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what i got in the mail: belated birthday present

Kim sent me these lovely Flat Flowers, which she came across while on a trip to Amsterdam. I love this particular bouquet, though there are other arrangements to choose from.

These say “It’s spring! Spring flowers are pretty! But I am lethal to all plants and living things, so it’s a good thing this is plastic.”


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Jasmine's Christmas Wish List '06: A Parol for Pasko

I just ordered a parol kit from myparol.com, but what I really want is one made of capiz. It’s not that I doubt my ability to make a truly kickass parol but I can only guess that when it comes right down to it, incandescent lanterns made of shell will beat anything I can do with bamboo and tissue paper.

Or will it? I don’t want to defame an object considered almost holy by the most devout of Filipino Catholics, but wouldn’t it be cool if my parol had Hello Kitty heads all over it? Or it were decorated with pictures of Filipino and Filipino-American celebrities? Awesome.

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