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wordless water taxi wednesday


the Merc




Merchandise Mart


Marina City


stone heads

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the modern wing is 1

The Modern Wing of the Art Institute turned 1 with a birthday party on Saturday afternoon. There was cake and lemonade and singing (though not necessarily in that order).

I made this video of assembled guests and museum staff singing “Happy Birthday”. I’m not sure what to make of that gentleman in the dark red sweatshirt who turned around and stared for a bit. Maybe he was annoyed that his top clashed with the bright red cake? I know I’d be pissed to commit such a fashion faux pas.

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license to kim jong-il

Dear Leader

License to Kim Jong-il

The Kim Jong-il costume was a success, I think. I pinned closed my Old Navy trench at the neck to get the look of the Leader’s usual collared jacket. I braved the Trixie hordes (who were all buying Lady Gaga wigs) at Beatnix to buy an Elvis wig. Tucking in the sideburns turned Elvis into Kim. I found his glasses, a pair of imitation Gazelles (like the ones Run-DMC used to wear) in the basement section of Ragstock. It didn’t take much to complete my transformation.

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Yes We Did.

Yes We Did.

I’m way too tired to blog about this night properly. But I wanted to say a few things before I head home (yes, I’m at the office – I left my purse here so I wouldn’t have to worry about checking it at the rally):

  1. Getting into the park was slow, but pretty smooth. Folks were nice and friendly.
  2. Secret Service were hanging at the metal detectors. They totally meant business.
  3. And that went for all law enforcement, especially those CPD horsies.
  4. I ate a slice of pizza from some folks who had an extra slice. And Tony bought me a diet coke. I don’t know how else I would have made it through 4 hours of standing.
  5. BTW, Tony kept everybody cracking up. Seriously. This is a man who, upon seeing video of Jesse Jackson shedding tears of joy, still called Jesse out for being a hater.
  6. So many cool eyeglasses in the crowd.
  7. Watching CNN in a huge crowd was nice, as we got no crappy commercials.
  8. Nobody knew what country song they kept playing after “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”.
  9. I should have taken my proper camera to take better shots. Oh well, I’ll just use my words to paint you a picture. [rolls eyes]
  10. President-elect Barack Obama. Vice President-elect Joe Biden. Sounds good to me.

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fun for grown-ups at Zoo Lights

  1. Avoid areas with unruly, ill-mannered children like the Primate House, the Big Cats House, the gift shop, the carousel, the polar bear habitat, and the sea lion pool.
  2. Bring your own hot beverage. You can either pay $2 for a styrofoam cup of watered down Swiss Miss, or you can invest in an expensive-but-totally worth it thermos that fits in your bag and holds 16 oz. of your favorite hot beverage. Feel free to spike your drink with Kahlua, Bailey’s, or any liquor that makes nice with cocoa, coffee, tea, or me. If I go again, I may fill my thermos with hot toddies.
  3. Bring your camera to take pictures of bright lights, cute guy doing the ice sculptures, and whatever animals are still up at 7:30 on a Saturday night.
  4. Take transit — the 151 Sheridan bus stops at the main entrance, and the 22 Clark and 36 Broadway bus are a block away.
  5. Take a pal or two with you — it’s no fun snarking on your own. By yourself, you just sound bitter.
  6. Food-wise, the Safari Café and a cart on the Mall sells popcorn, kettle corn, candy, and other snacks. They’re outdoors, though. Park Place Café has indoor seating (it’s a food court) and while not all of its stations may be open, it has a guy selling beer and wine.
  7. Keep an open mind towards Mannheim Steamroller. Or at least prepare yourself if you want to enjoy the tree light show.

