they too came from Target. Khloé my financial planner would be so proud of me.

I’m praying that “K-Town” gets picked up so I can recap it for DISGRASIAN. I’m hoping Jen and Diana will also let me recap the reboot of “Hawaii Five-O” so I have a legitimate reason for ogling Daniel Dae Kim.

I’m not going to Sarah and Greg’s wedding. I’m terrible because I haven’t yet RSVP’d yet to say as much, and I still haven’t sent them a gift. Le sigh. I have no idea what to send them. For some reason, their outdoorsy, Western wedding has me thinking that I should send them a cowboy boot stuffed with cash. Tacky?

It’s humid as balls here. I think I want to eat gelato while wading around in The Crown Fountain. Weird?

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Happy 3rd Birthday DISGRASIAN!

Jen wrote a really awesome post about how DISGRASIAN™ got to be three years old this week. It’s a list (I love lists!) and starts with the origin of the word:

“DISGRASIAN.” Diana made up the word several years before the blog came into being to describe a co-worker who often wore socks with flip-flops to the office and ate cheap instant noodles at her desk every day. The girl’s worst offense, however? She totally lacked charisma–a cardinal sin in Diana’s book.

Being Filipino, and therefore of a culture that is brimming with charisma (seriously, people, Filipinos are some charming-ass motherfuckers), I can appreciate the lack of charisma as a cardinal sin.

The list continues! Continue reading

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a haiku for jasmine

Kollaboration 10 is this Saturday night, March 6, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. DISGRASIAN™ is giving away four pairs of tickets. All you have to do is submit a haiku on the topic “Why Intern Jasmine Is Amazian”. The authors of the top 4 win!

Click here for more details. You have until Friday, March 5 at 3PM PST to send in your submissions.

Not clear on what haiku is? Try Wikipedia, or use Diana’s sample below as an inspiration:

She taught me to tweet
We eat the same comfort food
Pinay pride for life

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Ask the Intern: “Me So Horny”

Yeah, so I wrote another “Ask The Intern” dispatch for DISGRASIAN™. This one is titled “Is ‘Me So Horny’ The New ‘I Love You’?” Want to know what the answer is? I’ll give you a hint:

Call me a party pooper but it’s hard for me to get excited about a card that expresses a sentiment I’ve heard yelled at me for pretty much all my life.

Seriously, though, please read it and leave comments.

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last minute and late night

Chifrijo from Irazú

  1. Elisa and I had dinner at Irazú tonight. I’d been to the dentist this afternoon so I couldn’t eat much more than chifrijo, chicken soup, and a banana-oatmeal shake. Okay, I guess that’s a lot. And I totally got a steak sandwich to go. Lunch tomorrow, you will be incredible.
  2. I’m watching Nights of Rodanthe instead of sleeping. I think there is a Nicholas Sparks movie for every decade of a woman’s life. A Walk to Remember for your teenage years. The Notebook for your twenties. Message in A Bottle for your thirties, and lastly Nights for your forties. Actually, The Notebook works for any age. As long as you are a total fucking sap like me.
  3. It seems like every day I am spending more and more money on medication. See, this is what happens when you let yourself get obese and diabetic like me. Awesome.
  4. Don’t even get me started on my lady parts.
  5. One good thing — I made the beautiful Wheaties box graphic in this DISGRASIAN™ post about Manny Pacquiao.
  6. I promise I will write about parade school for the “McDonald’s™ Thanksgiving Parade” very soon. One crappy thing about that, though: my check-in time for the parade is 6:30 AM. I need to become a morning person, and soon.
  7. On that note, good night.

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v-log for V-Day

Clearly, as the DISGRASIAN™tern, I need two things:

  1. plus-size leotard
  2. a hat

Okay, ‘no’ to 1 and ‘maybe’ to 2. As I look terrible in hats.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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