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thursday, schmursday

  • Forget Joe the Plumber, here’s Cho the Plumber [angry asian man]
  • Also, the United Association already endorsed Obama back in January. I dig how this memo starts out “Dear Brothers and Sisters”. [UA]
  • So can I start a Facebook group called “Messy Folks for Obama”? [slashdot, via]
  • Congratulations, Leanne! [Project Rungay]

Saw Death Note 2 last night. Not as fun as the first movie, but I still have love for L and the duelling shinigami.

On the way home, caught up on debate- and election-related tweets. Twitterrific is my new commuting pal. Though I wish there was an easier way to retweet. Don’t suppose there’s a Tweetdeck for Iphones yet?

New purse. Love it. But then, don’t I always have a new purse that I rhapsodize about? Anyway, I’ll be making a rather large clothing and accessory donation to the Brown Elephant soon.

Fun folks to follow on Twitter (besides me): @moryan (Maureen Ryan, aka “The Watcher”), @sheldoncooper (character from CBS tv series The Big Bang Theory) and @jpgardner (editor, Donklephant).


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30 seconds: 'Death Note'

  1. Tonight’s the last night you can catch Death Note playing in the US. Don’t know if there are any plans to release the sequel in US theaters as well.
  2. The film was a lot of fun. I may actually search for the tankōbon to read.
  3. Who am I kidding? Of course I’m going to read the tankōbon.
  4. The theater was full of fan boys and fan girls of various ages, colors, sizes, and shapes. As such, it was kind hot and stinky until theater management finally turned on the A/C with about 45 minutes left of a 2 hour+ movie.
  5. The guy who played Light/Kira was fugly but for a girl. He didn’t really look like a dude to me.
  6. But hey! His dad was played by Chairman Kaga from “Iron Chef”!
  7. Everybody cheered when L appeared. Some lady sitting on the other side of Jeff actually yelled “L, I love you!” What a loser.
  8. At the same time, L was pretty rad.
  9. Ryuk was pretty sweet. Also, a health nut — do all shinigami eat apples like they’re crack?
  10. Is there going to be a Hollywood version of this, or can I breathe a sigh of relief and this will actually be left alone?

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