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today is sparkly

I understand that I’m wearing is a black t-shirt and a denim skirt but isn’t so much more exciting now that I’m wearing a too-sparkly-for-daytime-wear necklace and French designer shoes?


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Merely French

Louboutin pumps look right at home in the rarefied air betwixt chrome poles and mirrored ceilings, only they are around $900. This makes them not hooker shoes, but merely French.

I’ve been socking away money for a pair of my own. Unfortunately, this is the money I tend to use when I find myself short at the end of the month and am in need of money for, say, lunch.

Why are they so special? Why are they so expensive? If you own a pair, what do you love/hate about them? Comments, please.

Open-Toed Fetishes (and More) [NYT]

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