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things i saw on my walk this morning

  1. two guys drinking Gatorade and smoking cigarettes, sitting on the bench in front of the corner store on Broadway and Melrose
  2. people on their way to shul
  3. piles of gravel near the Belmont entrance to Lake Shore Drive
  4. wet leaves (which is weird because it hasn’t rained recently)
  5. a soccer game in Lincoln Park near Lake Shore Drive and Briar
  6. a mother with her two young sons, sitting quietly on the ground and observing some squirrels
  7. cute bearded guy stretching on one of the fitness apparatuses, this one in the park near Diversey and Lake Shore Drive — he may or may not have smiled at me.
  8. the Winter Market at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
  9. ducks swimming in North Pond
  10. lots of mean wearing lycra biking shorts but not biking
  11. an old lady, riding one of those motorized wheelchairs, walking her dog (she didn’t clean up after him!)
  12. the mail lady across the street from my building

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Chicago museums and their Christmas cards

Most of y’all who know me and are, most of the time, on my Christmas card list are getting cards with Mr. T on them. Yes, that Mr. T.

The rest of you are getting something a bit more respectable. In the interest of supporting Chicago museums and cultural institutions, I’m limiting my search to the gift shops of The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Art Institute, The Field Museum, and The Chicago History Museum. The finalists are below.

  • Chicago Skyline Boxed Cards from the Chicago History Museum: Elegant, simple skyline in green, underlined by a vivid red ground. A simple “Season’s Greetings” finishes the message of holiday cheer. [Chicagotogo.org]
  • #352 Kashimagawa Holiday Cards from the Art Institute: So far, my favorite. The photograph used for this card is so magical and gorgeous — should look great anywhere from your mantel to your desk. [Artinstituteshop.org]
  • Bedcover Quilt Holiday Cards: Another gorgeous design from the Art Institute. I’m not into doing crafts myself, but I love the look of it. Not all of it — just the folksy stuff that makes me want to move to Vermont or rural Pennsylvania and start making my own cheese. [Artinstituteshop.org]
  • Gorey Gold Bow Holiday Cards: I love Edward Gorey, dogs, and Christmas. This design has all three. Therefore, I love this design. [Artinstituteshop.org]
  • Chagall The Triumph of Music Holiday Cards: Marc Chagall, people, means one thing always: gorgeous. Also genius, lyrical, lovely, sublime, and beautiful. Okay, that’s six things. The thing about Chagall’s work is that I always want to fall into it. Okay, maybe not the White Crucifixion so much, but you know what I mean, yes? [Artinstituteshop.org]
  • Sueson’s Greetings Note Cards: Sue, the most famous (and one of the tallest) residents of the Field Museum, brings the spirit of the the holidays. Which is pretty nice for a T. rex, eh? [Fieldmuseum.org]

And I’m not doing gifts this year except for the children of people I know. Although I don’t object to receiving gifts myself. And if anyone’s asking, I quite like this Cylinder Seal from the Suq gift shop, located in the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.

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happy pride, bitches

  • 12:52: The gay pride parade has been wending its way down Broadway for a while now. I’ve got an excellent view from the Caribou Coffee, which is where I’m hanging. No pictures yet, but I’m waiting for the really big crazy floats. Dykes on Bikes are revving their engines right now.
  • 12:53: Firemen are so hot.
  • 12:56: The Whole Foods float is playing “Hung Up” by Madonna, that co-opter of sub-cultural phenomena.
  • 12:57: This is ridiculous. No faghag worth her salt would be cooped up inside a coffee hut, trying to liveblog a parade, when she could be outside, drinking and hollering at gay Mexican cowboys. I mean, really.
  • 1:03: Okay, this is it. I’m going outside. I’ve only got about 58 minutes left on my MacBook’s battery, anyway. Back later (it’s all about the after-party, anyway).
  • 8:47: The parade’s been over for about five hours now. After a nap and a snack, I’m slowly but surely uploading my pictures to my flickr stream.

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Jasmine for Jargon Chicago: Summer on Wacker Drive

Go read this piece I wrote about bad summer footwear at the office for JargonChicago.com, then e-mail the editor about how much you loved the piece, the site, and me, most importantly.

I like the sound of “Jasmine for Jargon Chicago” — has a ring not entirely dissimilar from “Isaac Mizrahi for Target” or “Kate Moss for Topshop”.

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