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jacinda and cynthia have a birthday*

jacinda & cynthia

Birthday girls? Birthday ladies!

The part that sucks most about no longer working where I used to work is that I no longer get to work with my friend Cynthia. She was my guru of all things QA when I first joined her group, and has always been a good friend. An amazing friend, really. I’m so lucky to know her, and her amazing family. Which reminds me: her daughter Ariel celebrates her birthday as well. I think it’s so sweet they share a birthday.

Of course, you all know how I feel about Jacinda. I’ve known this girl for over fifteen years. So many cigarettes and pints of ice cream and liters of Coca-Cola have marked the progression of our friendship. We don’t smoke anymore, and we haven’t lived together in years, but at least we still have junk food to cement our relationship as we meander into our mid-thirties.

Cynthia and Jacinda, I love you very much. And because I love you so much I’m going to post these very silly pictures of us now.


"I VISITED THE OINK BOOTH" (Minnesota State Fair, 2004)

Yes, we visited the oink booth. We were in the Twin Cities for Andrew and Rozi’s wedding. The Friday before the ceremony, we hit the Fair with the bride, the bridesmaids, and other lady pals for a bachelorette party.



There was this big red ball making the rounds of different landmarks in Chicago. It would be inflated to fit into or alongside various things like the Calder sculpture in Federal Plaza. Cynthia and I pretended like we were in an awesome monster movie, sacrificing ourselves so that the city might be protected from the horrors of the big red ball. Or something like that.

* Try reading that post title five times fast. Seriously.


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lunchtime adventures

Monday, July 26

Cynthia and I usually eat lunch together. Usually I’ll get something cheap from the basement while she eats some delicious leftovers from home. For once, I had something frozen but not entirely unhealthy (it was organic, so that’s the story I’m sticking with) in the breakroom fridge, so we ate our lunch while talking and watching television.

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the lady & the lightning

Monday, July 19

I think you already know that my big idea of the day was coming up with Flat Jasmine. To give you an update: Rachel is currently prepping FJ for BlogHer ’10:

Getting ready for BlogHer '10!

I’m dying over how great she looks. The ChronicBabe logo is for Jenni, who can’t get to BlogHer this year either. The Buried logo for Kerri‘s husband Chris, who wrote the film. Am I namedropping? Sure, why not, but I believe it’s honorable when done for the sake of your friends.

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feast of the consumption

Friday, June 18: I took the day off to go to the funeral. I attended breakfast with the family, the wake, and then the service itself. Yes, I checked into the church on Foursquare. Cynthia and her daughter Ariel wore purple, while Jerad sported a purple tie and a natty straw fedora. I thought maybe it was because it had been her mother’s favorite color, but she said it was just because her mom was buried wearing a suit with a purple blouse, and she thought it would look nice on the family. She was right.

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Sally’s Shower

onesies galore
Originally uploaded by jasmined

Sally’s baby shower! It was so fun. Lunch for 20 ladies (and one baby) at Il Mulino, a sweet Italian restaurant in the Gold Coast.

Sally’s friend Dawn, who organized the shower, sent all the guests plain cotton onesies to decorate. We presented them to Sally, who loved the surprise. Here they are all laid out for everybody to enjoy. I won’t tell you which one is mine, though I will say I wished mine had come out better than it did. I advised Sally that she shouldn’t be surprised if a makeup onesie turns up on her desk at work some time soon. Continue reading

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Hyacinth says "Hi!"

Or why Jacinda will always be funnier than me.

My mom said: “Hello, little one!” and [Hyacinth] said, plain as day, “hi!” My mom and I each said: “Did you hear that?” and I told her I thought she had been saying it before and my mom agreed. She says it so matter of fact, just like a grown-up. And she smiles. Also, she’s said “dog” a couple of times now when Dooley’s come in the room and she wants to get to him. Again, I thought maybe it was just coincidence, but putting it together it seems like she’s actually in the act of learning to say real words and I just wasn’t giving her credit for it. So cute!  So exciting!  To me. I want more words!  Quite frankly, I want mama, but Hyacinth has only mouthed the sound “ma” MAYBE twice. She can barely make the “m” sound. It’s like she won’t say m’s just to spite me. At least I won’t get demands for “more.” Anyway, now that she can “parrot” I think it may be time for Joe and I to start watching our language. Damn it!

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358: heavy air

{i had a biopsy and all i got was this lousy scar}1. chick flick

I’ve been feeling restless lately. Maybe it’s the humidity, the arrival of summer and clouds of gnats that surprise me on the walk home from the bus stop. I begin to sweat almost as soon as I step outside and squint into the sunshine. Nights are the worst — wind is high, and I talk on the phone outside my building. Not only because my cell phone reception is bad inside my apartment, but also because I enjoy the wind blowing my skirt up past my knees.

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